Republicans criticize Trump over Syria

“The View” co-hosts weigh in on Pres. Trump sparking bipartisan backlash for his decision to have U.S. forces in Syria pull back and make way for Turkish troops.
5:23 | 10/08/19

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Transcript for Republicans criticize Trump over Syria
And you know more than a White House seems to have finally. Finally crossed the line with several Republicans with his decision to four US troops that Syria clearing the way for Turkish troops to go it. GOP heavyweights like Mitch McConnell Nikki Haley and in middle Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham. As said he's making a huge mistake. But here's how you know who has spent a net. People are extremely. Thrilled because they say it's time to bring people back home went on a police force to policing the area we're not a police force. The UK was very thrilled. At this decision as you know their over there and they have soldiers over there also and others but many people agree with a very strongly. An act. I mean Jose tied it with these people would throw besides people were invested in his coat tail in his style ball railed against all kind of is not only want to be out here all and by the way at any time Rand Paul's on the side admonition you can automatically assume it's probably about ones I know he's coming out of -- reality and I am honestly Friday as well now he's coming you know it's funny how about not players what these ads not Graham Paul but you know who. Out while running for president and that's why fifteen he was asked by Steve Bannon had bright Bart. Probably would handle Turkey and Syria he's anything was spotted. Below conflict of interest because I don't have a major major building in Istanbul as cults worked out to 2000 stent I want. Now. This kind of sense wolf is that why you're doing so is that the president got some money in Aaron you think you lot of pull out because this is really kind of not Smart and bandages even your own one losing Graham and leave critics look. It says this is not right got to pay attention what about Pat Roberts said all active and read the quote yes please this is. The quote from Pat Robertson quote the precedent. Who allowed to show. Is now allowing the Christians in the Kurds to be massacred by the Turks. That's that is heavy stuff that he and you also says he's not gonna get into heaven now my god. Still like I did he ever have to chant chant should I don't think he'd make it until Limbaugh Oliveira even exist but that did exist anymore. Taking a little you admit now that Republicans pushed back Mitch McConnell speaking out about why is that now they did not push back on any of these crimes just this one more I thought they should respect weren't Ukraine and also can lead normal point and why are these Christians in job. These two of the Kurds and other Christians who were there helping us. Why are those Christians different from the quit the Christians who are held up at the border. The children closer Christians to Arnold. Persecuted because they are Christian in. To my knowledge Christians coming across the border are being persecuted because they're Christian they're being prosecuted because there is pending. Yeah RB because they are Hispanic like don't think you can actually I don't think that's I think that's a straw man art. That is practically no way but you know I now in charge that this happens is area rush up. What I want that's Senegal in an apparent charged then who's gonna happen more dominant in that region which is fighting a spreading the involves LeBron couldn't well dry I don't know I'm just a very very scary. If you remember James Mattis is selling life and I know needed to really respected him when he was in the White House when she knew when he was secretary defense that was someone that was pushing back when he felt this was one of the reasons he resigned. Was because he didn't agree it is yet I am pulling troops out of Syria out after Afghanistan he said. You need someone that is more an agreement with you. So now I don't know who is with him I'll tell you little pushing that Jimmy Jordan who is accused of turning a blind eye to I'm still abuse. Mark meadows he who is a birth there. And that gets to introduce a bill that's what college the EP LA these of the people not necessarily in this particular instance but these are the people who are backing trump. On impeachment I think one big a low hanging fruit but. Yesterday congress I was very upset yesterday as they think everyone on May be too upset but I. Actually couldn't believe that this is happening especially given that. The Kurds are by far most effective allies and try to fight I suspect far and these are people that we are literally leading. Right now there are that's just sent our troops will be we're literally just abandoning them to these monitors just abandoning them to be slaughtered which sends a message to all of our allies the globally yet we're just gonna abandon you just look at least the end I would actually shocked yesterday that so many people and in the list goes on that that's Lindsey Graham as the car was Cheney's Nikki Haley. Not everything went on and I was actually watching Fox News there to FOX & Friends house that apparently think it's fine. And Rand Paul. That's all I got so fart would you all things considered I'm pretty good Sean Hannity. I don't watch on Hannity and I'd Eilat but I will say they what I. People are very and I think it's because the have to do with supporting our troops patriotism and fighting terrorism and it all I think these three tenets no matter where you stand for conservatives we it is that it is the cornerstone. Of what being a conservative he had. You also don't leave people you know middle of batting you don't do that you don't walk away from your allies every you just don't elect but you Nowak this is a person. Cool cool that's what he does you know hey if it's politically expedient tramps. He will he will leave you out there.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"“The View” co-hosts weigh in on Pres. Trump sparking bipartisan backlash for his decision to have U.S. forces in Syria pull back and make way for Turkish troops.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66139863","title":"Republicans criticize Trump over Syria","url":"/theview/video/republicans-criticize-trump-syria-66139863"}