Mark Sanford loses in South Carolina after rebuking Trump

"The View" co-hosts discuss Sanford's loss in Tuesday's South Carolina GOP primary.
7:13 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Mark Sanford loses in South Carolina after rebuking Trump
South Carolina representative mark Sanford who has been re-elected before, lost in the primaries yesterday to Kate Arrington, a vocal supporter of the guy in the white house. Now he is bragging that his tweets backing Arrington led to her victory. So a couple of questions. Did he tweet, like, two weeks before her victory or a month before her victory? Three hours before. Okay. Three hours before the polls closed. So unless everybody was sort of on their Twitter account, I don't know that the tweet had that much power, but it is interesting that people -- that the Republican senators or congressmen that have come out against trump are losing. Forcing themselves. When I think of the election, I think -- I always thought that there were less actual pro-trump supporters and more of a Republican party that wanted their agenda voted in, and voted for him anyway. These primaries are more revealing because these are all Republicans choosing their candidate, and this divide surprised me because Sanford has never lost, had some moderate -- His first loss in nine campaigns in 24 years. Not to interrupt you. No. But his criticisms of trump weren't even that, you know, fiery. They were on policy and things he disagreed on, and it still took him down. South Carolina politics in America is always provocative and interesting and it's kind of a good pulse of what's going on in the south of things going on within conservativism. Sanford was a mainstay. He survived a sex scandal climbing appalachian mountain or whatever he said with his mistress. He is a more libertarian bent section of the Republican party which is a really interesting segment of the Republican party because they are very isolationist. They are very anti-spending, very fiscally conservative. I don't agree with them on foreign policy, but it's an important part of our party to have that disagreement, and to see someone like mark Sanford who is literally an icon to my husband, and someone who has really been at the forefront of so many issues in the Republican for so long, get taken out for mild criticism of trump by the way. Can I just finish? It's important to note. Trump was flaming the flames of intolerance and he came out against the tariffs. This is not exactly coming out in the vein of, like, a Jeff flake, and even that isn't enough for primary voters. But the point seems to be that in all these primaries and probably in the midterms, if you dare to speak against the king, Donald Trump -- Yeah. Then he will screw with you, and tweet something against you. These guys are either in a cult, and drank the cool aid, I don't know, or they are afraid they have to go back to their other jobs as exterminators and postal carriers, and one guy is an explosives expert. Another is an emergency dispatcher. They do not want to go back. That's an important job. They do not want to go back to those jobs. They want to remain in power. They want to remain in power in their state. They will kiss his ring and whatever else he wants you to kiss. I have a question about this because do we know that that's actually factual that mark Sanford lost because of that tweet, or is this -- I don't think it's because of the tweet. That's what I'm saying. Is this propaganda? Because one of the things that the guy in the white house tends to do is say, look. I did this. Whether he did it or not, people say, look at what he did, and he didn't do it. I'm not buying that this happened because of him. I almost said it. I almost said it. Whoopi! I'm not buying that. I'm not buying it. Corker said -- Bob corker, the Republican senator from Tennessee, he is retiring at the end of his term, but he argued that Republicans were blocking his trade proposal because they were afraid of trump and what he might do to the party if they upset him in election year. I was, like, wow. Gosh. We might poke the bear is the language I have been hearing in the hallways. While he is not running for re-election, I think what he said is obviously very truthful. But the good news for the Democrats is that almost everyone who is on the Republican ticket in the midterms is a trumpy, and so that's who you are voting against. You're voting against trump. You're not wrong. It's happening in the Virginia election as well. The candidate who is very radical and is for the confederate flag and other things just lost to a more conservative candidate and will ultimately probably end up losing to Tim kaine. It's a probably with primaries coming up, but it's been a problem for a long time. So I don't -- I'm not 100% sold on this yet. I do think there are always outlier candidates, like bill sasse who is anti-Trump, and he is becoming incredibly popular, especially among young Republicans, and he is popular. He is still in office. The tweet isn't the game changer. Were people clear that trump was for or against him before? Yes. Okay. He came out against president trump in 2016 and said he wasn't overly impressed with him I believe was the quote he used. It's interesting because he has been such a powerhouse in south Carolina for so long. I will say that Henry Mcmaster is also having a tough primary, and he came out against trump early on, and endorsed him, and the narrative is tricky. Yeah. So I, you know, we know that this one knows how to do the media. Yep. Oh, yes. Oh, he is a genius at that. It's one word, and confident. Yeah, I did that. It's, like, I'm not sure. The upside is that it's the year of the woman when it comes to these primaries. I have just been fascinated. On Tuesday, three women won in democratic primaries. Women will represent Democrats in all four of Virginia's competitive house races in November. When you are talking about politics, the woman when just beat mark Sanford is a woman. He is a Trumper. She is a woman. It's the year of the woman. She won because of her gender? I'm happy about that, and a number of democratic women have filed to represent congress. To date, 476 women have wanted to run. I am woman hear me roar. Did you hear what I said? The woman who beat mark Sanford who is a Trumper is a woman. Is this just about electing all women? No. It's the representation. There hasn't been as much. Especially in the democratic party. Did you just say hurry up? I didn't say that to you. They like to tell that to me.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Sanford's loss in Tuesday's South Carolina GOP primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55867704","title":"Mark Sanford loses in South Carolina after rebuking Trump","url":"/theview/video/mark-sanford-loses-south-carolina-rebuking-trump-55867704"}