Sec. Jennifer Granholm discusses plan to create jobs with clean energy

The newly appointed energy secretary tells "The View" about the Biden administration's climate change mission and reacts to the storm that left some in Texas and Mississippi without power or water.
7:00 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Sec. Jennifer Granholm discusses plan to create jobs with clean energy
Former Michigan governor Jennifer ground. Is president Biden's current secretary of the Energy Department. With power outage to SaaS is still plaguing Texas and Mississippi. She's got her work cut out for her please welcome Jennifer grand home. Hey welcome to the view. May cure act and congratulations. Congratulations on your confirmation. When you joy it's you. Yes it's so great to seeing you again. Governor Richardson. I'm okay PM yes. So since the last administration we will skip the nameless right now ahead wasted forty years not caring about the condition of the planet they leave behind for my grandson and other. People future generations I'm thrilled. Thrilled that this administration is taking climate change seriously when I really worry about stuff like that keeps me up at my back many many people I still don't. I think the price they think that the price Ted for green initiatives is too high. Who know who or what do you see as the biggest obstacles now and making real change. I mean first the first of military thanks for this question. I mean at Joseph Biden has said when he hears the words climate changing in some jobs. And that opportunity here for Americans in every pocket of the country too which. Experience both the benefits of cost reduction as a result of clean energy as well as jobs is. So exciting it's why I'm so honored to be part of this because the mission the church is about deploying clean energy and about creating jobs all over the country all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people and with respect to cost. And just one example joy I'm and I drive a Chevy bolt which is an electric vehicle. I don't have to buy gasoline the average person who gets an electric vehicle saves 600. Dollars a year because you don't have to fill out I have solar panels on my house so I drive on sunshine. That's a fantastic technological advancement and that's what the department of energy and all about is solutions like. Madame secretary your appointment comes at a time when this nation is facing a lot of problems in the energy sector like the recent disaster in Texas where people are still suffering. What's the biggest lesson we can learn from what happened there are so that history doesn't repeat itself. I mean first of all we aren't as you have I'm sure talked about the Texas grid is independent from the rest of the country they have decided to do that. However when you're totally independent means that your neighbors can't helps you. So when and agreed went down in Texas nobody could sand that electricity to them. El Paso which is separate from the rest of the Texas Britain. Got help from Illinois and other places and therefore they didn't go down so that's number one is. It would be why I think thing for Texas to consider. At least linking up to the rest of the National Grid so we can help them in their time and age the second thing is that they got word back in 2000 what much. That they had to winterize their system that climate change is upon us and the weird weather events will continue to have bench. Every other part of the country isn't whether rise or at least has taken it upon themselves to make sure that this wouldn't happen and really talked plans. And I'm partially Texas has not done that and so it goes to lessen the really important. Six Uighur and home IAF top president Biden was a little tone daft when he told coal miners who will lose their jobs to simply quote learn to code. John Kerry made a similar comment recently saying miners could give it to building solar panels. These just aren't options for most workers and knees and claimant retraining programs had a really poor record of leading to actual jobs. What do you say to people worried that the president's policies will make it hard for them to put food on the table. And what do you say to people that will lose their jobs who think fate being told to code is sensible thing. Well I mean result they want to go it of course that opportunity should be made available to them however coach there are sole many. Jobs in this clean energy space Megan. That have skills that are commands her with the skills that they used in previous chopped so for example. You know we want to be able sent make sure that we mind at the critical materials. That are going to batteries. And so we should cap miners have that opportunity or to make sure that they and a pipe fitter and not plumbers and electricians. We're going to be installing clean energy or you June I mean many countries are powered by Dutch heat that's underneath your feet in the earth called geothermal. In the US we don't do much about it clean and renewable electricity. We should be able to put people to work. Doing things that are similar. Skills that they had before and deploying with clean energy and there are millions more jobs that will be created in this clean energy space. Then their have been in depth fossil fuel sector. Map madam secretary the stormy mentioned earlier has also reportedly left. Tens of thousands of mostly black residents in Jackson Mississippi with no running water for over two weeks now that's a story we just aren't talking about enough. They don't have clean drinking water they can't me. Or even flush the toilets many residents can't afford bottled water. And are really frustrated that there's no accountability. I mean with the prior protect that the the priority being energy profits over people. The you know our infrastructure I think is out of date all over the country and be intentional. Really environmental destruction. Pore black towns. Is racial and equity in in climate change something that the Biden administration is going to address. 1000%. In fact I'm he's got an initiative called to EJ energy justice forty meaning 40% and the benefits of clean energy investment. Must go to communities. That have been left behind I come from Michigan. Flint had different but similar problem in terms of drinking water. Old pipes in in Mississippi's case spent burst as a result of lack of upgrading of the infrastructure. And it disproportionately happens to communities of color coach so this administration is going to put forward a jobs package after this coated climate. Bill gets through. And I and you better believe there is a commitment. To make sure that that infrastructure is invested. In the places that need it most particularly in communion in black church. In indigenous Indian communities and people of color. And communities that have been left behind core communities where there has not been the investment bankers NASA's church isn't a jobs plagued but it's also a moral place that we eaten must invest in communities that have been left behind. Our thanks to use secretary. For common and.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"The newly appointed energy secretary tells \"The View\" about the Biden administration's climate change mission and reacts to the storm that left some in Texas and Mississippi without power or water.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76230595","title":"Sec. Jennifer Granholm discusses plan to create jobs with clean energy ","url":"/theview/video/sec-jennifer-granholm-discusses-plan-create-jobs-clean-76230595"}