Mo'Nique on why she's calling for a Netflix boycott

Mo'Nique joins "The View" to explain why she's calling for the boycott over what she says is "gender bias and color bias."
8:20 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Mo'Nique on why she's calling for a Netflix boycott
Oscar winning actor and comedian mo'nique is calling for a boycott of Netflix for gender and racial discrimination saying she was offered a fraction of what other comics are being paid by the streaming network for comedy specials. Now, she's here to share her story with us today. Please welcome the fabulous mo'nique! ??? Pleasure to meet you. Okay, mo'nique. So Mo, Netflix offered you a half a mil for a comedy special. Yes. They reportedly gave Amy Schumer 14 mil. Yes. Is it your issue that they offered Amy more or they're discriminating against women or women of color? What exactly? Well, the issue was when I first said let's boycott Netflix, I said for gender bias and color bias because when Chris rock and Dave Chappelle received their offers, they were $20 million and very public about the offers. When Amy Schumer initially received her offer it was $11 million. She went back to Netflix and said I shouldn't get what the ledgers are getting but because I'm a woman I should get more and Netflix agreed and gave her $2 million more. In the discussion with Netflix, the vice president of comedy was speaking with my husband and our attorney Ricky Anderson saying -- speaking in reference to the deal and wanted to know how did you come up with that number? How is it that mo'nique gets paid 126 less than Amy Schumer gets paid. And he said we go by what you anticipate you'll do. And Sidney said based off mo'nique's resume you see what she's done. I know but we don't go off of less resume. He says how did you come up with Amy Schumer's number. He said she sold out Madison square garden twice and S is not Amy Schumer's resume and this is the response. Radio silence? It got dead silent and said we appreciate what you're trying to say and then they said, well, because Sidney and attorney Anderson said well, what is your best offer? Robby said we'll go back and we'll meet with the team and then we'll come back to you guys. Mo'nique, when she selled out two houses at Madison square garden, that means the girl can pull, it's all about asses in the seats. It's not her resume but what she drew. I agree. When you look at the resume of mo'nique, that's asses in the seat. So it's not about the resume. It's about how many people you draw? But it's also about the resume because what happens is our finish line keeps changing and when I say that, whoopi, as a black woman in Hollywood, initially you're told build up your resume. And that's what will get the money. Then you build up your resume. And then they'll say, well, we see the resume but we'll get them the next time and you never meet your next time. So when it comes to Netflix and with Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle and Chris rock, let me say this, what they got they were supposed to. I don't have an issue with my sister Amy nor my brother Dave and Chris but when the vice president of Netflix says to my husband and our attorney by the way, mo'nique is a legend, too. Well, if I'm a legend, why wouldn't I get what the legends are getting? Do you think they underestimated the power of the black dollar? You say you can fill those seats. We see that in our movies, in the theaters. We see that. Right now. Yeah. And it's raking it in. And the question I will say is that's not something that we don't do. Our move Sris do that when we're given the proper opportunities so when it comes to Netflix, when you tell me that you are a legend and we do know that mo'nique is great and funny, then how do you offer me $12.5 million than you offer Amy Schumer and $19.5 million that you offered two legends. Less. We have to say in a statement to ABC, Netflix says they don't discuss contract negotiations. Wanda Sykes came out in support of you saying Netflix offered her even half of what they offered you. What was your reaction with that Let me say this with Netflix. They said they can't comment because they're in the middle of negotiations. They're not. They said pretty much you take it or leave it, that's what it is and we're not willing to negotiate it. When Wanda Sykes came out I applauded that and I understand why oftentimes you don't be the first one to come out because it could be a scary place, but when you know Wanda Sykes is with the same agent why was she the only one offered $250,000. That is suspicious. Very suspicious. We don't have a lot of time. This is a more unpleasant question. There are people who think it's because this is -- you had a difficult reputation, that you're a bit of a trouble-maker. Yes. That all started eight years ago. Yes. What do you say to that? I say thank you for letting me -- and eight years ago I did a movie called "Precious." Thank you. Very good. I received $50,000 and that was not my fight because that's what I signed up for. Once I did all of my obligations, my deal was with Lee Daniels, I did all of my contractual obligations and I was done. Then when I started getting calls from Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and lions gate and wanted me to work for free. To do what? To go over to Kong and promote this film internationally. I said my deal is with Lee Daniels and I've done my job and they all agreed. This is what happens in my humble opinion when you don't go up to the hotel room. When I think about those women that said -- I'm going to stop you. I'm going to stop you. Okay. Because contractually when you make a movie regardless of who you signed the deal with, your job is to go and promote said movie. Yes. That's -- no. No. No. Don't applaud. So when they wanted you to come and we have had this conversation. Yes, we did. I said if you had called me, I could have schooled you on what was expected. When we did have that conversation and what I said to you my sweet sister, I said whoopi, at what point do we stop saying the next time? Because -- Wait. What next time? I want to answer. You want to get paid for the publicity. Because if I had done something wrong contractually they would have sued me. The reason why no one could do anything contractually, because they found out I did nothing wrong contractually. So when they asked me to come overseas to promote the film when I said guys, I'm spending time with my family, I'm going to pass, then when I make this statement, this is what happens when you don't go to the room, what Tyler Perry showed me, Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey and lions gate, when you don't do what we ask you to do, we'll take your livelihood. So for eight years my family has suffered and my career has suffered because what I would not allow those entities to do was bully me and because I didn't allow the bullying to happen this is now what I sit in. We have to go. Yeah. Shoot. Thanks for coming mo'nique. Yeah. We'll be right back. .

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{"duration":"8:20","description":"Mo'Nique joins \"The View\" to explain why she's calling for the boycott over what she says is \"gender bias and color bias.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53280724","title":"Mo'Nique on why she's calling for a Netflix boycott","url":"/theview/video/monique-shes-calling-netflix-boycott-53280724"}