Michelle Buteau discusses the return of stand-up comedy and ‘Welcome to Buteaupia’

The comedian and author of "Survival of the Thickest" catches up with "The View" co-hosts about life with twins, her comedy special, and what she loves about "Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau."
7:43 | 06/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michelle Buteau discusses the return of stand-up comedy and ‘Welcome to Buteaupia’
Michelle Buteau must be thrilled to be out and about on her series "Weekend getaway" because in her new comedy "Welcome to buteaupia" she talks about how taking care of newborn twins made the walls close in around take a look. I'm so tired. Thse little babies were born in January in the dead of winter. They were premature, four and five pounds. We couldn't leave them for a while. We would sit on the couch and rock them and look at each other, trying not to fall asleep. After a while I feel like I turned into someone from a scene from the "Painful eight." I was looking at my husband like who is going to go for provisions? Please welcome Michelle Buteau. Hey! Joy has the first question. Hi, whoopi. Hi, joy. Hi, everyone. Hi babe. Hello funny lady. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, comics are starting to take to the stage again. You've already been back up there I understand. How did it feel? Could you tell it was the first night out for anyone out in the crowd? Was it comfortable? Tell us all about it. You know, thank you so much. This feels like my night out. Thank you so much for having me. Listen, getting back on stage after 14 months is so wild. There's no way to describe it. We've never done it before. I was a little rusty, but still better than most. It was so nice to see people's faces. For a while I was like I don't want to see your face. I see your nose. Put your nose away. I almost turned into a Karen at home. I was like I see your nose! I see your nose! Now it's beautiful. I'm so happy to get back to it. Look, I would have gotten vaccinated for a $52 lobster roll. I'm just happy to be out. I agree. Michelle, you have a funny comedy special on Netflix called about "Welcome to buteaupia." You talk about working with j.lo and trying to pretend you didn't kn anything about her life and Ben Affleck. Now there are rumors they're getting back together. How are you feeling about that? Bless up. J.lo is booked and busy. I love that she's such a hard worker. She's such a devoted mother and daughter. She does not mind trying to find true love. Much like Elizabeth Taylor. I here for her. I am not mad. J.lo, if you want to call me and chitchat, I probably won't mention you in my act. You won a critics choice award. How did you find out? I went on a link and there was an award show. It was crazy. Obviously we just write material to connect with people and to do your job, right? So the fact that people watched it and liked it in one of the worst times we've ever had, I was so excited to share the joy. When people use the term joy watch, I'm like thank you so Michelle, you talk about your journey through ivf and surrogacy. Now you have two twins hazel and Otis. Are you taking them out now that things are starting to improve? Are they a lot alike? They're a lot alike in that they're 2. They have the same ingredients but so different. Little girl is the brains and little boy has the muscles. Meghan, I don't go out with 2-year-old twins. No, I'm not that mom. I get the take-out. Take it home and let everything be on the floor. I can't go out. One day, when they're about 12. Michelle, agreed. I can't go out with one 2-year-old. I can't imagine you with two. You have another new show out called "Weekend getaway with Michelle Buteau" which I'm pretty sure is just an excuse for you to go out of town on extremely fun and funny adventures with your friends. Tell me I'm wrong. Don't lie to me. No, honey. I need a lost and found box. Where is the lie? I can't find it. I need to go out. Someone go out. Also getting paid. It was so nice to do a travel show, not only created by a female, produced by queen latifah. Yes, we're all royalty. How you doin'? The crew was 99.9% female. Women get stuff done. Welcome to "The view"! It was exciting. Hello, my friend. The lack of body diversity -- Hello, sunny. Come on, show the before and a half picture. Come on 23 and me. I know we're related. I miss you. You've been outspoken about your own experiences and you write about them in your book "Survival of the thickest." You take that into consideration when you're choosing what projects to work on, right? Absolutely. You know, stand-up is a different beast. When you want to be more personal and sincere and talk about trauma and things you've been through, story telling is the best way. I was so thankful I had the opportunity to write this book and share my story. You think you've heard it and for me to have the platform of stand-up and have beautiful friends in my life and the circle of people in the arts that are open minded that I can talk to, going through four miscarriages in five years, traveling the country with needles and all the things you need to go through ivf was crazy. Then doing all that to play happy clown, I thought, wow, I have all these people to talk to and they don't know what to say to me and I still feel lonely. Then I started to think what's it like for everybody else going through that. I decided I have to share it. If I can make one person feel less alone, then job done. That's what you do. You even circle folks with your arms. We saw thank you. Thank you for coming to "The you got to come back. Her special "Welcome to buteaupia" is on Netflix and her new show "Weekend getaway with Michelle Buteau" is streaming now on discovery plus.

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"The comedian and author of \"Survival of the Thickest\" catches up with \"The View\" co-hosts about life with twins, her comedy special, and what she loves about \"Weekend Getaway with Michelle Buteau.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78224104","title":"Michelle Buteau discusses the return of stand-up comedy and ‘Welcome to Buteaupia’","url":"/theview/video/michelle-buteau-discusses-return-stand-comedy-buteaupia-78224104"}