President Donald Trump walks out of shutdown meeting

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on how the government will move forward after President Trump and Democratic leaders failed to negotiate an end to the government shutdown on Wednesday.
11:00 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for President Donald Trump walks out of shutdown meeting
That's it. I wish people had dressed up yesterday in Washington. There was a meeting between the white house resident and the Democrats over re-opening the government. Apparently it did not go well. There are reports that, you know, he slammed the desk and stormed out of the meeting, but it depends on who you ask. Take a look. Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn't get his way and he just walked out of the meeting. Well, the president walked into the room, passed out candy. It's true. I don't -- I don't recall him ever raising his voice or slamming his hand. I didn't pound on tables. I didn't raise my voice. That was a lie. I didn't rant. I didn't rave like you reported. Like now when you're explaining that you weren't ranting and raving, you're ranting and raving. No matter who you believe, what we do know is that they did not come to any agreement. So what's going to move the needle here? I don't know, I actually have anxiety last night. I was in bed and I was watching some of this and I was like, what if this never ends? Like -- It will. No, but there is a hypothetical situation that we spend the last parts of this administration with our government completely shut down and I'm neurotic and paranoid by nature as all of you know anyway but all of our leaders, all of them are garbage. I think everyone's garbage right now. Meat to the table. I came and grew up with a father whose best friend was Ted Kennedy and they used to fight and they would pass bills together and get things done. I don't know what has happened or transpired. Part of politics is coming to the table and finding things we agree on and for god's sake do it because I can't handle much more of this. One thing -- I completely agree. One thing that struck me, you know, I was one of those federal workers that lived paycheck to paycheck, and the thought that tomorrow there may be hundreds of thousands of people that don't know how to pay their mortgage or don't know how to pay their health bills, don't know how to put food on the table for their kids freaks me out. I know how that feels and I don't think that Donald Trump knows how that feels. I know my parents knew how that felt. Can we say one thing too. One-third of federal workers are made up of veterans. 250,000 veterans are not receiving their paychecks, according to the office of personnel management. And federal workers don't make a lot of money. No, they don't. I remember not making a whole lot of money. Isn't a federal worker considered like a middle class job? What has come to light in a way -- it's terrible, the shutdown, I agree. But what has come to light is that these are considered middle class incomes and they're only living hand to mouth. So when people say we have so many jobs, it makes me wonder about what the quality of the job is. You don't have a savings account. There was a time when I was a kid when people like my family -- even though they didn't do this because my father was a gambler, but other families could buy houses in the suburbs. My father was a trick driver and if he didn't piss all his money away, weved in a house also. But he was a gambler. He made a lot of money as a teamster. He was in the union. He made money. And we all lived well because of that, even though he, as I said, out the window. You know what's really sad though, who wanted to work for the government today? These are the most important jokes -- Nobody. That's so some of these folks are -- TSA by the way, some of the most important roles that we have. Fda as well which 80% are -- romaine lettuce by the way just had e.coli a few months ago. If you're TSA you get paid barely anything anyway. They're saying some people are just quitting their jobs which is sad because TSA actually protects us in the airport. You asked a question earlier this morning about concessions -- About Democrats? Yeah. Last January Schumer agreed to $4 billion for the wall as we talked about yesterday in exchange for DACA. He backed away from the deal which led to the three-day shutdown. Who backed away? Trump did. And before this shutdown the DEMs agreed only to fund money for general border security and fencing repairs. There are Republicans conceding on this. Lisa murkowski, Susan Collins, Corey gardener, senator Marco Rubio. My paranoia aside, I think we will reach a fever pitch but this makes everyone look bad. When you have by the way Cher who is the most anti-Trump person saying Nancy, you are a hero, let him have his blanking money, people will starve, lose their homes, be unable to -- I can't read the rest of this, but I do think we will reach a point where bipartisan -- if there's one thing we can agree on, this is a bunch of bull. I'm over it and everyone else is over it. Our leaders, both sides, no more walking out, posturing for the cameras. Why don't they stop the shutdown and negotiate? Why can't they do that? It would bring everybody back to work? I don't have a problem with that. That's not bipartisan. That's his fault. I'll tell