Republicans running from discussion on gun control?

"The View" co-hosts discuss how Republicans are addressing gun control in the wake of the Parkland shooting and whether it's enough.
5:52 | 02/26/18

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Transcript for Republicans running from discussion on gun control?
-- talking about Mitch McConnell and and Paul Ryan and one of they had things and act. Sort of heard over the weekend and was curious about is people perhaps I'm aware. Where one where were the Republican hands. Who should be talked into these kids and finding out what's going on in and I thought to myself well. Maybe they don't have an answer maybe they don't have anything to say so should you say something when you don't have anything to slip. You get a little or if it unlimited data didn't end there between a rock and a hard place because on the one hand they probably would like to assure they don't want anything like this to happen you even chap doesn't want it to happen on the other hand. They have a lot of money coming in from the NRA for their round for the Arab reelection. Libya showed up that CC NN town hall and got slaughter so I don't know what you're saying Republicans are showing up because. And I'm has admitted they had not happening want a conversation. I naturalization about this all week at its right but. The it's not been a public as Martin point out we've heard you know one minute wanna athletes wouldn't kneeling every Republican. So have had something to say. And many have been wondering. Where they've banded where they stand on this particularly in Asia that was put in public Adams his guns and gun control people put their party before the country. It really believe that and I believe they put. Over the needs of of communities about to have these children that are deeply in pain. And as struggling with -- because I believe they're going back to school today yes yes yes you know they're struggling in this Wednesday and to dealing with things that no child should have to deal with and they are looking to the grownups. Slorc guidance and assistance it and the Republicans are at the controlling. Party now and I wish that I I heard more from a Paul Bryant from leadership other than president trump. Because I want to know. Levys are fathers and men mother what are that the fans get good at hot. Just showed up. Made the point even clearer and more glaring that the rest of them did not. You know links got to learn that might help and let them written that it made the point clear on that note none of these all the people that she's talking about who got on T well incidents it's. I don't think anyone scared to talk I mean I I get maybe and simulate and different different watch different networks and maybe see things are different lenses but I think Republicans are open to talking about it and obviously at this say giant issued an on the country. And that's what we're other have to deal with this there's no hiding and running for not spending about a hundred no republic talk about poor trying to nurse Connell I actually owners of apartheid but okay so what would you have let I just I'm a little confused about what to want them to go to the town hall as well look like no I went everywhere you know what he got out just. Put it like mess. Any other time that stuff is going time. Everyone has something to say yeah and so I was just curious because I hadn't seen. Any of that sort of big wig guys getting up and saying hey I don't like this ahead to elect as they've been in very quiet. As I was just curious not a single blaming just asking the quite as fascinating to me this weekend that I spent a lot of time talking about the V companies that are withdrawing from partner you know the NRA and I. My battling movies I mean. And I know that these companies are getting the response at their mixing politics with business a witness and Tim withdrawing from they have all these you know doors and not in on the doors as the partnerships like United Airlines at enterprise rental they are doesn't get it doesn't and I are saying we don't want to he's not in any flying those airlines anymore. This Carl I think if it goes both ways again you want it that corporate institutions bring this in deflated. Starbucks or her mother was a point time when people are trying to make them a gun free zone and they we're seeing we're gonna go by states' rights. I don't understand why everything has to be so political all the time it's used corporations say legal lot riding gun owners aren't welcome on my airline I'm not welcome offline other airlines. I don't think better than I. I figured well if I just wanted to and then making a point. It's not a legal got out as has served her very percussion and I mean again I just don't understand why I understand this conversation it's very importantly he had a national tragedy that we should all be discussing all the time but there is. An element of this that I don't want each side to be vilified and so try. All well action no I wasn't trying to vilified that's when I was well but I went. What how we don't want the conversation they'll fight at the table because it's not about Dylan's it's about how do we get how we wait folks up. Haven't we say the people listen. This is one of those things. Bad. Is it necessarily political. It isn't necessarily engender this is a thing that says are there are too many one sort of thing is there a conversation to be had about weddings it is also. Orton got their lead in the discuss it because they're the ones getting killed it's I'm so I think there and I think there's gonna that you watershed moment that it's because these kids. Are in the forefront and pushing people and what was also interesting to see out enough he saw at Brown University a list of universities. Sent out emails to it the people that have been admitted to disciples saying if you participate in this march 24. And marched for our like which my son is participating in U op are not going to be reprimand if you get reprimanded but it certainly apple opt in protest. You will still be admitted to our university because we value your right to protest I. Yeah I. For the march and I asked looking to look after my son he's going to be any good I worry if you get arrested. What does that do for you. Your future admissions to Cullen has nothing and now the club as a saying no no contact them. Now. We will be right back plus doesn't.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how Republicans are addressing gun control in the wake of the Parkland shooting and whether it's enough.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53367619","title":"Republicans running from discussion on gun control?","url":"/theview/video/republicans-running-discussion-gun-control-53367619"}