Jeff Goldblum says his new show on Disney+ ‘transformed’ him

The actor discusses his family, social media presence and new show, “The World according to Jeff Goldblum.”
4:21 | 11/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jeff Goldblum says his new show on Disney+ ‘transformed’ him
While you were overseas you celebrated your fifth anniversary with your wife. She's a contortionist which I'm fascinated by this. She's a contortionist -- That's handy. Look at this. Look at his smile. Joy, joy. Hello. She competed in the Sydney olympics for Canada as a rhythmic gymnast. The rhythm and the ball. Fantastic. She's the pan-american that's her today. That's fantastic. She does these stories on Instagram stuff because she teaches kind of online lies like that. I couldn't do that. We have a 4-year-old boy and a 2-year-old boy. And she looks like that? There they are. That was Halloween, wasn't it? Charlie is Neil Armstrong and river is Charlie chaplain. We don't show them any scene time but I've shown them little bits of shorts. Look at that. Come on. I love it. It's just fantastic. Come on, well, they're How do you meet a rhythmic gymnast? She was at the gym 8 years ago when we met. That seems to be a trend. Really? Alec Baldwin met his wife. You met a gymnast, contortionist. An olympian. She did cirque du soleil. She doubled Emma stone I "L.A. La land." I think that's so cool and your "Jurassic park" character is so cool too, Dr. Ian Malcolm. Everyone remembers that. It's become quite the meme. Look at you. That character has inspired so many memes. There was a 20-foot statue near the tower bridge in London. And you also struck the same pose getting your star on the walk of fame. Oh golly, golly. I knew that guy. You knew what guy? I knew that "Jurassic park" When I was -- When you were, like, 2. We've known each other for a million years, yeah, before I did that we knew each other. Mm-hmm. That's right. And you looked that good. You look better than ever. You're on the threshold of your best flowering. Getting better and better. Let's get back to you. So you are quite the style icon. I understand you post pictures of your outfits on Instagram on a regular basis, yes? Very nice. Let's look at some of these. Look at you. Oh golly. Do you have a style? It seems as though it's a little animal is tick. I have a stylist. This guy is probably doing it himself. You look fantastic. That's my friend Joe. Really? I get inspiration, you know, I learn. I'm a humble student, constantly learning and trying things. I'm nothing if not experimental. But you've always had great style. Not true, no. I'm telling you, you have always had great style. You're a true talent and I'm excited to talk about your new show, "The world according to Jeff goldblum." Me too. I saw some of the show. It tackles -- focused on sneakers, ice cream, tattoos and you say sometimes looking at the ordinary you uncover the extraordinary and interesting things that you would never even think about. It's a great show. Give us an example. Well, it changed me. They flew me all over America in the last five, six months, and met people I wouldn't have met, got to places I wouldn't have been and it changed me, really transformed me. We went to Austin for the barbecue episode, a place called aspire is farming crickets that I ate and barbecued that's an alternative to other kinds of protein. Tasty? Very tasty. Is it like chicken? Like little bitty chickens. Anyway, you know, I did nasa for the pool episode. I met people, it changed me terrifically. It was great. Don't change. We like you just how you are. Well, our thanks to Jeff goldblum. "The world according to Jeff goldblum" is streaming today on Disney plus.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The actor discusses his family, social media presence and new show, “The World according to Jeff Goldblum.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66945616","title":"Jeff Goldblum says his new show on Disney+ ‘transformed’ him","url":"/theview/video/jeff-goldblum-show-disney-transformed-66945616"}