Mike Huckabee criticizes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for skipping tonight's State of the Union address

"The View" co-hosts react to Huckabee's controversial tweet.
3:08 | 01/30/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mike Huckabee criticizes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for skipping tonight's State of the Union address
So, supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a previous engamement and won't be able to attend tonight's state of the union. It didn't stop Mike Huckabee from sending a kind ofasty tweet about when she nodded off at the state of the union back in 2015. Now, I loved her explanation. She was like, look, we went to din ferp meal was good. I need to have some wine. Okay. So I had some wine. And -- maybe I nodded off. The wine made her a little sleepy. Maybe a little sleepy. But for a man who gets upset when "Snl" critiques his daughter is this not a strange -- What did he say? They should bring one of those machines -- A c-pap machine. Which helps you with apnea. Sleep apnea. I mean, have some respect. She's a supreme court justice. Have some respect. Here it is, joy. Two things. One, she's a supreme court justice. Two, he's a preacher. I mean -- he's still an evangelical preacher, right? Last I checked. Who does some TV. And he's the father of the current press secretary who gets attacked all the time. And he doesn't like it. And he doesn't like it. I would say, look, do unto others as you would like done unto you daughter. Yes, yes. By the way, on this topic of mean tweets. Five days ago, a woman who political appointee of Donald Trump's, who works at H.U.D. Under Ben Carson, tweeted against April Lyon, a wonderful correspondent, calling her miss piggy. I'm paying a government employee's salary so she goes on Twitter and calls my colleague and calls a woman, you know, an after American woman ho is an -- just -- a famous white house correspondent and just respected, miss piggy? Who was the one who tweeted this? LI Lynn Patton. She took the tweet down an apologize What does she do? Works at the department of housing and urban development. Is there she was a party planner for trump before. Oh, that's who this is? Look. You know -- Not to slow shade or anything. Not to throw shade or anything. But look in the mirror. Whoa. See -- you can't -- You know what she looks like. That's not a joke about her looks. We know what the party planner looks like. What does she look like? I'll let you look it up and figure it out. It's crazy. You know what? Women don't -- we don't do ourselves any services by doing -- By attacking each other's looks or bodies. And until we@ all are walking around with our own mirrors, we should maybe try to stop doing that. Okay? Let's just stop doing it.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to Huckabee's controversial tweet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52709508","title":"Mike Huckabee criticizes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for skipping tonight's State of the Union address","url":"/theview/video/mike-huckabee-criticizes-justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-skipping-52709508"}