No homicide charges in Breonna Taylor’s case

“The View” co-hosts react to a Kentucky grand jury’s lack of homicide charges against the police officers who fatally shot Breonna Taylor.
7:34 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for No homicide charges in Breonna Taylor’s case
yesterday a grand jury says three officers didn't commit a crime when they entered breonna Taylor's home, shot her six times killing her. This is what the attorney general Daniel Cameron had to say about it. Take a look. According to Kentucky law the use of force by Mattingly and Kos groef was justified. This bars us from pursuing criminal charges in miss breonna Taylor's death. The truth is now before us. The facts have been examined and a grand jury comprised of our peers and fellow citizens has made a decision. Justice is not often easy. It does not fit the mold of public opinion and does not conform to shifting standards. It answers only to the facts and to the law. Okay. So the grand jury did indict one officer for waton endangerment for firing stray bullets that entered the appointment of breonna Taylor's neighbor. I think it's funny that they thought was heinous, but shooting someone and killing them six times with bullets didn't justify any filing here. Sunny, can you walk people through the legal stuff so people get an idea of the thought process? It's a little difficult. I don't know that I understand the thought process and what was exactly presented to the grand jury because as someone who has presented many cases to a grand jury, it seems to me that an indictment could have happened here against the officers because the prosecutor controls the narrative, controls the facts presented to the grand jury. What happened here, whoopi, it seems one officer was indicted on three counts of waton endangerment. That means a person's conduct -- that means an officer shot dangerously into another neighbor's apartment and also there were bullets that went into breonna Taylor's apartment and that wasn't charged. The charging document seems -- the investigation seems to be faulty. It's no wonder people are now uncomfortable with the process. One other thing I want to mention. I was looking into the background of the attorney general. He has zero criminal trial experience. If you are to be the top prosecutor of a state, you have to have that kind of experience. When I looked at this case and this indictment, it wreaks of someone that doesn't have that his explanation yesterday quite frankly didn't make sense to someone like me who has this kind of experience. Right. Sara, what was your take -- Can I jump in? Sure, joy. I was just going to speak to sunny's one little point. Just a quick point. It seems to me that the system is not right. When the attorney general or the district attorneys are the ones prosecuting the case and they are beholden to the police. The police have to help them with other cases. I think that in these situations maybe a good idea would be to bring in a special prosecutor because this has been happening too many times. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, tamira rice, they were all killed by cops with no indictments. Something is wrong with the system. The juries are probably reluctant to go against the cops. It's about the system. It has to be changed and has to be changed now immediately. That's all I wanted to say. Sara? Building off what joy said I think there's absolutely something wrong with the system. For this reason, we have to in breonna Taylor's legacy make sure there are no more breonna taylors. This part blows my mind. These no-knock warrants which I wasn't familiar with before, are highly disturbing and legal. They're no longer legal in Louisville as a result of breonna Taylor's death. I don't see how these ever work out well. You are sieging -- announced or not announced -- into someone's house at night. You think about dogs barking. You're waking up disoriented. You have a right to own a weapon in this country. There are more than 300 million weapons in the U.S. Alone. This is a law versus a law. They legally get the right to storm your home, but what's protected is your right to own a firearm and protect your property and your life when someone is coming in loudly in the middle of the night. In your home. Right. This has to change. There are so many other parts of this to the qualified immunity, to the fact there weren't body cams. This is all disturbing. Until the law and the system is changed, we will end up with more innocent lives lost like breonna Taylor's. The other thing -- One thing I would like to mention -- go ahead. The investigation seems to be somewhat faulty. You have the officers saying they knocked and they did announce, even though it's a no-knock warrant. You have only one witness out of 13 that says, yes, I heard the police knock and announce. 12 other witnesses are saying no, they didn't announce, including Kenny walker who was with breonna Taylor inside the home. My question is, did Kenny walker speak to this grand jury? Did he tell them he didn't hear announcement, he didn't hear the police speak to them and he feared for his life? I want to know who testified in front of the grand jury. The prosecutor is responsible for that. Yeah, well, a lot of this is questionable. This is what I'll recommend to people because it's so infuriating. I want everyone who can hear my voice, everybody who hates what happened, I want you to say, you know what, we'll keep ourselves in our house and we'll do what we need to be doing because don't want to get arrested. You're going to hear from us. The nation is going to hear from everybody who is pissed about this November 4th. You want the system to change, you know what needs to be done. It's great to protest. People are coming at you for being a protester, for executing your right to do this. They're coming for you. Let them do what they need to on November 3rd, do what you need to do. I don't know what you said. When we come back, we'll be

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to a Kentucky grand jury’s lack of homicide charges against the police officers who fatally shot Breonna Taylor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73221627","title":"No homicide charges in Breonna Taylor’s case","url":"/theview/video/homicide-charges-breonna-taylors-case-73221627"}