Jennifer Lopez calls ‘Hustlers’ movie ‘timely’ with current US affairs

The superstar discusses her new film that was directed, produced and edited by women.
4:07 | 09/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Lopez calls ‘Hustlers’ movie ‘timely’ with current US affairs
Let's talk about your new movie which use star in you produced. It's based on the true story. Oscar buzz. Oscar buzz. Diane. You backstage it's you know. Our community has had Rita Moreno and you. There really thank you what does it mean to Amy's other reviews that you're getting high now in trust me i.'s been allowed to inculcate it subtype. And they had gotten good notices. Throughout my career and I've been very lucky to have a long career but some day like this is super special coming will be knows. You know when you lending when they say. He did good the the group of people that actually that you work went runner in the industry and I'd like judging like you judge when you're a lot to gain yeah you know it's it feels really nice and feels really nice so you know I don't know bank they that it happened but just being in that conversation. This is really flattering and not overwhelming to him you know I dislike among you want to talk about yeah I'm not supposed yeah. How would you describe the movie. That won't be is. If it's a good it's a great it's a fun like it. Roller coaster ride us. Of a movie because it's not one thing it's drama it's based on a true story this actually happens here in New York rally happened throughout the contains certain. Strip clubs and it's about you know these. To shippers who form this friendship and then they have like she has like I think kind of the ringleader. And she comes she's very entrepreneurial and it takes place in 200678. Right you know around the crash so you get before the crash where everything was gored and everybody was spending money and making money and after that. What happens when people get desperate written and the things in the choices that they make. The Wall Street guys and and these women but it from the women's point of view when it's directed by a woman and it's produced by all women it was edited by a woman and silly we get like. Okay. Do you feel like this people want to just go always good label things I like as a stripper will be it's it's not that it's really about life and how when women make choice amend make choices and they're all stealing nearly the same choice about how women are treated and how men are treated and it. It makes you look at life and we should think and it's not judgmental if not saying there ripe or they are right and it's like you decide yeah. So it's it's very cool it's a film provocative political commentary yes I watch the entire thing and I was just expecting as. Hustlers right it's accept very interesting social commentary on our times right and I. That I think is for me when I watched it I thought it was just this kind of athletic certainly pay less super timely move. Right now with that it has final women with one on in the country. You know it's it's like one of my favorite my won't tell you don't think. I can't get you have to see any second they're really great movie and I are demanding that out of missile there's a pretty special cameo. In it to I'm not gonna share the name but give people can. Not a lot of big name many there's not a lot of fun it's funny talking yeah. He's a guy becomes into the club AAR hello that's I don't migraine I did it. Yeah. It's pretty bad to watch one of the best moment for me though was when you first get on screen because I'm not light it and when I said you make fifty look good. I think I had to get to the gym like Smith says. My goodness what you're performer yeah I think you're in that won't sit on your home and that's. And how I don't. I'm saying this on because people. Don't realize how much work they're saying oh yeah you know you're coming if you look at diesel engine now his ticket or learning until I am but don't hurt it sounds don't. Don't beat yourself out because you don't look like dude Lopez look out look like the best view yet have X you can make.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"The superstar discusses her new film that was directed, produced and edited by women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65567833","title":"Jennifer Lopez calls ‘Hustlers’ movie ‘timely’ with current US affairs","url":"/theview/video/jennifer-lopez-calls-hustlers-movie-timely-current-us-65567833"}