Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Trump is 'inciting racism and bigotry' for 'political gain'

The presidential candidate discusses the surprising support she's received from the far right, and the growing protests in Puerto Rico.
8:18 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Trump is 'inciting racism and bigotry' for 'political gain'
Yeah. Talk a little bit today about the situation data. Puerto Rico well yes and you travel ban to stem the solidarity with the protesters who are calling the governor. On him to resign so tell us what you side what you heard. It was incredible you know the energy can see it in some of the video ends in the pictures but. It's unlike any other protests I've ever magazine rack where you have thousands of people coming together. People who are elderly walking with came as little kids families students people of all ages. Walks of life singing playing music back dancing and release standing with the unified voice. Yes calling on the governor to resign but really. What's driving this is more than these leaks chats it's really this longstanding corruption. That people there been suffering under. And that really came to light in the aftermath of hurricane Maria so that a lot of folks that I talked it is that this is about. Life and death you know seeing their loved ones to struggle and suffer because they couldn't get clean water. After the hurricane for months they couldn't get electricity up so this is a breaking point and I don't think they're gonna back down until he resigns just the right thing. What did do you think it's odd that we're seeing this in little tiny places this idea that then the rule of law. Desert and is seems to be you eroding. Yeah that that's that's the danger and I was asking some of the folks they're what happens if he doesn't and that's one of their fears as if he doesn't resign and it shows. There's no accountability. And you know you can get away with not just saying really really offensive things in making threats against women and other government officials. But you can get away with. Stealing taxpayer dollars lining your own pockets with dollars that were meant to help people you know their greatest time of need yes that case I don't pitch I usually money sounds familiar across the board has. Well congresswoman you made huge impact in the first debate and I was act 200 people tweeting how pressed it wasn't your performance. And out of it actually it surprised me and they don't deny and it disrespectful way we just disagree on a lot of things but over the fourth of July. My husband read need your campaign statement and use that on the fourth of July. Let's take patriotism back I love our freedom I love the freedom of our creator of freedom that is enshrined in our constitution our bill of rights the freedom we've correct. Excuse me the freedom we perks tacked and then you go on to say basically. Every single thing I myself believe in a good at figuring out so I ate pierce something that's really resonating with a lot of conservatives us while. And I just want to know this. Pro America pro god pro gun mass aged. Deep is getting so much attention because it is different than what people in the rest of the time it. It's really is centered. And our freedoms who we are as Americans ice that what I wrote that he nonsense about about reclaiming our patriotism. It really was a message of a reminder. To all of us in this country at a time when we are becoming increasingly divided. Where identity politics are being used to kind of tear people apart for political interests rather than remembering and recognizing. What unites us the freedoms and principles that are enshrined in our constitution that we continue to strive. To uphold as we work towards this more perfect. Union recognizing yes we're gonna have some differences. Com when I was deployed I was deployed with people from different political parties different religions races ethnicities. But we stood together. Working as one focused on that singular mission that we have a service members of serving our country and protecting the American people. And it is those ideals that are at the foundation of who we are as Americans they think we cannot and we should all agree on. And that can be the starting point for us to begin to. Rebuild these bridges and say you and I may disagree on some things but I think that our love for our country and our love for each other and for our future. Is the most important foundation for us to be able to unite. As a country this is this is why I'm running for president because our current president is doing the exact opposite of that tearing us apart. I saw it on the Bill Maher show you a very good on that show you are and you kind of funny so everybody's account hot shower wrapping up. But in our resources and adding your Canada but it's interesting because some prominent figures on the right extreme right. Praising hill they like you know. David duke I think and the clans got Eli has seen it yet he also slightly built on Omar by the way the Desi. So what what's he's you've disavowed him of course has class and then everything that he stands of course what it was like him. Look I think that's first of all we shouldn't give David duke and me. Oxygen it's an all Sheila thank god is only wanna that's right. I think that what what what I CNN and what I've heard as we've been going through this campaign. Both in big cities and in small towns is we've got Democrats Republicans and independents people from across the political spectrum. Coming together coming to our town halls coming to our events. Saying weekend as we just said we can disagree on a number of issues but. This issue of the cost of war. And the experience that I bring to this most important responsibility to the president has as commander in chief. And ending these wasteful regime change wars Bessie was an isolationist but let me one of the reset that's so that's there there's there's two different things are getting. Ending regime change war is as often and partly mistaken as being an isolation and it. And an isolationist. But this speaks to the problem I think with the mindset that some folks have saying. Well if we're not bombing other countries or for not. Letting crippling economic sanctions then we must be turning her back on the world when what I'm saying is leave that end these wasteful wars that are costing us as taxpayers so much money. That are coming out of our schools out of our hospitals out of our communities and instead invest here at home. And be leaders in the world and be a force for good yelled build relationships on cooperation. Rather than running around with a stick saying yeah I understand that but they also say that you you support they support you because they say that you. You support extreme venting of Syrian refugees. And also criticized Obama for not saying radical Islamic terrorism. But I don't wanna talk about what they're saying this is where they say at night that you know edit and why they say and cold to says oh goody foot Tug I would I would never apologize. For. Making it my priority to keep the American people safe. That's the bottom line. And soaps and look at the policies that we haven't congress is considering the job but the president's hats as commander in chief. This has to be at the forefront of the decisions that are made and a problem with our foreign policy for so long has been. This has been has been lost in this is how we see for example. With the Iraq War the decision to go to. To war war that I served in a war that we lost thousands of my Brothers and sisters in uniform right victims that decision was not made. In the best interest of the American people who weren't there wasn't made it in the best interest of anybody Iraq you actually nobody exactly how many extra. That the president hasn't backed down on his attacks on the four freshman congresswoman. This weekend he tweeted this I don't believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country. Do you think the president is inciting violence against these women. The president. Is inciting. Racism. And violence in our country. As a whole this is what's so dangerous about what he's doing is he's using his platform. Two insight this racism and bigotry. When really he's just differs on political game and Sohn president trump says using love it or leave it right what he's really saying is. Love me or leave he's making it about himself saying that if you disagree with trump. He disagree with his views. Then you should leave and you don't belong here and I think that's really what's so dangerous is he is seeing himself as America rather than recognizing. The fundamental values of our country are based on our freedom of speech his dad's dream Eric to disagree.

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{"duration":"8:18","description":"The presidential candidate discusses the surprising support she's received from the far right, and the growing protests in Puerto Rico.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64490300","title":"Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says Trump is 'inciting racism and bigotry' for 'political gain'","url":"/theview/video/rep-tulsi-gabbard-trump-inciting-racism-bigotry-political-64490300"}