John C. Reilly on how his new movie 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' empowers girls

The actor explains why his new movie is empowering to girls and how wearing a fat suit to portray Oliver Hardy in "Stan & Ollie" affected him.
6:48 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for John C. Reilly on how his new movie 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' empowers girls
So, this is an actor who for me is one of the great journey man actors. You've seen him in so many things from "Magnolia" to "Talladega nights." He's a magnificent actor. Now he's in the sequel to Disney's animated blockbuster, "Wreck-it Ralph," called "Ralph breaks the internet." Please welcome the fabulous John C. Reilly. Good morning. I love how you're dressed. It's fabulous. You have to see the whole thing. Stand up. I'll do a fashion show. All right. Do you always dress like this? Yeah, I do actually. When I was making "Wreck it Ralph" I would wear three-piece suits every time I did it. It became a running joke with me and Sarah Silverman, like oh you're dressed for me. I read that you collect clown pictures, that you have 100 of them. Clowns can be scary to some people. Yes. What made you do that? Clowns get a bad rap actually. I used to be a clown when I was younger. I started collecting amateur clown painting, paintings that not professional artists do. There's something really sweet about it. There's the person behind the makeup and then there's the idea that this person painted a painting that they weren't an expert at it, they were just trying to capture. Anyway, some people are afraid of clowns but I really try to turn that tide. Where do you hang them? Whoopi's a clown, I'm a clown. I understand that but where do you hang them? In my office. I'm not allowed to put them in the house. My office is packed with them. We have to talk about "Ralph breaks the internet", the sequel to "Wreck it Ralph." We have a clip. I'm sure someone out here could give us directions. Oh, look at that little egg guy. He's got on one of those hats that smart people wear. I bet he could help us. Come on. Oh, hello, sir. Interesting, you don't seem to have a search history. Well, let's start one for you. What can we help you find today? Um. Umbrella, umbrage, urban outfitters? Looks like no one put humty dumbty together again. This guy is a little soft boiled. He's trying to guess what you're going to say. Sorry. But my auto fill is a tough aggressive today. A tough aggressive. You say that this movie is in particular empowering to girls. There's a really cool scene in it, you've probably seen it in the trailer where vanellope, Sarah's character, meets all the Disney princesses. We go to oh my Disney, this website, when we go onto the internet. She stumbles onto all the Disney princesses and she has this amazing moment where they ask her, are you a princess? Do men always try to save you? Do you have to wear a corset that you can't breathe in? All these horrible things that princesses have to deal with. So it's a really cool thing that Disney did with the movie actually. In this moment we're in with female empowerment it's a really cool thing that Disney went back and said we created some of these princess stereotypes that are hard for girls to live up to and we're going to talk about that now in a real way. Sarah convinces all them to wear hoodies and sweats. What is this thing called a hoodie? I love it. That's great. There's a lot for girls in this movie even though the movie is called "Ralph breaks the internet." A lot of the story is about my friendship with Sarah, Penelope. You actually hear from a lot of kids because your character, Ralph. Yeah. What do they say to you? It's funny. Kids, sometimes I'll get -- one time I got this voice mail from a kid that's like, hello, John C. Reilly? I want to thank you very much for making the movie wreck it Ralph. Thank you very much, click. Literally some kid got my phone number from like the little league roster or something. But sometimes parents will say to me, like, John, my kid's having -- I'm having the toughest time with him, he won't brush his teeth. Kevin won't brush his teeth. I'm like, let Ralph give a call. I'll leave a voice mail, Kevin, it's your old pal, wreck it Ralph. You don't want sugar bugs on your teeth, do you, buddy? Listen to mom now. They'll play it for the kid and like, minds are blown. Speaking of kids, there's a trend online of babies who look just like John C. Reilly, who look just like you. It started when I think someone tweeted -- Oh, that's a good one. That's Jay Leno as a baby. I'm sure you've seen all these. Someone showed me. That's Jay as a baby. That one's good. Oh! That's a face swap. That's not an actual baby. That's scary. Is that how you looked as a baby? Someone sent me a picture of a baby that looks exactly like me. Do you guys have it? Because it is me. So cute. Such a great smile. You were a cute baby. I know, my mom -- there are six kids in my family and my mom made those copy doll curls on our head before we could style our own hair. I want to talk to you about another movie that's coming out. You are playing -- You're very excited, ma'am. It's so good. You're playing Oliver hardy in "Stan and Ollie." I have to tell you, I saw it, man, and it is -- it is uncanny. You and Steve -- Coogan. Coogan, are just extraordinary. And to bring them to life, I know that's not your body because how much -- because you're wearing him huge. Yeah, yeah. How was that? I mean, I know, but tell us, tell them how it was. First of all, thank you for mentioning the movie. It's a real labor of love, that one. I mean, laurel and hardy were so important to me growing up. I don't know if the younger people know who they are but the fat guy and the skinny guy. They were the most famous comedians in the world in the 1930s. People rediscovered them through TV and stuff. Anyway, they were very important people to me and I felt like it was this sacred mission to bring their films to the next generation of people. But yeah, I had to wear this giant fat suit, tons of prosthetic makeup. Did people know it was you? My face and the inside of my hands. The rest of me was covered every day. Listen, it's never enough time with you. You got to come back. I'll come back for that movie. How about that? She's crying over this. It's a great thing. Our thanks to John C.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"The actor explains why his new movie is empowering to girls and how wearing a fat suit to portray Oliver Hardy in \"Stan & Ollie\" affected him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59064303","title":"John C. Reilly on how his new movie 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' empowers girls","url":"/theview/video/john-reilly-movie-ralph-breaks-internet-empowers-girls-59064303"}