you why that's not going to happen -- It's not productive saying that it's all trump's fault. You want to know what happens, then I go, all right, let me give you a list of what Nancy and chuck haven't done. I came in, as you know, whoopi, neurotic and paranoid about this, I'm trying to find a place where we can come together to get our government together because everyone is losing on this. I don't want posture politics. I don't want to be like T crappy piticians on ts show toy. I dowant to D th. I want us to come together. Let's get back to DACA because I remember -- I don't! Everybody stop for one second, one second. Everybody take a breath. Yes. Okay. Let's get back to DACA because I really think that we can all agree -- That's not what we're talking about. It's not. But we can all agree and Democrats have agreed to this, Republicans have agreed to this, border security. We want border security, not necessarily a wall but border security. We have all agreed, Democrats and Republicans, on DACA. We need to do something about our -- Not all. A high number. A high number. We all have discussed some sort of immigration reform and that's been on the table over and over and over again. Well before trump was president by the way. It's been decades. I remember the Puerto Rico report. We have an ABC producer, went to the Columbia school of journalism. He got there first and he actually told me I was afraid to come here because I'm a DACA rip -- recipient and I don't know if I can get back to the mainland. If trump says give me $5 billion for the wall and I will give -- You do realize that $5 billion is only a down payment, that it's really like $20 billion. That's what they're voting on. He only wants $5 billion. If you're the negotiator in chief, why do you have to have a state of emergency which is my guess what's going to happen because politically that is probably the best thing for him because he can say I fought it until the end. He can't do that. Sunny's right. Emergency issues should be left for 9/11, hurricanes. The courts won't allow him to have that. We don't know. Can anyone tell me when the United States taxpayer turned into Mexico? Say it, where are the pesos. That's the line of the day. Well, because to me, American citizens are being treated like he said he was going to treat Mexico. And I don't understand it. You know, especially since we know because we've talked about the fact that, you know, rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, you know, shamed him a little bit and he went running and said, no, no, I got to have this thing. They said that he's a joke of a presidency and that he has scammed the American people. That's what Ann Coulter said in a podcast to the daily caller. I want to know, I'm just curious when we turned into Mexico. You want -- I don't want to be dealt with. As an American citizen, I don't want to be dealt with like I'm the country of Mexico. You said you were going to force them to pay for the wall. Now you're telling me I got to pay for the wall. He has said a lot of untruths though. I'm not disagreeing with that. I never rationally understood that from the get-go how you can make a country pay for something. We are in the present. I think what sunny just said is a rational place to move forward. I just want to finish because there are -- both sides have tried to do this. We're ready to do it. Yeah, we are. He pooped on it and then put it on us, and I don't like it. I don't think that's okay. He lied. No! He lied and he can't make it happen. So we as I think American citizens need to acknowledge certainly his base, he lied. Mexico is not going to pay for it. He can't make that happen. He needs to admit that he lied and then we need to move forward. Okay. I don't have a problem with any of that by the way and I'm the conservative on the panel. I don't have a problem with one thing she just said. We all want the government to be open again and we want people to get paid. We want people to get paid again. I don't want it to come off -- I know you're on your knees. I know you're on your knees. You don't give us enough time to talk about it. It's not him. I love you, rob. That's not directed at you. Brian, it's at you! See, when we fight, we have to stay open on "The view," here on "The view." We come to work and still do our jobs. But you know what, we still get paid. Yes, we do. So, what I wanted to end on -- Yes. -- Was this $5 billion with all of the other cuts that have happened in people's lives that they can't write off some of the things they wanted to write off, you know, you can't collect things that you used to be able, you can't hold onto your money. Now you want more money. What is that going to cost us in the long run? What is that $20 billion, how is that coming out -- Yeah -- finish. Out of us. The deficit is through the roof and our children are going to be paying for it. I agree with that.

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{"duration":"11:00","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on how the government will move forward after President Trump and Democratic leaders failed to negotiate an end to the government shutdown on Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60289976","title":"President Donald Trump walks out of shutdown meeting","url":"/theview/video/president-donald-trump-walks-shutdown-meeting-60289976"}