Ronan Farrow talks bombshell report alleging Trump affair with ex-Playmate

Farrow joins "The View" to discuss his New Yorker report detailing Trump's alleged affair with Karen McDougal.
9:38 | 02/16/18

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Transcript for Ronan Farrow talks bombshell report alleging Trump affair with ex-Playmate
So the journalist who blew the lid off Hollywood's sexual misconduct scandal is dropping bombshells claiming the guy in the white house had another affair with a playboy playmate and a media giant made sure it stayed out of the headlines. Please welcome Ronan farrow. Hi, Ronan. Ronan, let's just jump into this. Karen Mcdougal allegedly documented her time with the new guy. In an eight-page handwritten note which you obtained. Why did she do this? And how did you get the notes? So we talk about how we got it in the piece. A friend of hers that was there gave it to us. She later confirmed it was authentic. You know, it's complicated because she admits she signed away her right to speak about her story and she has regret about that particularly now that it is about the president. However, she feels she was cornered into an unethical and she feels ex-ploy taytive arrangement. As is very often the case when women sign up. How did she meet trump? How did the affair begin? They met in 2006 at a party at the playboy mansion. He was married? He was quite recently married and had several months earlier had Barron his son. The same stormy Daniels? Several instances where there's overlap in timelines where it appears he had sexual relationships with multiple women and concealed them at the very same events they were all at. And then shared patterns of behavior between the alleged affairs and also a lot of the alleged nonconsensual advances women have talked about. You also say -- she says in her notes that he introduced this girl, woman, what's her name again? Karen Mcdougle. To mihis family? What? They took photos together. At one point she visited trump tower and saw Melania's separate bedroom she rights. He pointed it out to her? Yeah. They talked openly about this. She is tell petrified of legal retaliation so she was very careful about what she could and couldn't say but she did in general she has profound regrets. She's very religious now. She when reflecting on things she's done in the past said there are things she would do differently. He took her to meet his family? That is so bold. Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump jr.'s wife as well as Eric Trump. That is what she rights. And allegedly lasted nine months before she broke it off. Why did she break it off? The feelings of guilt were a big factor in that. She also talked about a number of instances where while she's quick to point out this was consensual and also comments on him being polite and treating her really well. She talks about he felt he was disrespectf disrespectful. Some racially charged comments, unkind comments about her mother. About her mother? He called her mother an old hag. Did he meet her mother? Knew her mother? The family was all in the middle of this. You know, she had raised with him allegedly her concern that her mother might disapprove of this. I would imagine you know what the white house is going to say. They're slamming the story saying that trump denies having had this affair but quote, this is the statement from the white house, this is an old story that is just more fake news. What's your reaction Ronan? They have that statement in my story. We always give everyone a very generous window to respond and give input. They had that window and we were in touch with them. Yes, he outright deny this is affair. You do right about the strong similarities between Mcdougle's alleged time with trump and other affairs he had like stormy Daniels. Can you discuss the similarities you saw? Several women who have alleged these relationships with trump were consensual and nonconsensual have talked about offering them money. After they had sex he offered to pay her and she said I'm not that kind of girl. You know, this is something that shows up in a number of the stories offering to buy property for women and using his own properties as an entre for sexual advances. Propositions at mar-a-lago, at his various golf courses, trump tower. What about the commonlety of where it happened and what he ate? Yes, similarities in meals he ordered. Steak and potatoes. He is a well know tea totaler. Beat after beat it seems like this account written before we asked these questions, she couldn't Taylor these to stormy's account, do have commonalities that seem to corroborate. At the befr hills hotel. Same location and same hotels and bodyguard. Seemingly the media complicity in the sense the national enquirer $110,000 to her story. Called catch and kill. You know my work. I wouldn't just report on any affair, but her story reveals a really vast system that can be employed by powerful men in this country to silence stories they don't want in the press and silence women who might want to speak up about that and that is exactly what happened leading up to the election. You're right. People in tabloid business call this catch and kill. It's acquiring a story to bury it. And there are six employees of this media company, Ami, that spoke for this story who all said this was a routine practice they had seen happen at this company and it afforded leverage, an opportunity to influence the people they had dirt on. Why would the six people talk about it? You know, I think a lot were troubled by this system as well. So the story never ran in the national enquirer and they say the reason it never ran is because it wasn't credible and the head of the enquirer happens to be a close friend of trump's. You think the story is credible and why? A close friend of trump's has spoken openly and this is not hidd hidden. All six employees said nothing got printed if trump didn't approve essentially. They all said this seemed to be part of that -- Why do you think it was a credible story? Obviously the new Yorker doesn't run anything and I don't unless we find it absolutely credible. Our sources and this is very, very broad and deep. Every contract. Every -- But is it the enquirer that cares about creditability half the time, you know. That's not for me to say, joy. Yeah. Interesting. They paid for it and then buried it, huh? Didn't publish it. That's correct. They say that is because they did not find it credible. We have to say that in a statement Ami denied it had any leverage over trump. The suggestion that Ami holds any influence over the president of the United States while flattering is laughable and that's a quote Ami. That's not what's being alleged here right? Several of the employees suggest that is one reason why this is potentially troubling. That when they saw this tactic employed for other celebrities where they would buy a story and bury it on someone's behalf the end result is they used that to gain influence over that person, to get them to do exclusive shoots and leak stories. You know, they speculated that this was something that could be used to influence the president and many of them were troubled by that. You know, ronan,'ve known you a long time and you're a great journalist. I called you a paradigm shifter earlier and stand by that. This is a story the public has a right to know and I do believe it but I question whether or not this will move the needle with trump supporters because I think people know who this man is. He cheated on his wives before he was elected president. I think it's allegedly but yes. I do wonder do you think it will have impact on women or trump supporters? It's not for me to say Meghan what will or won't move voters. Karen Mcdougle who took great risks to speak outside she was doing it because she witnessed woman after woman come forward to expose the tactics used by powerful fen men to shut up womennd she hoped this might inspire other women to come forward, every woman is paving the way. I don't know what moves the needle and that's not my job to move the needle but women who speak can have a powerful effect. Can she speak now? Will she come on the show? Ami is saying that there is an exemption to her contract to respond. Karen Mcdougle and her representatives say they do not believe that's the letter of the contract and they are afraid to speak. Well, you know, Ronan, you have busted so much and people are really aware of things that they sort of might have thought they knew about but I have to say, you know, ahole lot of people in the country is better off for everything you have been doing. Thanks a lot whoopi. Thank you everybody. Thanks for all you do. Our thanks to Ronan farrow. His new book "War and peace" is out in April. Thanks guys. We will be right back.

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{"duration":"9:38","description":"Farrow joins \"The View\" to discuss his New Yorker report detailing Trump's alleged affair with Karen McDougal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53147759","title":"Ronan Farrow talks bombshell report alleging Trump affair with ex-Playmate","url":"/theview/video/ronan-farrow-talks-bombshell-report-alleging-trump-affair-53147759"}