Neil Patrick Harris talks family, importance of 'Love Simon,' hosting 'Genius Junior'

Harris joined "The View" to discuss his family and latest projects.
8:45 | 03/29/18

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Transcript for Neil Patrick Harris talks family, importance of 'Love Simon,' hosting 'Genius Junior'
It wasn't that I was shocked. What's the title? "Genius junior." Really paused that. I thought it was something else on top of it and then it disappeared and I thought, well damn, I don't know what it was. I'm just going to say "Genius junior". You said it exactly right. I'm so happy. So listen, the holidays, I know you love a holiday. Who doesn't? Easter is coming. Easter is coming. With the kids. The kids are -- Harper and Gideon are seven, in the 1st grade. So Easter is really great right now and we do it up. We do it up every year. It's always fun. Egg roll? . We talk to the Easter bunny. There are some pictures from Easter past. They love making some stuff. David, my husband, is a chef and an actor and an awesome dude, so they cook together a lot. So yes, and actually April 1st is also David and my 14th anniversary of our first date. I count that also. In gay years that's like 70. So we're going to have a fun night. Yeah, Easter baskets, I think. We'll do an egg hunt. We were talking about, you know, the way you raise your children. What's your thing? Like I said I read Dr. Spock. She said she models it after her mother and father. Yeah, I think it's good and important to talk to your kids like they're actual people and not talk to them like they're children. I get annoyed by people that say, hi, how was your day at school? Did you -- what did you learn today? Who talks to you like that? My parents talked to my and my brother as if we were regular people. I talk to my dog like that, who's a good boy. Who's a good daughter. Who's learning to read? So I heard that you recently rented out a theatre in your hometown of Albuquerque, new Mexico. I did indeed. Tell everyone why. There's a movie out called "Love Simon." It's a really wonderful, independent, sweet film. Based on a book. And a friend of mine called and said that I should see it. I know no one in it. I'm not affiliated with it in any way, but it's an important love story and I wish that it had been around when I was 14, 15 and questioning myself and how to let my family and friends know things. What I think is so nice and impressive about it is that it's not a powerful film. It's not -- it's not trying to be something giant. It's simple and it's more "16 candles" than it is "Broke back mountain." Through that I think it becomes powerful because it is so relevant and regular and simple. Then I found it more profound. It was the kind of movie that made me want to pay it forward. A few people, Matt Bomer and a few people have rented out theaters to allow people that maybe didn't have the financial ability to see it. Hopefully they'll see it and want to pay it forward as well. It's a really good movie. I love it. You know what else I love? I love the different characteristics you play in "A series of unfortunate events." Yes. I love it. I just love it. I love the book. I love the movies. I love the Netflix series. That's count olaf. The beard looks great on you. These are season two ones. His name is Gunther. And my children love it too. I mean, for people who haven't read the books, they're just fantastic. But you spend a lot of time in hair and makeup obviously. Two and a half hours in hair and makeup every morning. Kind of like you guys. And I hate it. It's fun but it's not to look glamorous. I'm not spending all that time -- I'm spending time to look horrible and it's really fun. It's fun as an actor to play someone that's nothing like you. I also know that you grow out your nails for the character. Yes because he's so nefarious. Look at these suckers. Are those for a part? Like I noticed it. I've been doing press for the show and taking photos and stuff and I'm trying to hold them and smile in the pictures. They're gnarly. They do have fake nails out there that you could have used. He's a method actor. Dedicated. It's not about having long nails. It's about the fact that he didn't trim them. They're supposed to be gross and disgusting. You nailed that. Ew. When I wash my face, inadvertently I scratch my face. Oh, my gosh. You're also hosting -- let's move on. You're celebrating brilliant kids called "Genius junior." How do you think doing doogie Howser would have red? He would have been great. Look at that kid. Actually, having played doogie Howser was a great talking point for it H. I love game shows. I've hosted awards shows. Hosting is something I like to do. I play games a lot with the family. I love escape the room. Games are in my blood. And so as a parent, I thought this would be a fun show to host and produce because it really celebrates education. It's two teams of three that compete against each other in the most amazing things. They spell crazy words backwards. Spell omni directional backwards and they know it. It's so impressive to watch. But I think these things are in this conversation right now where tweets on the daily and where the polarizing political world, I think it's good to recognize that the generation younger than us is positive, right? And to have a show that celebrates smarts, that celebrates math and spelling and education in a way that's really important. Science. I think regardless of your political beliefs, it's good to look at kids and value their worth. So this really is kind of a celebration of kids and what they do. And when I watched it with Gideon and Harper, they were mesmerized by it and I think it makes them think that math or spelling or geography might be cool. That they could do that. Yeah. It's not a show where people are doing crazy things, they can contort their bodies in a weird way. That's fun to watch but these are things that you can go and practice. What mesmerized me was how fast you spoke. We have a clip here. After an exciting week at space camp you travel south along the eastern border of Alabama. What county would you enter immediately after Randolph county? Chambers. Correct. Christopher, if you went cross-country skiing north through the woods of Vermont, what county would you find along the western border of chiten den? In mom's new convertible what county would you enter after Moffitt county? Just out of time. That's the most pressure. How do they know that? Sometimes kids make you feel stupid. Sunny, we have something you'll want to hear from him. Because you're so good at that, we want to put you to the test. Can you speed read an actual list of actors the "Huffington post" contacted to try to find out -- wait for it -- who bit Beyonce. Yes. Okay, are you ready to do it in 20 seconds? I have to rattle off these words? Yeah. Okay, and go. Jennifer aniston. Julie Andrews. Kathy bates. Shirley maclaine. Amy Adams. Jodi foster. Charlotte Mckinney. Queen latifah. Jennifer Lawrence. Frances mcdormand. Sanaa Lathan. Sara foster. Lena Dunham. Rihanna. Jamie-lynn Sigler. Taylor Swift. Meryl Streep. Julia Roberts. Emma stone. Kate winslet. Anne Hathaway. Sandra bullock. Ellen DeGeneres. Jane fonda. Jessica biel. Cameron Diaz. Kristen Stewart. Reese Witherspoon. Selena Gomez. Michelle Pfeifer. Mila Kunis. Barbra streisand. Dakota fanning. James Franco. Diddy. The veins in my neck are exploding. Well done. It's all right. It's a hard part of the gig because I have to talk that fast for both teams. If I talk slower in asking questions for one team, then I am helping one essentially. Here it goes right now. Our thanks to Neil Patrick Harris. The entire second season of "A series of unfortunate events" will be streaming on Netflix tomorrow, and you can catch "Genius junior" on Sunday nights. Check your local listings. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"8:45","description":"Harris joined \"The View\" to discuss his family and latest projects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54100130","title":"Neil Patrick Harris talks family, importance of 'Love Simon,' hosting 'Genius Junior'","url":"/theview/video/neil-patrick-harris-talks-family-importance-love-simon-54100130"}