Joe Biden on willingness to testify in Trump impeachment: 'No one asked me to'

The presidential candidate discusses President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and Biden’s relationship with voters.
6:52 | 02/13/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden on willingness to testify in Trump impeachment: 'No one asked me to'
Yes, hi, Joe. So, there are some of us, in fact, 45% of Americans would not vote for a socialist, hands down, would not vote, just a recent poll. And Bernie who is doing pretty well right now is a self-identified democratic I don't think that message is going to work in the midwest and swing state voters, especially the swing states that are so important like Wisconsin and what do you think? Look, I think the next president not only has to beat trump but they have to bring along a democratic senate. Look, I went out to 24 states for 66 candidates. They're all the front line candidates in purple states and red states. We won back the house. We increased governorships and to the best of my knowledge I don't think anybody asked Bernie to come in and campaign there. Yeah. And so I think it matters that, in fact, you are -- look, I'm an obama-biden Democrat and people know who I am and I've had most of those front line folks who won the first time come and say would you come back in and campaign for me. Would you be involved. I think it's important that you're not only able to beat trump but you got to change the senate. The senate was disgraceful. Right. And look how it's freed up this president. It's going to put a hold on him. He goes out and he basically reduces a sentence for a guy that was testifying against his I mean, he's weaponized the department of -- the judiciary, I mean, not the -- the attorney general's office. It's a weapon now. Susan Collins said he's learned a lesson. Do you think he did? He learned to make it worse. Do you think the weaponizing can hurt you because this burisma thing they keep throwing around like they did Benghazi, Benghazi, now they're doing burisma, burisma. A lot of Bs. It sinks in. It sinks in because every single person who testified from his administration under oath testified, I did my job, I did it thoroughly, I did it honorably, that there was nothing but leading the rest of the world along the route that we wanted to go. That's what happened at the world bank, the imf, in our nato allies. Not a single solitary person except that honorable guy, that thug, Rudy Giuliani, is out there. Rudy Giuliani is a character Right. I mean, come on. And the other thing is, look -- I really mean it. This goes way, way, way over the top. Whomever the candidate is, you see it's happening already. Now Pete's got some traction, they're going after Pete for being gay. They're going to go after whomever it is the same way. They play dirty. People know me. They know who I am. They know I've never been accused of doing anything indecent, lied. I've been straight up. The bad news for me is I'm I say what I mean. I mean what I say and sometimes I say all that I mean but that's -- you know You are authentic. And that is why so many people, Joe, thought that you would make a good witness at a senate I want to talk about impeachment because the impeachment stemmed from trump using a foreign country or trying to use a foreign country to dig up information about your family and the acquittal happened without a single new witness being called which I think is really an impeachment of the senate as well. But at one point there was talk of this trade. Bolton testifying for your testimony. Many people think you should have testified because you would make a good witness. Why didn't you? Look, number one, no one asked me to testify, number one. Number two, they didn't even ask a foreign country to dig up they knew there was no dirt. They said just announce you're going to have a hearing. The people -- the people in Ukraine said Biden didn't do anything wrong. So this is ridiculous. Look, this is a tactic he uses. The best thing when you're attacked, go to somebody else, take your eye off the ball, focus on something else. I'll be dammed if I'm going to give him that opportunity. I can hardly wait to get him on the debate stage I can hardly wait. This is the most corrupt president we've ever had. He wants to fight corruption. Mr. President, I released 21 years of my tax returns. Release one of yours. What do you have hiding? I have a question. Let's say you're on the debate stage with him and he does what he did to Hillary, starts hovering behind you like a big monster behind the poor woman. What are you going to do? I'll say, come up here, jack. Up here. Stand next to me. Come on, this guy is a -- oh gosh. Well, Joe, you were -- God, give me the grace to not say what I'm thinking. Me too. You were filmed taking a selfie in "The New York Times" building in Manhattan which went viral and we want to show everyone. I love you. Thank you. I do. You're like my favorite. Thank you so much. What's your name? Jacqueline. You got a camera? I do. We'll take one, okay? You are awesome. Oh, my gosh. I keep saying that I still think you're the best candidate that actually interacts with humans and people in the media always want to sort of choose who they like but it only matters what people like Jacqueline think, so what do you think the media is missing? Well, I think it's tough being in the media these days. I'm not being facetious. To be on the news side of it -- We know. No, no, I know. But I think it's even tougher being on the reporting side. You got to get clicks. You got to get something that gets you because to the best of my knowledge, talking to an awful lot of senior reporters past and present, they're told basically you have to have a it used to be that opinion writers had that. Yeah, yeah. But now it's news coverage, so if you don't get something that's going to get you a click as they say, then it's hard. So look, I don't begrudge the media. I don't have any problem. By the way, I do think that this attack on, you know, the free press being the enemy of the people, if you noticed, he's repeated it and repeated it and repeated it and now people are going, well, I don't know, I'm not so sure. That's the problem. He can't keep up with the lies. The president's words matter and they matter and matter and he's got to be out of office, period. That's right.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"The presidential candidate discusses President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and Biden’s relationship with voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68968553","title":"Joe Biden on willingness to testify in Trump impeachment: 'No one asked me to'","url":"/theview/video/joe-biden-willingness-testify-trump-impeachment-asked-68968553"}