Rep. Jamie Raskin says Trump ‘remains a clear and present danger’ to Americans

The lead House impeachment manager also tells "The View" why he considers former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial successful despite the acquittal.
10:26 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for Rep. Jamie Raskin says Trump ‘remains a clear and present danger’ to Americans
Lead house impeachment manager Jamie raskin at the senate trial for you know cool. Given an emotional account of how his family was personally impacted. On the day of the capital riots and he's here to talk about how he's still on a mission to hold you know who accountable for it. Please welcome congressman Jamie racks can't. First of all welcome to the view. Up. I have friends had to do you delay knew he would follow him. Well we're thrilled because you brilliantly argued this case. And even though you are not able to get a conviction you said that what happened was successful. No matter what. Explain. What you meant. I explained to journalists from around the world wide 5743. It was not a conviction and of course it is in the constitution. That aren't you need to get truth hurts to convict in the senate although only a maturity to impeach on the house side so we had. Commanding majorities both on the house side and the senate side in the most bipartisan impeachment vote in American history. And in the senate of course seven Republicans to win all fifty Democrats to convicted knows Republicans work from New England. Mid Atlantic the south the midwest the west. Alaska from. All over the country and we felt as if we put on an overwhelming case of the president's duels. In inciting violent insurrection against the government against congress. Against the people in the union. And he was convicted in the court of public opinion in the quirk history and so. I think he's up pariah in terms of American politics while he continues to exercise. Stranglehold psychologically and politically and financially over the Republican Party and I feel bad for the Republicans because they had an opportunity to do the right thing for America for the constitution. And to render impartial justice for 43 of them didn't and now he really is the GOP's problem. What you have said don't feel sorry for the Republicans feel sorry for America. Although white as you said seven Republicans did break with party lines and voted to convict trap everyone knows he's guilty. Tom send at a Cassidy has been censured by his state. And senator Twomey has been told by a Pennsylvania. GOP official that he wasn't sent to the senate took quote vote his conscious conscience would do the right thing I mean. Unbelievable stuff is going on in this country what do you say to the 43 other Republicans. That despite the overwhelming evidence. Still chose to equip trump and follow his cult. Well I think you've got your rights away do you know what the the whole test here was whether they too need your oath of office as jurors in the senate. To render impartial justice and impartial always very similar to nonpartisan means not. Voting with your party by voting along the fax indication what the constitution. Requires and they're part of our job they're obviously very partisan. Like you know we're going to be voting on Coke in nineteen belief that Democrats are. Obviously arguing for a larger package to deal with that spent the Republicans OK that's legit but they're parts of our job that are strictly nonpartisan like when we help people. On their Social Security checks are VA benefits for Medicare. Or something we don't ask whether they're Democrat or Republican well that's the way it should be when you're coding. Ought to be impeachment of the president and whether or not to convict a president for violating his oath of office and it's very clear the Donald Trump. Did he repeatedly I incited violent insurrection against the union and after he learned about it even when he's on the vice president was being hunted down by a mop there was chanting hang might ends he continued to each we doubt I negative messages about road pads calling him. A coward he did nothing to how are so he surrendered his Royce commander in chief he acted as the insider in chief and from our perspective. He forfeited any claim to the office and he should have been convicted and disqualified from ever running again. Well congressman you've hinted at the fact that trump could still be barred from holding future office despite being acquitted. And said quote Donald Trump doesn't know much about our founders but our founders knew a lot about Donald trapped. What did you mean by that. Well the founders in the Federalist papers predicted that there would be people who come along who start off its demagogues. I can end up this tyrants and that seemed to capture Donald Trump beautiful way. Gutsy and our Federalist number one that great Alexander Hamilton who wrote that. I am. And and there are a lot of mentions. Had demagogic. End to opportunistic leaders who would not. Conformed their behavior to the rule of law but rather would try to mobilize mob violence against the government and against the union and so that really was. A prediction I'm Donald Trump a there's another part of the constitution. I section three of the fourteenth amendment which says that anybody who is sworn into pro. Should the constitution and should the government but has violated that oath fights winning