Linsey Davis helps kids identify their similarities with new children's book

The author of "One Big Heart" discusses writing the book with her mother and how she handles diversity in her own life.
3:50 | 07/31/19

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Transcript for Linsey Davis helps kids identify their similarities with new children's book
With racism in the headlines on a daily basis these days, ABC news correspondent and best-selling author linsey Davis has the best book to read their children, "One big heart: A celebration of being more alike than different." Please welcome back linsey hey. So I want to make sure that we get to the book. So I want to start with the book because it's kind of fabulous. Tell me why you wrote this. Well, I wrote it with my mom. I have to give a shoutout because my mom is here today in the audience, and she kind of fostered this love affair for me early on with writing, and so the idea here which is very timely of course. It's embracing diversity. Right. And celebrating how we're more alike than different. The yes, we have different colors and hair and features and likes and dislikes, but in the end, it's about this one unique gift god gave all of us this, one big heart and that's important because that's where love starts. While this is a children's book, there are a lot of adults, I may be surprised who could use this book. Are you sending it to the white house? He's only 5 years old, your child. Ayden, yes. As he gets older, you might want to explain there are people in high positions who don't like diversity. Oh. Well -- What are you going to tell him? We were watching the new when is the two men were arrested in the Philadelphia Starbucks awhile ago, right? My son -- he was playing with his leggos and I didn't think he was paying attention, and he said, mommy, why did the police take those two black men to jail? I kind of had a little moment of pause because I'm thinking, boy. You really notice this. People say, children don't see color. I totally disagree. Children do see color. They just don't assign a value to it. It's the adults who do that, and that's what, you know, this book really, it's an affirmation for children because they already understand that it doesn't matter. My son's going to camp, and he doesn't say his friend's race or background or beliefs. He says what they have in common. He likes legos and "Star wars." That's good enough for me. What is that wonderful song? "You have got to be taught to hate" you know? Not just taught, but also caught, right? It's sometimes just those subtle things children just observe. It's again, what adults do around their children, the things that you say around your children. If you don't realize they're absorbing, they're hearing what you are saying. Turn it off. I know. I know. They see everything. So you're in the middle -- That's you, sunny. Is it me? Well, back in 2015, you got the only interview with Bill Cosby in the wake of sexual assault allegations and he's currently serving a three to ten-year prison term, but is appealing his conviction this court on August 12th, which most people have missed. What can we expect? It is within the realm of possibility. It's within the Pennsylvania superior court that just overturned mcmill's conviction. He is arguing, look, to the judge. The first time around, you only allowed one additional accuser. In the retrial, you allowed five additional accusers to testify, and they're going to have to decide whether that was justified or not. I would not be surprised if it were overturned. It's an interesting argument. Well, look here. This is the book you need to get, okay? Our thanks to linsey Davis. Her book, "One big heart" is out next Tuesday, and you know what?

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The author of \"One Big Heart\" discusses writing the book with her mother and how she handles diversity in her own life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64685858","title":"Linsey Davis helps kids identify their similarities with new children's book","url":"/theview/video/linsey-davis-helps-kids-identify-similarities-childrens-book-64685858"}