Lil Nas X discusses his reckoning with politics over the last year

The “Old Town Road” singer opens up about coming out as gay and shares why he decided to write the children’s book, “C is for Country.”
6:34 | 01/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lil Nas X discusses his reckoning with politics over the last year
Lil nas X, what's happening? Welcome to "The view." Happy to be here. You know, I'm here to promote my little book "C is for country." It's kind of amazing. The love the fact that you've written the book, tell me how all this has been, you were 19, you write this song, the next ING you know, you're everywhere and it's kind of fabulous. Are you having a good time? Are you enjoying it? And building up to where you want to get to, are you having a good time? I'm having a really great time. You know, I'm learning a lot more about life and just, you know, going through the ups and downs and meeting so many great people that have come into my life since everything has popped off and you know, happy for all the opportunities that just keep First of all, I love your hair. Also let me ask you this, you're one of the first artists to go viral on tiktok and you're very savvy with social media. But you also have a way of really bridging generations and cultures, you invited Billy ray Cyrus on to the old town road remix. Is that a conscience effort to reach people of all demographics, generations if. 100%. I'm influenced a lot by pop culture from all different time periods, so I try to bring that together with what ever I'm doing within my own art. I'm a huge fan of "Old town road." And I actually sing a version of the lullaby. I'm so thrilled that you're releasing a children's book. What made you want to write a children's book? Oh, yes. I've been told a couple of times. I love the messages of inclusivity and individuality in the book and you publicly came out as gay in June 2019, just as your career was taking off and you said originally planned to die with the secret and that since coming out your support has waned somewhat hip-hop supporters, why was it important to go public when you did? I definitely wanted to be authentic from the start of my career. And also, become more comfortable and confident in myself so I feel like that was a bandage that needed to be ripped off. I love your hair, too. Makes me feel inadequate as a red head. You look good. So, let's do this, you've said that you stay away from politics because it depresses you, it's depressing sometimes, as a teen it was frustrating, you say, to see protests over police brutality and mass shootings and have nothing change, but things do change, it's so slow. After recent events and the racial reckoning of last summer, do you still feel that way or is it something that you want to be more involved with, or do you feel this happening at all? I definitely want to be more involved for the simple fact that I now have a platform and I can really have influence over what people see and hear and think about everything that's going on, so, you know, even though it's definitely depressing sometimes, there are conversations that have to be And you have this huge platform. The other thing that you've been really influential is your fashion, you've become quite the fashion icon, I mean your red carpet looks are the talk of every single awards show and you recently collaborated with Christian Coen on his collection. Where does your inspiration for your style come from? Different places? Where does it come from? A lot of different places. Me and my stylist we really want to make me this shape shifter of fashion and jumps around in many different areas and always try new things, and you know, just try to step out of the comfort zone each time. Wow, tell us about why you wanted to write this book. My kids I heard what sounded like old town road, I keep my books for work separately, I'm like, is that lil nas X, my kids have grown very attached to your book. With the success of "Old town road." You know a majority of that success I would like to attribute to kids, they love this song so much. I did this children's book, this makes perfect sense. We got together, we did this book and it came out amazing and it's beautiful and it's a cute little book. It's so cute. Really nice. And you had a really busy holiday season, releasing the new single "Holiday" and taking over for, you know, the big guy as St. Nas, is this going to be something that we'll get to see on an annual basis during the holiday season? I think so. I think so. Or, you know, I'm going to try to do different holidays and stuff like that. Or, regardless, I'm just happy to have music out. Listen, I'm just proud of you. I just love what you do. I love the way that you're going towards your career, because you're not restricting yourself, you're going for it. Ill just say, keep on doing you baby, the children's book "C is for country" is out now. And we of course will be right back. Thanks, lil nas X.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"The “Old Town Road” singer opens up about coming out as gay and shares why he decided to write the children’s book, “C is for Country.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75203561","title":"Lil Nas X discusses his reckoning with politics over the last year","url":"/theview/video/lil-nas-discusses-reckoning-politics-year-75203561"}