IG report faults former FBI Director James Comey

"The View" co-hosts discuss the Justice watchdog report.
5:57 | 06/18/18

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Transcript for IG report faults former FBI Director James Comey
Hey, welcomeback. So inspector general's report on the FBI's actions during the last election came out foundhat director James Comey was insubordinate and officials Peter Struyk and Lisa page were professional for sending messages around stopping trump fromecoming president, but they didn't actually donything to impact the election. So -- but you know WHA messed up? Comey. You know who was using his own personal e-mail? Comey. So bad. I mean, what was your takeaway? And hilla tweeted, but my e-mails. He is doing the same thing he called out before the election as well. Everyone knows I'm no fan of James Comey. These text messages saying trump's never going to be president, right? Then Struyk said, no. Thiss why there is distrust within our intelligence community. It starts with tex messages like this, and if you want to work for the FBI and be the head of the fband work for the CIA, you can't have politics involved. There are people ithe military -- my brothers can't G on TV or give interviews talking about their political opinions. Same wh the intelligence communities and it why people like me think everying was politically motivad. C just point out that these are the only - maybe three pe H questions about the predency, and I would beg to say thato , this exchanges nothing in terms of really sort of impacting the country.liket's hisame was -- what's Hise? Mitch Mcconnell. Mitch Mcconnell going on television saying, we're not going to help this president do anything. To me, that's obstructing justice, you know? This is opti. Ths really bad optics. It's only two. Two people. Not 150. No, but the problem is people are say I don't trust him and this comes out and confirms that these were- even though we had seen thehese e-mails existed. It only needs to be one person. See I that's wi was scared for. Twere working forueller at the time, and they were sleeping together. So this was, like, pillow talk, and she was, like, can't believe he is going to be esident, and she was, like, don't worry. We'll stop hi it was love notes. I want T point out they were remod froe Mueller investigation very qui after that. So they really didn't hav any time to do any damage to trump. There a lot of great people still it. As you , a lot of damage to Hillary. Who is the president? Wellu know, I am not confli about this at all just because I think that ct-finding, especially FBI fact-finding is supposed to be neutral, and when you ha an FBI agent that is supervising the FBI's Clinton investiga saying things like, trump is not going to be president because we are going to sit. If I had someone on my investigative team, I would remove him. He was removed. He wasn't removed fm the clintoninvestigation. I would also immediately refer him to the ig or hissupervisor. It was completely improper. That was appropriate. Enough. THAs after the Clinton vestigation. He was also responsible for the Clinton investigation, and then he was put onto the Mueller investigation. You have someone that'retty powerful sng political bias, and N, your fact-finding must be neutral when you work for the government. In th case, nothing happened. I don't know about that. What? In this case, it did. The ig report did find -- It did impact a lot. There is a lot. When you have Michael horowz saying that James Comey, quote deviated from well-established departme policy -- He did. It's the breakdown of trust that's happening. The fish rots at the head, so what sunny is saying is 100% accurate. Did Meghan just say WHA sunny said is 100% accute? Of course, it is. You're a lawyer. You know what? I hate this bell since we'reaving -- I hate this bell. I'm a grown woman. I don't need that bell to tell me to calm down. Give me my bell ck. I hate that bell you use that bell too much too. You right. S also you wrong and you're yelling. No. No. This bell I only about -- go ahead because we can't say that -- This has used it. He wants you to stroke it. Ou're aing with me. Oahead. Not a cat. I athate that bell. When you say the fh stinks from the head, the fish in this case is Mueller. Mueller did his duediligence, so the fish is still good. I'm sorry. Michael Horowitz coming out saying they deviated from well-estabed department policy -- Butt's why when they got rid of Comey and he fell on his D and said I did some stuff he should have done. We asked him, could you have done this tter? Could you have maybeound a better way to do it? I specifically asked him about the department policy that was wrong. E? Can I say one more ING? She has experience in this, and if she W saying if I saw this, they would be fired immediately, that's all you need T know. I'm not an expert in this field. I'm not an expert either, but I'm not sure I agree, but that's why there are 25 flors -- 31 flavor And I can't even say the name of the food object, but you know. Yes. We'll be back. I knew what you were talking

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the Justice watchdog report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55979121","title":"IG report faults former FBI Director James Comey","url":"/theview/video/ig-report-faults-fbi-director-james-comey-55979121"}