Michael Cohen likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors: Sources

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether they believe Cohen will flip on Trump.
2:42 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Michael Cohen likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors: Sources
You know, there is news breaking right now that attorney Michael Cohen is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors who raided his office and seized documents. No more details. That's it so far, and it's still speculative, but this is what's being speculated. What do you think the mood is in the white house right now? Stay away from those avocados. We'll know soon enough because he'll tweet, right? Cohen said he would jump out of a building or take a bullet for trump. So this is a big switch. He's thinking about sitting in prison for years though. Here's the thing. He has a family. I have experienced people flipping in crime families, drug conspiracies, people that you would never think that would flip when they have children at home, when they have a life, and when they are facing significant prison time, and I think he was betting on that a lot of the documents that were retrieved during the raid were going to be attorney/client privilege, but the judge found out of 300,000, only 162 -- 162,000 or? Documents. When you look at that, it's staring you in the face, and it's a prime reason to flip and testify. As I said, we don't have any more details. We don't know if that's the case, but a lot of people are speculating, and so we thought we would let you know this is happening. I think also we should watch trump right now because when he is cornered, he gets vicious. I am concerned about how he is going to respond, like a trapped rat, you know? What's interesting is -- I'm not calling him a rat. I'm saying it's a trapped animal. He responds like that. It scares me. But trump is -- he has been giving out these pardons, you know? His Parten power, and he is sort of drunk with the pardon power. I can't imagine that Michael Cohen isn't thinking, if I get indicted, why cooperate? Because the pardon is available to me. That's a piece of it. In New York state, he can't pardon him there. He's screwed. Like we said, it's all speculation. Michael Cohen, don't bet on anything. If you are thinking about flipping, he may or may not pardon him. You know him. You don't know about it. You don't know. Don't put those eggs in that basket. Do whatever you're going to do, but those bags -- those eggs -- oh, sun. Go ahead. Cohen has denied any wrongdoing, and has not been charged with the crime. You have said that. I have said it. To reiterate it. I guess I should say it in English next time.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether they believe Cohen will flip on Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"55867809","title":"Michael Cohen likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors: Sources","url":"/theview/video/michael-cohen-cooperate-federal-prosecutors-sources-55867809"}