Omarosa on Trump admin 'knowingly' lying to American people

The former Trump aide on why she believes Trump's staff knowingly lied to America.
2:21 | 09/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Omarosa on Trump admin 'knowingly' lying to American people
Weust heard the clip you-know-w you kn he wasn'tling the truth but folks still cheered him. You id lying is second nature in th white Hou and you had to everythg he said so, do you T y'all knowingly lied to therican PEOP? Ab I uld have left that meeting whereou just dond trumpcuss how tobstruct by going through a law fi so that he could protect whateverme a he was insinuatg that Hillary did is. Now know that he did that th "National enqui and possiblystormy. We would have to go out and repeat verbatim what youust heard, that Hillary Clinton was involved with T rsia collusion, that she wasngaged in some criminal act. Beus he sit, we would the psisaid ese are jior com staffers that WER inhi meeting when the prent came in and told those blatant tothem and would go out as you D hope hicks, sarahuckabee sander and repeat those lies. She would repeat Tse liesrom the podium in theress room. Thiis personal to M I've talkebout it O the show. In his administration deny that trump cald Haiti a . In ynage 22 you said when you tmphat for the presidential inauguration, he said, quote, why did you choose . Yeah. Did trump call Haiti a [mut E coun't understand why I was so passiate aboutel the pof Haiti. I had T rind him of his campaignommitmentshat he made to the Haitian community. I had to remd him tt we have an obligation asheealthiest country in the world to take care of theoorest Coury in world. He was like, well, I think you ld G and play turnberry and wait until t.arland isirmed Ando to THA country.and yes, hrethat country as -- Look, we'relad you came, you . Wee glad you cam [ apple than. Members of our audience are going homeith a copy of "Unhinged. we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The former Trump aide on why she believes Trump's staff knowingly lied to America. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57731447","title":"Omarosa on Trump admin 'knowingly' lying to American people","url":"/theview/video/omarosa-trump-admin-knowingly-lying-american-people-57731447"}