Rep. Adam Kinzinger reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene confronting AOC

“We cannot turn our politics into where we’re confronting each other outside in the school yard,” the congressman said on “The View.”
5:01 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Adam Kinzinger reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene confronting AOC
congressman Adam Kinzinger. Meghan, you have the first question. You're on the house energy and commerce committee. This week a cyber attack resulted in the colonial pipeline shutting down, causing gas shortages, panic buying and a spike in prices across several states, including mine. I know you're in D.C. Too. They said it's 86% of gas stations are out of gas and there are lines everywhere. It's crazy. President Biden is launching a task force to crack down on hackers responsible for ransomware attacks after it was reported the company paid $5 million in Bitcoin to free up its systems. Do you think the Biden administration is doing enough and what can we do to get gas? Well, look, sure anybody can always do more. I think we obviously need to be -- the task force is a good start. We need critical infrastructure, fail safes, redundancy and be aware. Every American needs to be aware of the role they play in cyber security. They often say you can have the strongest fire wall, but the weakest link -- if you open the wrong email or whatever. We need a national conscience about how this is affecting us. The pipeline is going back up. So we'll get more gas. This is a fight for our future, unfortunately having to defend cyber infrastructure. This week congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene sparked safety concerns when she confronted congresswoman Alexandria ocasio-cortez outside the house chamber aggressively accusing her of supporting terrorists. CNN recently posted individual video of Marjorie Taylor Greene outside of her office in 2019. With her was someone named Anthony aguerra who was caught outside the capitol on January 6th. In 2018 and 2019 she indicated in my understanding support for executing some members of the house. You tweeted while I may not agree with AOC on issues, I have never seen her confront a colleague like this. Do you agree it's a matter for the ethics committee, this aggression? It could be. I don't know the details on the ethics rules for that. Politics was invented and the house of representatives was built to take what is potentially violent situations, differences in opinion and allow people as adults the ability to argue these out. This is what your father, Meghan, was so good at. When you have somebody like Marjorie Taylor Greene who wants to raise money, be cool, be famous -- she's famous. Taking that out of the bounds of a good solid heated debate on the floor to aggressively going after somebody outside of that, unprofessionally, that's a major concern. If there's an ethics rule, it should be explored. We can't turn our politics into where we're confronting each other outside in the school yard every day. People need to vote her out. You're also continuing to go after Matt Gaetz on social media in the wake of his scandal over the possible sex trafficking of a minor. He's denied all allegations. One of his associates who is central to the investigation has said he'll plead guilty. Do you think now is the time for Matt Gaetz to step down or stop baiting you on Twitter? Yes to both. Look, I said I think he should resign. The details of his allegations that's in the federal system. I'll let that go there. The reality is he is continually trying to cheapen the politics. Similar to Marjorie Taylor Greene it's about going out and getting follows and fame instead of having professional debates, attacking people physically, how they look or act or whatever. It's the same continuation which is what we saw with Donald Trump which has taken our politics which used to be the gem of the world to at the moment not very enviable. It's a sad place. We all need to pivot to holding on to your opinions, but respect each other. Okay. Thank you. I would like to thank you for being on today and for also fighting the good fight. We appreciate it. You have many people behind you. Many people agree with you and hope you win the battle.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"“We cannot turn our politics into where we’re confronting each other outside in the school yard,” the congressman said on “The View.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77695236","title":"Rep. Adam Kinzinger reacts to Marjorie Taylor Greene confronting AOC","url":"/theview/video/rep-adam-kinzinger-reacts-marjorie-taylor-greene-confronting-77695236"}