Elizabeth Warren: Bloomberg’s apology for stop-and-frisk policy was ‘wholly wrong’

The presidential candidate explains why she believes the former New York City mayor’s stop-and-frisk policy “reveals his character” and “understanding of race in America.”
4:34 | 02/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elizabeth Warren: Bloomberg’s apology for stop-and-frisk policy was ‘wholly wrong’
I've always said that people should not be counting you out. Knowing can win the democratic nomination without the support of the African American community and I think that mayor Bloomberg's. It's. Policies on stop and frisk and and redlining though at have been abysmal. But he still enjoys some. To support in the African American community what do you say to that. You know what. I don't know why that's their take someone who understands us probably better than I do but I'll tell you this. I listened last night to his apology. For stop and frisk. And I thought it was just wholly wrong he talked about stop and frisk cat was unintended. That people were hurt. And completely glossed over. That the program from the beginning. Waste targeted on African Americans and Latino man. That's what it was designed to do this wasn't like an accidental. Oh my goodness we're so surprised. And when people were pro testing in New York the city he was Murat pointy and help. What was happening. No he couldn't hear it. So to suddenly years later days before he announces that he wants to be president of the whole United States. He suddenly comes up with. All I'm so sorry that I had a plan that inadvertently. Hurt people. No that is just simply not good enough. It reveals. His caricature. It reveals his under state ending. Of race in America but I am not a person of color I if not lives that I've not been thrown across the hood of a car. In my own neighborhood. But I try to learn from the people who have and it is clear that what Mayor Bloomberg has learned so far. Is that he can hire enough ads have enough money. That he can insulate himself from any recognition. Of what his actions. Did to other human beings and you what's wrong and he has not accounted for it. Won't it. Never really came for you want Bernie last night he was comparing your policy proposals to communism and argued that nominating either he'll. Would be the easiest way to get president's prompt re elected. Do you worry that the country is an progressive enough for Yale. You know this actually it shows what's wrong with Mayor Bloomberg. I am a capitalist. I believe in markets. Now I believe in markets with regulations. So for example I was one of the people out there ringing the alarm bell it's loud it's possible. Over the deregulation. Of the banks that ultimately let them target communities of color. Target seniors target military members. In order to sell them the worst of the worst war cages and then finally spread them throughout this country. We needed banking regulators who were on the job now Mayor Bloomberg. What's busy blaming the financial crash on African Americans and Latinos who bought homes. That's how he looks at the economy. Not me icon that it from the other position. But the idea that some help the billionaire. Who figured out how to suck well. Out of every community. And help the rich get richer and shut out the voices of anyone along the way that he stepped on. That that is what capitalism is and that nobody else gets to be at capitalist. If what you're doing. Is trying to make these markets work for human beings but. People start small businesses all over this country that is a good thing they buy homes and as long as they're not getting cheated on the mortgages. Fed is that good thing. People make changes in their chops that as a good things these are things we can build from a market economy. But it's got to be a market with rules and that's what I believe it Bloomberg wants to write me off because I enforce those rules. My answer is unwilling to stand up to this billionaire and say enough is enough the market is going to work per every one.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"The presidential candidate explains why she believes the former New York City mayor’s stop-and-frisk policy “reveals his character” and “understanding of race in America.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69106604","title":"Elizabeth Warren: Bloomberg’s apology for stop-and-frisk policy was ‘wholly wrong’","url":"/theview/video/elizabeth-warren-bloombergs-apology-stop-frisk-policy-wholly-69106604"}