Katherine Schwarzenegger dishes on newlywed life with Chris Pratt

The author of “The Gift of Forgiveness” on how she met her husband and her famous father reprising his role in the latest “Terminator” movie.
6:13 | 03/11/20

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Transcript for Katherine Schwarzenegger dishes on newlywed life with Chris Pratt
Let's face it. It is not always easy to forgive someone, but a new book gives an eye-opening perspective from people who learned ways to forgive things that truly seem unforgivable. Please welcome author of "The gift of forgiveness" and my friend, Katherine schwarzenegger Pratt. It's weird to say Katherine schwarzenegger Pratt. I know. We have been friends a long time. I have known you forever. I'm so proud of you. This book is wonderful. Thank you. I want to talk about the book, but we have the talk about the fact you got married. I did get married. How's newlywed life? It's so nice. Look how beautiful you guys are. It's the best, being married to somebody that you can have similar values with, and that you have just the most amazing love is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Congratulations. Thank you. I learned that you met your husband in church. I did, yeah. I met my husband in the catholic church too. Who knew that you could, like -- It's so great. Find a guy in church? If you think about it, it's such a great place to meet someone because you have similar values and beliefs and it's, you know, that's a big part of a relationship. Jesus at church. It's the handcuffs to the chain. You have a baseline. My mom said that to me growing up. Values, values, values are so important in a relationship. My mom took me to the church to find a guy. I'm, like, I'm not going to find a guy in the church pitch totally found him there. We're praise handing. That is so good. It's so emotional I think to talk about finding love and forgiveness. We want to get to your book, but you had an emotional moment. You posted a photo of your dad after he reprised his role of the terminator. Explain the feeling to everybody seeing that. When I grew up in the first couple of "Terminators" came out, I was so young and it was not age appropriate for me to watch. Now that I am an adult, I can also appreciate, you know, you appreciate your parents on a different level and all their hard work, and also what they're passionate about. So I think it makes it that much more special and I also went with my husband which made it really special as well. To share that for sure. I'm diving into your book. I love it. Thank you. I made notes. I have so many already, and you interviewed 22 stories and you tell their stories about forgiveness, and it makes it possible through their stories to say, forgiveness is possible. Yeah. Why do you want to tell the stories of forgiveness? Why was it important to say it's actually empowering to forgive? These stories are all so inspiring as you're saying. Every single story is very different and how they have practiced and struggled with forgiveness is very important and unique which is important to me for getting that group of 22 people so someone can pick up the book and relate to somebody's story in the book. I was struggling with forgiveness in my own life, and I found the most inspiration from talking to other people about their journeys whether they were ones like the ones in the book, or conversations over dinner tables and I found huge impact by taking nuggets of wisdom, and applying it to my own life because forgiveness is one of those topics that none of us will be spared from coming face to face with. It's about having the tools and being open to it. It's moving. You said that writing this book was very emotional. Some of the stories are really intense. Really intense. Especially about the drunk Chris Williams. I can't imagine interviewing people like this. How did it affect you? Well, you know, you never know what's going to happen when you are asking a total stranger to open up about their forgiveness journey because it's not, you know, the most beautiful or glamorous topic to talk about, but it's an important one, and every person in this book wanted to be apart of it because they wanted to help others in their forgiveness journey and inspire others to practice forgiveness in their lives and in the stories, the theme of forgiveness has given these people such a sense of freedom, and has been at the end of the day, a gift that you give yourself which through interviewing these people was a real lesson for me because I think we all, or at least I grew up thinking you needed to wait for someone to ask for forgiveness before you begin your forgiveness journey. That's right. It's a gift you give yourself, and you don't have to wait for anyone or any specific time to start that, and take your power back in a situation. Forgiveness is about yourself. It's not necessarily about the other person. Yes. I think that really comes across with the woman who was in the Charleston church. He looks right at her, but doesn't shoot her. Every person in this book, pollee Shephard included. For others, it's an ongoing journey and process, and some are still struggling with forgiveness. It also shows you there is no time limit on forgiveness because people say to us, hurry up and forgive someone. It's a frustrating thing to here because there are people like Chris Williams who forgive in an instant, and others who take 30 years, and other people who are still struggle. Sometimes you need to know it can be done. One of the most powerful things, it was a decision. They decided at some point that they were going to give themselves the gift of forgiveness to offer to somebody else, to give themselves this freedom, and then also just the example of if they can forgive, so can I. So can I. It's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful. Your mom, Maria shriver helped you? She's an amazing sounding board for everything in life. She's such an inspiration. She is, like, a well of wisdom which as I get older -- Such a kind woman. When I finished my book and I had her read it, it was such a nerve-racking experience. I can imagine. She really loved it and, you know, forgiveness has been such a big part of all of our lives and I think when you are able to have that as a part of your life, you know how important that is to kind of sbred that She's also a huge supporter of other women. Our thanks to Katherine schwarzenegger Pratt. Her new book, "The gift of

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"The author of “The Gift of Forgiveness” on how she met her husband and her famous father reprising his role in the latest “Terminator” movie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69538258","title":"Katherine Schwarzenegger dishes on newlywed life with Chris Pratt","url":"/theview/video/katherine-schwarzenegger-dishes-newlywed-life-chris-pratt-69538258"}