Matt Gaetz says Trump should pardon Roger Stone

The Florida representative explains why he believes the power of pardon cannot be limited.
7:20 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for Matt Gaetz says Trump should pardon Roger Stone
You have watched. I do watch. You guys make news every week. Every day. We are the big political show. I was just wondering if you were wearing black as a consequence of the death of the political left in the debate last night. It was quite something to observe. Don't count the dead yet, the bodies. Let's give it a little time. Joe Biden at least. I was hoping that maybe whoopi's bell could wake up the Biden campaign. I thought actually he didn't do any harm to himself last night. What state is he going to win? This is a man -- the fundamental premise of the Biden campaign is that he's electable but he can't seem to win elections. You have socialist Bernie Sanders against billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The Republicans love a billionaire, they love money so what are you talking about? Michael Bloomberg used to be a Republican. He was a Democrat first. The democratic party is likely not going to nominate a they're going to nominate a socialist or someone a long time ago was a Republican. Which one do you think can beat the president? None of them. The American family is seeing revenue pour in as a consequence of -- Are you doing a stump speech? More capital coming from overseas. Donald Trump was a Democrat He was. We've all been politically square dancing for a while and we're at a time of political -- Let's talk about your boss. My boss are the people of Florida. I know Meghan's dad served there. You can attack me if you want but not my constituents. I'm not attacking you. Yesterday trump announced he's appointing another loyalist of his, Rick grenell, as acting director of national intelligence. As you know, he has absolutely no intelligence experience and he's overseeing all 17 of our Intel agencies. He stands between us and the next ISIS attack. I don't know that it's a smart idea to put somebody who's inexperienced like that and who's also a yes man in that position. He's going to have to tell trump things that he's not going to want to hear. You know how he doesn't like that. Trump doesn't like that. Well actually, if you look at the team he's assembled with people like John Bolton, the president regularly surrounds himself with people who disagree with him. I think some of the most spirited discussions have been with Lindsey graham, Rand Paul, and myself and the president discussing foreign policy. On Rick grenell, 50 years ago a gay man or woman would not be able to serve in our intelligence community. There were teams of people -- Wait a second. We'll get into grenell's qualifications but just for a moment I would like to take a second to reflect on the fact that it is a good thing in this country that we do not ban gay people from being able to patriotically serve in the intelligence community. Just transgendered people. We shouldn't ban anybody based on who they are. That's not the kind of Republican I am or the kind of Republican that the president is. His qualifications, two years in Germany. He advised the security council. Berlin where he was active is one of the hot beds of intelligence activity. Nothing happens there without the chief of station and the embassy working together. Rick grenell is very qualified. You're saying he's qualified. That's fine. Germany by the way, I was reading about him, they think he's very thin-skinned but that's another story. This is "The view," aren't we No, we're not. I have a question for you. Um -- yeah, it is you, sunny. I think we agree on this about pardon power. Now, the president has been on a pardon spree and many think he's about to pardon Roger stone, his long-time friend and one-time campaign adviser who's being sentenced I think any minute now. They're in a break. For crimes of obstructing justice, witness tampering, lying to congress. Do you think trump should pardon Roger stone? I do. And I think that -- Oh come on, congressman. The pardon power -- Come on, come on. He's the swampiest swamp creature. 459 people -- Bill Clinton pardoned 16 people of a Puerto rican terror organization. He got plenty of flack for that. That wasn't the right thing to do. When we designed our constitution there were vestiges of the British monarchy that Americans still had some reverence for and one was the notion that the executive, that the sovereign, could extend unlimited grace for any reason -- Did you just say the sovereigned? Trump is the king? Sorry, I misunderstood. Sounds like trump was the sovereigned. Can we agree that perhaps that pardon power needs to be reviewed and curbed? Great question. In federalist 74 Alexander Hamilton writes that the reason we have the pardon power is to save as a check on the criminal justice system which could create a great sense of sang winty of our country. The original intent of the pardon power, it cannot be limited. Obama pardoned over 1700. Bill Clinton parred 459. The answer to the question is what? I agree that Roger stone should be pardoned if for not other reason than there's been a double standard in this country where people like Peter strzok -- Go ahead. Can I just ask you, how about rob blagojevich who policed a children's hospital? Was that a good pardon? I'll be honest with you, I don't know how much about the governor of Illinois. I'm not going to get into that one. I know Roger. I'll leave that to others. Congressman, I understand that Republicans coming on "The view," this is a great culture war place to come and show the leftist what's going on. I get it. My husband works in conservative media. I'm a hard core conservative. The thing I don't understand because I'm not a Trumper, I think everyone knows that very clear. Policy-wise he's been great on many things, many things that are very important to me, life, military, the economy, but his character issues are still what holds me and so many, especially I think conservative women back from going full throttle with him and I think you're going to have a problem, specifically with college educated women coming into the next election cycle. What would you say to women like me who still hold back on the grab them in the blank, attacking war heros, attacking gold star families. Cheating on his wife with porn stars. Well look, if cheating on your wife is a disqualifications to be president, y'all probably should have impeached bill Clinton. They did. Not with all of you waving any pompoms. I don't know what that means. I want to directly answer Meghan's question. It means nothing. Donald Trump has a unique ability to get people who don't necessarily agree with him to vote for him. I think for women, we're going to have to make the argument particularly that 72% of the new jobs created in this economy have been filled by women. A lot of women are concerned about the revenue in their family and whether it's going to support careers and opportunities for themselves, their partners, their children. With 7 million new jobs being created, people coming off of welfare, America is in a sense of great renewable. We've got a comeback president running against the throwback left in the Venezuela wing of the democratic party taking over in Bernie Sanders. Come on, the Venezuela wing. Bernie Sanders praises Venezuela and Cuba.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"The Florida representative explains why he believes the power of pardon cannot be limited.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69106668","title":"Matt Gaetz says Trump should pardon Roger Stone","url":"/theview/video/matt-gaetz-trump-pardon-roger-stone-69106668"}