How did female candidates fair at town halls?

After Monday night's town halls, "The View" co-hosts discuss which of the women running for president stood out amongst Sens. Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.
6:37 | 04/23/19

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Transcript for How did female candidates fair at town halls?
The women running senators lose that Warren Kemal Harris and Amy Klobuchar held town halls last night as well. Did anybody standout see you all that I must say that they won't very impressive I like turning up my leg below the judge but the this is the year of the woman. These three are brilliant all three of that it would be a blessing on this country if any of these three women one of my opinion. Why. Because Elizabeth Warren is the wind that I watched how I only did my so little of Connell of and I watch Elizabeth the whole thing and I watched a group called guitar. And Elizabeth Marin is one of these brilliant women. Who has policy ideas and she hasn't ways she doesn't just say we want free education T tells you how we're gonna do it. She misses her plant I'll just tell you really quickly. He she wants to a for the ultra I don't trip millionaire tax which would be 2% annual tax on those who make fifty million or more. A year okay fifty million. 2% tax on that would generate. Three trillion dollars over ten years that would pay for child care universal family it would pay for our prekindergarten it would pay for college it would pay for a lot of things that we need desperately in this country. She gives you information and you know I thought that she's kind of a dark horse than it right now but I see her coming out because she is this really. Was like four years ago she was the shining object in the Democratic Party remember she was the person that ever went talked about that was gonna run for president. And it's been surprising that she is not made more in waves. In the in the primary so far she has been pretty low. I think there been some mistakes made along the way with that your hurt native American Heritage and and that's where thank and then her awkward announcement. But I agree with you when I hear her speak she's a very Smart woman as she backs up her ideas about. I don't agree whether giving habit I would be tragic if trump calling her Pocahontas would impede her progress. That's I don't think that's the reason why they'll I think it to still her policies if you were gonna ask a moderate voter even a moderate Democrat would you vote for Elizabeth Warren whether. They actually read all of our policies in detail they would probably tell you know she's too extreme for. Would you ask the same person do you think it's right to tax Amazon that pays no taxes is it right to tax that company and most people in this country including his Rust Belt and all these people voted to trump would say yes and believe she's she's got away and go but she wanted Deval in waves with I. I add modern agree with you Joseph that I was I was riveted by Elizabeth Warren and I haven't necessarily always been a fan of hers and I've. I've been pretty critical blow when she started talking about the student debt problem that we have. In this country and I think it's one point five trillion dollars to you have people graduating are most promising group of up of young people. They're soul saddled with debt if they can't do anything right and she said that she would cancel 50000 dollars in student loan debt for every person with a household income under a 100000. Dollars. And give substantial debt cancellation to every person with council income between 100 in 250. I just thought. That is going to free up that group of people to be innovative. Tip to to really change this country and for those young voters that is music to their ears people think that Bernie has sort of that the edge. On Elizabeth Warren let I don't know she's got the Abbott young voters what's fascinating to me. Is a woman or pulling the worst. Top three guys in line right now polls are polls but ever but it's. But it's tight ends of the earth would they believe it number bad headache and a homeowner you run its. Idly by in Bernie and the good a judge in New Hampshire and Iowa. And then it goes down from there and I believe it's. Com ala quarry. And then someone else and then Kristen Gillibrand cook was calling I was there recently at her office called embassy is an and then after about apple but it's interesting bit. There's article in the Daily Beast to the that we can I was talking about how is the year of the woman and how many women on the last. Will be a place where they just don't want a man to represent that that they think it is time for a woman to be president and how much the gender politics. Will come into play in all of this and I think that it's interesting that even though they. I agree were performing quite well last night the polling so far doesn't show any pick up needed other deposit I don't know I don't know not on. Side to see and what I want to hear truly mean. As I want somebody to say we're gonna go into all these giant corporations. And we're going to. Give someone money from that we're gonna give someone money from them because the thing I want whoever witness if somebody says listen. I'm going to run because I want to make sure you get some of your money back. Because when you think about all the stuff you being taxed on on a daily basis. People are working to pay their taxes yet now. With that new tax plan you know you can't write anything off three in the UK now you're not getting it in our home on its side I want to I want I want somebody to say here's how we're gonna put money in your pocket because it's fine to say yeah we're gonna go to the top 2% but the top 2%. A billionaires in this country. They aren't given and Melinda Gates is here today Giambi talking about that yeah but I want to hear somebody say listen. I know that you had does leave the British and belittle lands a money that you. And now you have to pay this and this amidst its countrywide it's not just New York where you know you go who is running the MTA and why is that the 42 right. Rays of of the metros the metro card I know who was running who is running this stuff who is why am I paying all this money for a table lack can't see. Who made that decision and why isn't there going to be any money and Social Security who said you could take money. And tell you discredit while Jackson what I want to that's what I want to hear somebody say they're gonna work caught him because I gotta tell you I. People will have some money people have no money everybody's working. To pay taxes. And I want some and then we can talk him out about this I just anti aging it wasn't until about that giant corporations act I do think that is a message that will be affected that look Reza I didn't I don't know I agree with that had paintings and it is that. Mitt fallacy that and I don't have the book I can't believe the tribe voters I'm not gonna respond to your kids will have prekindergarten. Your children go to college universe and a helmet hit Colin we're gonna help you with.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"After Monday night's town halls, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss which of the women running for president stood out amongst Sens. Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62577322","title":"How did female candidates fair at town halls?","url":"/theview/video/female-candidates-fair-town-halls-62577322"}