Netflix's 'Cuties' accused of inappropriateness

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on backlash the French independent film is receiving for its provocative depiction of its young female actors.
6:43 | 09/17/20

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Transcript for Netflix's 'Cuties' accused of inappropriateness
There are calls for a boycott of a Netflix film called "Cuties." It's a movie about an 11-year-old's experience in a dance troop. Critics say it exploits young girls, but the director says she made the movie to show how society sexualizes girls from a young age, so if it makes you uncomfortable, it should. Sara, you watched it. What was your take? Did you see what the director was talking about? Well, my first problem with this is the cancel culture of this, that the boycott was boycott Netflix. Cancel Netflix. I don't know how we went from just disagreeing about a film and talking about a film and having different opinions to cancel the streaming service. That's my problem with this, but when you talk about what the director said, I appreciate her intent and attempt at doing what she did, which was to showcase how we sexualize young girls. As a mom and a viewer, I think she missed the mark and ended up sexualizing the girls and I don't think that was her intention, and I don't think she should be castigated for that, and there were critics at sundance film festival that disagree with that. I appreciate that. There was a time we could talk about movies, art, and say, I liked this. Or I didn't like this, and move on. Now it's the justice department, canceling Netflix. Gone are the days of a glass of wine and a good conversation. What do you think, Meghan? What's your take on this? Did you see it? Were you able to watch it? I did not watch this movie. I just saw the trailer and I am also not a fan of cancel culture as you know, whoopi. I'm a big fan of art and I hate censorship, but I have been listening to experts and one expert is actually Nancy Pelosi's daughter Christine Pelosi who used to work in the San Francisco child abuse sexual assault unit and she tweeted, this hypersexualizes girls to the height of pedophiles that I once prosecuted. Please take this down, Netflix. I watched something about filthy old men reviewing this, and they talked about how they had seen it and this young girl looks hot. These are children. And they said, I'm meant to think she looks hot. I don't think we need to give the world a reason for disgusting pedophiles and perverts to sexualize young sex trafficking is a issue my mom works on a lot. One in four who are trafficked are little girls. Why in the world do we need to give people more excuses to sexualize young women? I found the trailer gross. There are so many more interesting movies like the Charlie Kaufman movie to came out instead of watching 10-year-old girls twerk. Sunny, what's your thoughts on it? I started watching the movie because I knew that we were going to talk about it. I didn't enjoy the movie, but -- and I don't agree with the term cancel culture as all of you know. I think it's more about consequence culture, and there are consequences when you have a film like this. You can just not watch it which is what I decided to do. I just turned it off, but I certainly have a problem with sexualizing young girls and that is a problem in our culture. I'm raising a 14-year-old girl. Yeah. It's difficult to go to the store and find age-appropriate everything is, you know, booty everything is crop tops, and it goes to that hypersexualizing of young girls and I agree with Sara that this film missed the mark. I don't think anyone needs to see a young girl twerking to get across this message, but I also don't think that you need to sort of cancel Netflix. I also don't think that it is child pornography. I don't think that we need to cancel art because film is art. Right. Whether or not you disagree with it. So I'm sort of conflicted about it because Meghan, I also as you know, prosecuted child sex crimes. Yeah. I worked in the child trafficking space, but, you know, to say -- I want to say. We did a hot topic at christmastime where people wanted "Baby it's cold outside" not played on the radio because it was too sexual. The people who are making that argument who don't have a problem with this film, and I think the messaging across the board about where sexuality exists and what's okay in America is very confusing. I don't want artists to stop attempting to do things that are big and dangerous with the fear of failing. Curious about what whoopi thinks. I'm just going to say -- I'm going to say what I have to say because to me, it's important. You know, this conversation is one we have a lot, often. We have it at Halloween time. We have it talking about bathing suits for young women in the summertime, and we talk about it sometimes with dance moms. The whole point of the dances are not to make the girl sexualizes, but that's what happens. Do you see what I'm saying? These girls don't -- the people who are teaching them the dances, they are not thinking of it as sexual. They are thinking of it as competition. Maybe the conversation we should be having which I think is the director's point of view, is this is what I saw when I was a kid and it freaked me out and I didn't understand how we continued to do this. Maybe the conversation is that we have to change how our dolls look. We have to change the kind of costumes for kids. We have to change what a bathing suit looks Reich like and start the conversation from there so she doesn't have to make movies like this. I don't think in her mind, any of this had anything to do with sexuality, but when the adults see it, that's what it points to, and that's where we get to. Maybe that's the conversation, and sunny, I think you have to read this think. Legal note. Last week, Netflix issued an apology for the film's artwork. A Netflix spokesperson told fox business, we're deeply sorry for the inappropriate artwork that we used for "Cuties." It was not okay, nor was it representative of this French film which premiered at sundance. We have now updated the pictures and description.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on backlash the French independent film is receiving for its provocative depiction of its young female actors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73074984","title":"Netflix's 'Cuties' accused of inappropriateness","url":"/theview/video/netflixs-cuties-accused-inappropriateness-73074984"}