Eva Longoria and Roselyn Sánchez discuss their show 'Grand Hotel'

The longtime friends discuss meeting with children seeking asylum, working together and "normalizing" the idea of bringing their children to work.
5:15 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Eva Longoria and Roselyn Sánchez discuss their show 'Grand Hotel'
Two months ago you bolt went two. Meet with families with children Seeking Asylum in this country so what was that experience like three. I'm glad it's it's if this was like my. Fifteenth trip to the border this has been going on for a long time the problems of at the border but. It was important for you know I I know for process well for us to humanize the issue we're losing the human element that is happening in the border. And talking to these moms. Crossing with four children newborns women are breast and wing Indiana stories you know this is differently you. How the plan revealed just watching TV when they feed you right but when you actually bear you see the stories and their women are Tommy knew it is what I went through. Was threads in my country you know might my husband was was beat to death so we knew. If we don't get out to women as a buying and we're talking about a late or women with. Two month old none we both have babies and we think is it it is such hot ought to work I imagine but two months like a new war. Cross an aborted a walking for days and months at a time. It is almost an extensive baby the child away from the I can't talk about that salary here aren't spying but I did what I was written about a kid a four month old job we'll put have been forced to caring Michigan. And then he gets another forced to families are double the problem want to enter the Foster system you're locked loves his heart now but the child is now disk drives me bananas. The child is now two years old he can't talk any can't walk he's been traumatized her mother is in a hospital for nervous exhaustion. What I was going on. I don't care what side of the value on because these people they're fleeing something greater than than themselves you know it's not it's not. A red and blue issue is not if you're Democrat or Republican this is a life and death issue of these people. Added that there was a mother who did who fled because her husband was molesting her three year old gone and so when you hear those stories eagle of course you won't what you do I would leave I would run ideally you would I would go when you have to which capped with a human back into. What America stands for yet what does America stamp yes better than. We are dead and that maybe we'll get back there well less so go buy your initial grant hotel because I saw last night with my husband who couldn't stop looking that you. Obviously I I have so much fun because they're really look like a bad laugh retain isn't wet UC what I love and you what I am Lars answer and even you're an executive producer and is based on the original Spanish series so tell us about the show and what sets it apart. It is said the best summer guilty pleasure investors it is I'm it is that we don't we don't call it I don't bailout we call it up commonly driven not drunk not on exact is coming drama. But he stays the last family owned hotel in Miami and it is juicy has a little bit of everything say he just wanna escape for one hour yes because we know that what we turn on the news. Is most likely most likely going to be depressed and yeah. I just wanna have fun with your family and just sit down and laugh unbeatable my god this is a fantastic they're acting as phenomenal as a big cast yes. That is a multi cultural cast yes this story because it is a proven hit India plane out of fanatics you know it's humongous you know this lady of the hit it was is there's much to ask you decided to do a contemporary version of the hall things so we did this so if you are found of their original. Is letting go yet and look at this one and health and unless you know build off that that premise is the same but we took. Committee from the liberties you know finally do get to a different level and has been gap ads in English no subtitles yet now those. I'm I was you know speaking to us play yet but that elects to. Yasser have been friends for a very long time and your executive producer on TV estimates at NASA's or box again so what's it like having your friend asked Abbas. Italy made the deterioration and I says he's she's the loving and no wonder fallen really it demanding an end that way I scripted for her I don't. It's. Not listen this item that you don't know all of this is a great lady Diana you know until you look on their friend and I'm yes he's my boss and it's amazing because as a level. I'm just comfortable. You know I go to work and I'm comfortable on and on respected that preceded in a protected that she's being very kind and as she's amazing but you know what that that they live IA it. Breezy show but I was directing you want my son was two months old laugh as I was breastfeeding and I was about. And I am rag very hot fat not fat I'm telling everybody what to do. And I and I we had a female DP Alison Kelly was amazing acts on but I couldn't have done it with without. Rods and is being out VP of other women going oh yeah girl. They don't tell pump. If not happy and luggage I like as the babies and Whitney and every it was normalize and it was great and when we shot the pilot robbed and baby was three months went down you know it was like to have that culture and normalize that where women and we can be mothers but also. Pursuant rewritten it wasn't really really good maxis that we have we have a really really good stuff that shows. That's a good example for all businesses yeah I think gap where what this is always the Clinton. You'll say it was always to. Get behind the camera can hit it and create environments that worked.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"The longtime friends discuss meeting with children seeking asylum, working together and \"normalizing\" the idea of bringing their children to work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63765866","title":"Eva Longoria and Roselyn Sánchez discuss their show 'Grand Hotel'","url":"/theview/video/eva-longoria-roselyn-snchez-discuss-show-grand-hotel-63765866"}