Obama portraits draw mixed reactions

"The View" co-hosts discuss what they thought of the presidential portraits.
5:11 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for Obama portraits draw mixed reactions
Now, yesterday was the unveiling of the portraits of the Obamas. The president's was painted by kehinde Wiley. And the first ladies was done by Amy sherald. They won't be hung in the white house. Some folks are losing their mind. Some folks think they're wonderful. Did they show snit did I miss it? They showed it. While I didn't think that art is so subjective. I didn't think the portrait looked like Michelle Obama. It looked like my cousin. When I looked at it. What I loved about this -- you know, it just didn't look like her to me. She looks like her daughter. I like the powerful stance. I think that the power, you don't have to displayour power. It just is there. Less is more. And I like this stance because you know Michelle Obama is a powerful, powerful woman. It spoke so much strength. I don't understand hi it has to look like her. Did you every see a Picasso painting of his wife? Okay? So -- Is that what she looked like? I mean -- She does look like that. It is. Go to the metropolitan. Check out Picasso's wives. It doesn't hit everyone the same way. And -- it's not a photograph. It's not -- it doesn't necessarily need to. But also, know that they chose these artists to co-the their portraits. So -- And they did it intentionally. These are the first African-American artist to portray the president and his wife at the smithsonian. Sthat so impressive because Michelle Obama said, little girls, especially little girls of color can see someone that looks like them depicted on these hallowed walls. And I love that. And I'm a huge fan of kehinde Wiley. Do you have any of his art? I can't afford it. I went to a show of his at the Brooklyn museum. Is Sean spicer back there? He's known for using the flora and fauna in the background. There's an ho imagine in Chicago in one of the flowers. And homage to the Hawaii. He looks so handsome and attractive. I love it. So much strength. And unapologetically black. Think that was the intent. So -- Meghan didn't think it was -- I think political art is fascinating in general. And interpretations of leaders, if anyone has watched "The crown." Winston Churchill burned a photo of him that he didn't like. I liked president Obamas. I didn't like Michelle Obama's as much as everybody else. I think the reaction is mixed. I would have liked to see her portrayed more like she is in person. I think of all colors, women can appreciate a first lady going into the smithsonian to see it pip thing it's important historically to know what our first lady looks like in 100 years. But they'll see that in the white house. This is a representation of art in her honor. I thought likeness. This is not the first time a piece of art has been controversial. Bill Clinton's official por train. Oh, I remember that. They had it taken down. Because the shadow is supposed to be Monica Lewinsky's dress. That was something. Five minutes after the unveiling. I remember that. Scandal and dress. Art is deeply personal. I studied in college. It just, however you feel is interpreted that way. About five minutes after the unveiling. The internet went to work on them. Here are memes that made me laugh. What? Sean. There's Sean spicer. There he is. Let's see. Oh! Oh, okay. That's good. Different people, I know with us, people will send us art work of us. Their renders of how we look. Sometimes you go I don't look anything like that. I got a picture, I got flee double chins. I guess those give him joy. That's what he focused on. It's subjective. It's very personal. And you can tell a lot about a person by what kind of art they choose to have if their home or dressing room. I'm still not over the the blue dress. What? We'll be right back. That's true. ??? Friends, colleagues,

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{"id":53050989,"title":"Obama portraits draw mixed reactions","duration":"5:11","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what they thought of the presidential portraits.","url":"/theview/video/obama-portraits-draw-mixed-reactions-53050989","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}