Priyanka Chopra Jonas on opening up in memoir and movie 'The White Tiger'

The actress and author of “Unfinished” shares why her new film means so much to her and how she dealt with being in the spotlight at such a young age.
8:22 | 02/09/21

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Transcript for Priyanka Chopra Jonas on opening up in memoir and movie 'The White Tiger'
Welcome back. Priyanka Chopra Jonas is really putting herself out there right now, as star and producer of the number one movie on Netflix, "The white tiger," and in her very personal new memoir "Unfinished." Please welcome back priyanka Chopra Jonas. Sara? Hi, ladies. So nice to have you here. You have your new movie, the white tiger a story of a servant in India who fights his way out of poverty, it's the number one movie internationally on Netflix, wow, what does the success of this film mean to you? I mean, to you, it's really personal. It's been, you know, a really hard push when I started seeking work in Hollywood about six years ago. I don't remember seeing, you know, leading actors as of Indian descent. That was hard for me. It's so happy to see so many countries around the world accepting and loving a movie made in India, based in India. It makes me happy. Well the movie is fantastic, priyanka, and so is your memoir. Let's talk about your memoir "Unfinished." You write about your career got started after winning miss India and miss world. You went on to become a huge bollywood star. You started to embark on a career in the United States, you had to start from scratch in a country where not as many people knew you, what was it like to start over again, because that's something that's really difficult to do. It was difficult. It was my choice. There's no free lunch in the world. When you have to start somewhere, start at the bottom and I'm definitely not someone who's entitled. I learned that when I went to school, you know, in two different countries. So I came in, introduced myself to people and said I'm priyanka, this is my show reel and this is the work I'm seeking. Very good for you. Zen buddhism they say expect nothing. The way to approach it. You're right. But your first role in the U.S. Was when you starred on the ABC show "Quantico," the first south Asian woman to lead a drama. You were successful pretty quickly it sounds like. You tell a story about Kerry Washington and Ellen Pompeo, how nice they were to you, tell us the story. I was petrified, I have to say, because, you know, I could see my billboards everywhere and I was like, wait, what does it mean to have helm a TV show in a country where people don't know me. I was feeling stressed out. When I signed by CAA, the headline in the Hollywood reporter or deadline, one of the trade magazines said, ca signs its first bollywood star. I remember being at ABC up front, Kerry and Ellen said quickly and together, in that picture, came up to me and just started talking about to me about the responsibilities about helming a show like that. They were so kind when they didn't need to and seeing two successful actors, you know N a similar field it made me feel like a sense of peace and the fact that I got it. They were so kind. I don't think they remember this. Priyanka, you lost your dad to cancer in 2013 and in your beautiful new book you about how grief impacted you, you said to avoid feeling the loss of your dad, you fell into depression and isolated yourself for several years. I understand that grief. How were you able to get true this period? Initially when my dad died, I ran away from it. It dove back into work. I have to explain, my dad was my greatest clear clear leader, when he was gone, there was this silence which was really hard to comprehend and understand. And everything felt, there was no behind me to hold me up, so I think when -- we he passed I went right into work and it took me about three, four years to understand that I hadn't grieved or mourned or come out the other side and I hit the wall. The advice, sometimes you have to immerse yourself in the grief because you'll never be able to get over grief. It becomes your companions. It hangs out with you. You'll develop with your own relationship with that grief. But it never goes away. Priyanka, in the book you led us into your relationship with husband Nick Jonas and how you met. He slid into your dms. You wrote down a list of things of you wanted in a partner. What was it about Nick that made him different from everyone else. Nick is a very, very self-assured and that's not very common for men, I think, that made him stand out a lot for me. I like that answer. I have another question for you, because we were talking about Britney spears and in "Hot topics" and having been thrown into fame at such a young age, you became famous as a teenager, how did you deal with being in the spotlight with cameras following you when you were young? I have to say that I feel very grateful when I started enjoying the entertainment business, which is absolutely crazy, is a hard business, like, joy you were saying that earlier, I think, it kind of makes you wall up and I built an armor of steel, my book is probably the first time I talked a lot about things I addressed in there. People's opinions end up becoming your characteristics and your reality. I was very grateful to have a very strong family structure and a team that stood by me and championed my well-being. Every given day, when I wanted to do multiple things. My family and friends, which is a very tight inner circle, people who I trust tremendously, that's why I think I had a sense of grounding my entire career without that, I think I would have been lost as well. The pressures are unbelievable. People don't understand it, people think web you're famous, you don't bleed, you don't bleed red, we do and people do. Yep. Well, priyanka Chopra Jonas, it's good to see you again. Her new book, "Unfinished," is out today and you can see her movie, "The white tiger," on Netflix. Do yourself a favor, watch it.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"The actress and author of “Unfinished” shares why her new film means so much to her and how she dealt with being in the spotlight at such a young age.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75782603","title":"Priyanka Chopra Jonas on opening up in memoir and movie 'The White Tiger'","url":"/theview/video/priyanka-chopra-jonas-opening-memoir-movie-white-tiger-75782603"}