Howie Mandel on the time when his friends won the 'Deal or No Deal' jackpot in Vegas

The longest-serving judge on "America's Got Talent" and host of "Deal or No Deal" talks therapy and mental health, and shares a hilarious moment during his trip to a Las Vegas casino.
3:42 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for Howie Mandel on the time when his friends won the 'Deal or No Deal' jackpot in Vegas
They tell me that saves and you're in a lot of therapy I can see watt lamp but how hasn't helped him. I don't know if it's helped me as much as it's made my therapist in a whole different tax bracket it has no depth. How would it help me it's I everyday I'll be totally honest yeah every day is a battle via I have you know OCB and anxiety and depression medication for that I am medicated is that okay okay. I'm medication and I talked to people but I had mental health is a battle I don't think there's anybody alive that doesn't mean it coping skill home. And we we all I don't think that you know you don't have to be diagnosed with something and there are coping skills for. It's staying in a relationship that whatever the workload is whatever pressures are having so it's helped me the fact that I'm here in the fact that I'm functioning in the fact that I'm working. Is the answer to your question about how you know they say. And the highest functioning person in the family is the one who goes for therapy. The highest function that makes sense yeah well. Think about it my wife is isn't brilliant and she probably has the highest functioning and she's not in therapy to know why share what the therapist told me with her so maybe she is. Once free no. But it made. So this is fantastic tune your wife are en Las Vegas and and your friend hit it big playing the dealer don't know deals slot machines for which I think that's so crazy Kinney tell. I don't I also and that's also on my on demand specialty dealer no deal which is tonight the actual show how 9 o'clock on CNBC you can wind 101000 dollars just by sitting at home and watch. So don't miss it and went along with me life. I don't go out on. Kind of every clue him so that might this other couple Louie and Kathy went down my wife to the casino they played the she calls me in the room and she goes by you're not gonna believe this. They just hit the jackpot on Deal or No Deal they won 101000. Dollars. It's a unit in this is out like changing amount of money for them you've got to come down and see this half so I put on my coat. And I ran out of the room. And I ran down the hall and it got a go to the elevator across focusing on the lights are going off and the peeling off hundred dollar bills through. Intel Louise hand and his wife capping your crying and it's great. And I walk up to them and I and I give them Hoggan there hugging her and as all of these lights around me and yeah I look people are taking pictures and then I realized. I have no idea that these are my friends they paid then if you hit that Jack. I'm good. A Deal or No Deal machine. And then they'll still his. Yeah. Did everybody went whole it is somebody just taking Reno and I ran off and then you've watched the god I. Away overtook the wheel of fortune machine didn't wait that perhaps they let it. Fat hot bath app. Ed what you act funny you run up to people at casinos I do you Dan Dave and buster's wherever it's not a dealer no deal machine you do every SE have a clip but he's doing mass a couple of weeks ago yeah. A funny one but I'll tell you I walked up to people and I'll go like right behind my walk up to a lady and I go you know take. Take the deal didn't Lilja goes not Michael just take the deal I know what I'm doing and the woman ghost. We alone and doesn't even turn and look and I got out deer valley and downtown. Up. You think she knew I will handle way yeah.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"The longest-serving judge on \"America's Got Talent\" and host of \"Deal or No Deal\" talks therapy and mental health, and shares a hilarious moment during his trip to a Las Vegas casino.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63814754","title":"Howie Mandel on the time when his friends won the 'Deal or No Deal' jackpot in Vegas","url":"/theview/video/howie-mandel-time-friends-won-deal-deal-jackpot-63814754"}