insurrection or rebellion. Against the union work it's an opportunity. To serve in public office again and so. God is still something that Donald Trump may face along with it. This tidal wave of litigation coming its way both people from people who were injure. Poorer whose stunning numbers were Chilo. In the insurrection in cited as well as from. Criminal prosecutors going after her trump for attempting to interfere with the election everybody knows about Georgia where he. Call to Republican Georgia secretary of state. And to men did you find him thousands of votes that weren't they are in in order to overturn the actual legitimate valid election results Wednesday. A congressman raskin speaking about that tidal wave of litigation. Today the Supreme Court paved the way. For a New York prosecutor to obtain trumps our tax returns and other financial records as part of a criminal investigation. Trump has gone to great lengths to keep these taxes from being disclosed. Do you have any sense of what's he could be hiding in these documents and how significant do you think this ruling will be for the prosecutors and in that case. It's a very significant and important ruling in of course he'd vindicates the rule on America we're. Everybody owes his or her testimony honest testimony to this opera. Unless your going to criminally implicate yourself. But your tax returns are not a statement that is something you party records of the government and so. That absolutely should be are revealed in this litigation. And Donald Trump of course has repeatedly promised to make those tax returns available and that that's just another string of broken promises. I think I'd. You know he can run but he can't hi this is someone who's used to. Absolute immunity and impunity its entire what they're always did. Teams of lawyers ready to cover up and scramble to. Prevents him from facing the consequences of his own actions whether it's your cheating on. His wives are not saying he is he terse and plumbers and electricians and contractors. Or in this case. Filings also tax statements inflating the value of properties for certain purpose is deflating. The value of properties the exact same properties. For tax purposes. All of it is about to catch up on end and the bottom is gonna fall out and we're gonna see basically. There is this entire. Religious colts across the country that spin had. Jeering itself to the whims and the demands of a mob cost. In someone who should be treated basically as an organized criminal. And he went to work every day looking from worst camps against Republican ways to enrich himself and his family and his business is and at this point I think he's going to be overwhelmed. By the litigation about his own criminality. Congressman raskin out last week president tribe attacked Mitch McConnell and he's threatening to support primary challenges. To non back at conservatives used said he is in the past and we need to deal with the future are. I may disagree I think he wields a lot of power and influence and I don't believe that by ignoring him we can just make him go away. Do you still believe champion politics won't play a role in the future. And what do you think about the reports an act CO is talking about president trump saying he's going to be the 20/20 four nominees. Coming up in a speech at C pac. Well I believe in Donald Trump's monarchy absolutely is the future and he's going to tried it didn't maintain. I kind of authoritarian relationship with people in the Republican part. But America is a country that is committed to democracy in the rule on a constitution and I think. Today I'm who that we you're going to be able to resist I don't know why I hope. I was never read says beset that we should ignore him on the contrary I think that we need to confront his criminality. His corruption in his dangerousness. Every single day as long as he's still out there he remains a clear and present danger to the American people and he spent four years in office cozying up to every. Dictator and desperate aren't birds from crude and Russert were banned and hungry issue. Do your duty in the Philippines are CC in Egypt you know you find a criminal in public office that was Donald Trump's guy. And they're going to be you know sending your Kushner out there on a globe trotting. War every cloud top Percy and autocracy armor in order to collect the money that they feel. They deserve from having worked with all of these regimes and not money will be used to try to get Donald Trump to return to the White House and of course if you were ever get back in he would try to state forever and he was already talking about. A third determine how the Democrats booed and more terms and somewhat. So I think he remains a very clear and viable threat. To the American republic and obviously the Republican Party he is likely to destroy the Republican Party. Because it is authoritarian isn't in his determination to remain a whole.

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{"duration":"10:26","description":"The lead House impeachment manager also tells \"The View\" why he considers former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial successful despite the acquittal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76048505","title":"Rep. Jamie Raskin says Trump ‘remains a clear and present danger’ to Americans","url":"/theview/video/rep-jamie-raskin-trump-remains-clear-present-danger-76048505"}