Patrick Stewart invites Whoopi Goldberg to return to ‘Star Trek’ series

“Star Trek: Picard” star Patrick Stewart officially invited former co-star Whoopi Goldberg to join season 2 of the series.
4:57 | 01/22/20

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Transcript for Patrick Stewart invites Whoopi Goldberg to return to ‘Star Trek’ series
I have something that I need to bring up. If that's okay included. I'm here with the a formal invitation. For pound it. It's for you. Will be so many Alex Gottesman who is the senior. Executive producer of star Patrick columns and all of his colleagues are which are more on the want to invite you into the second season on. It. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's not becoming clear now that yeah so many offers he's getting lately maybe that's look. Yeah. I think it. Predicted have to take. Eric they thought that he said she can do with an issue with. Yeah I have hundreds and this was one of the great experiences. Of my columns said this is odds on the simple flat but started to it was. One of the great experiences from the beginning. Well Jack. Best best best time. Best time ever so. The residue of that as well it who'll want me of Larry you and we cannot wait to have you with this again one more time. Okay. A see I'm blushing all means or how much you love doing it. And grew windows and a diet now. She didn't you know yeah. My cruises and we had to move on to a question I'm really enjoying looking the it's. Red it's very rare Natalie well all of us know I don't know maybe I just nodded stands are rejoicing around the. World including my husband has just a huge huge huge Star Trek fan. And was very jealous that I am even in your presence today but Europe high price year old as a legendary captain Picard obviously we just that it. That is an eighteen years since we saw him so how do you play character eighteen years later. Quote it's easy Brohm. Joel for god has aged eighteen years. Fiction no link. After surgeons aged eighteen years actually I don't. I. Got no less. And I don't have to look at it because it's just me. Who I haven't identity title in any I can't any acting yeah exact up and that's the best kind. So. It's. It's it was norm but the problem it really wasn't. The problem that dream initially. In the getting on December between Alex assault on an end. Achieve her goals none of them and Michael shaped ball on the interest in bio we have some should team of writers. On this show it's astonishing. Com and I wanted to show that the cubs world had changed because Patrick's world and certainly trend. And we are no longer now living in the same kind of society. We lived in eighteen years ago but you talk about this every morning I was I was did not use to you. So what these characters can aged eighteen years as well if not no more notion of masked up and I regret it and besides she's gone in then. Nearly led to hundreds of years and now knows yeah Mordechai no history really did so back to reward their assignments down the road. We have told about. We can't yet quite here and I'm not. Everything you like that but how long did so I didn't keep. All but she always talks about this time so fondly and and that worked so finally had always so icon is to show the national labs bias. Sunday I millions of singers and I think I might have been the last character and that change created just. That he actually created I think might be mind. I would say that we're true lasting character whom we sorghum and again and yeah yeah and his staff Sal I it's it's. It's connected to an article is connected to all content style that is.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"“Star Trek: Picard” star Patrick Stewart officially invited former co-star Whoopi Goldberg to join season 2 of the series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68457226","title":"Patrick Stewart invites Whoopi Goldberg to return to ‘Star Trek’ series","url":"/theview/video/patrick-stewart-invites-whoopi-goldberg-return-star-trek-68457226"}