Sen. Rand Paul on attack by neighbor, baseball field shooting, release of secret GOP memo

Sen. Paul says he's "absolutely" in favor of releasing the controversial GOP memo: "We need more sunshine and we need more oversight."
11:00 | 02/02/18

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Transcript for Sen. Rand Paul on attack by neighbor, baseball field shooting, release of secret GOP memo
Republican senator Rand Paul has seen firsthand the anger Andy vision in America right now from Tuesday's state of the union to the ballpark where a gunman tried to kill GOP congressmen and even in his own front yard. I mean, the world is rough. But he came, didn't bother him. He came and hung out with us. So please welcome senator Rand Paul. So senator, we heard about the altercation and all that but how are you doing? It was a little more serious than people led us to believe. Yeah. Didn't know how badly I was hurt in the beginning. I knew I was having trouble breathing and thought I had six broken ribs. Three were broken and displaced. So as they heal they'll heal in a crooked fashion. Then I discovered that my lung was damaged underneath and I had pneumonia a couple times and to describe how much it hurt, I couldn't sit up. I had to have help to sit up for the first four or if five weeks. And it was a neighbor who attacked you. Who knew you had to have armed protection in your yard. The guy claims it was over your lawn. How bad was your lawn exactly? There were a few rabbits and long grass. But it's Kentucky. He said that's what it was about. I think it's more than that. Somebody is going to attack you has to have something else wrong other than your yard. You think it's just a nut case? I don't know exactly. It's hard to know what it's the mind of someone. With the whole idea of the country being angry, over your yard or even the guy that shot us in the ball field, he was known as a guy who one of his neighbors told him to quit shooting his gun in the backyard and he hit the neighbor with the stock of his gun in the face. There's just some people so angry -- They all have guns though. Maybe they should look into that. A great deal of anger. Well, the tragedy of Steve Scalise being shot and I remember I was on vacation and took my breath away and started crying. You were there on the baseball field. Do you think his motivations were political? You know, yes, but I mean, I guess the real thing that people ought to realize is we are all human like anybody else. Steve Scalise almost died. Went through 20 different surgeries. I was 20 feet from a young staffer shot and scrambling out of there and I tried to reach my wife to tell her I'm okay but I didn't have a phone so a random person coming down the road who worked on the hill, he gave me his phone and I'm dialing my wife and she's not picking up random numbers at 6:00 in the morning. So she found out because one of her neighbors came over knocking on the door so she didn't see it on TV that I was okay. People think sometimes because we're Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, somehow it's okay to want violence towards each other and it's not. If you come to Washington, I have many good friends across the aisle. Ron widen I work with on privacy. Kirsten Gillibrand I worked on military assault. Many members we work on both sides. Criminal justice reform, Cory booker and others. Steve Scalise is doing better, correct? You know, initially the funny thing about an injury, it was a tragic, that you see a hole this big and you think he's not that badly hurt but it turned out he was very severely hurt with internal damage and just had another operation in the last week but I think it's looking up for him. Will he ever walk or be able to run like he once could? I don't know. He's hoping to. It's a year out. He's been brave to go through so much. Yes. 100%. We wish him well. Can we get into some "Hot topics"? As long as they're easy. Well, president trump is supposed to release this controversial house memo any moment now. We have been watching. Despite the fact he got grave warnings from his own appointed FBI director Chris WRAY and the department of justice about how dangerous it could be for the country to release this. Do you think it's a good idea? Do you want it out there? I think people there are partisan on each side of the issue. When the election was going on, I think many people thought the FBI got too involved and may have cost Clinton the election. After that happened they thought maybe they got too involved on the side of attacking trufr. I think maybe the FBI should do their job but maybe be quieter. One thing I'm worried about intelligence is every president for maybe the last 100 years has used aabused intelligence on their opponents. Martin Luther king were spied up, civil rights was spied upon. Nixon had his enemy list. What we need to remember is what we have now is intelligence that can vacuum up so many phone calls. For example, there was an admission that they took all the phone calls between the united States and Italy a soaked all of them up into a database. Every phone call in one month from Italy. And so journalists are in there. If journalists are communicating -- They had a warrant for that. No, they don't. They soak it up without any warrant from foreigners and database now has Americans. Some people in foreign languages. And they can search the database. My point is less about the specifics about this and more about that we should ask a judge. We see sometimes -- You didn't answer my question. Are you in favor of releasing the memo? Yes. You are? We need more sunshine and oversight. How about tax returns if we need some sunshine? You're not concerned about the classified information? Joy, first of all, you can argue for sunshine on the tax returns but to you want the irs to search his database and secretly give that out to the media? I want it to give it to the FBI. Well, nobody's tax return should be given to anyone unless a judge has a warrant for probably cause. But he's under investigation. He's possibly in violation of the emoluments clause. A president that has never released them. There's a valid political point you could make that he should release them running for office. But the worry some thing is the government has all your information. Think who the enemies are. They're people minorities of opinion, color. People who have a lifestyle that other people think is unacceptable. Do you want the government or the majority to be able to selectively target their enemies -- Did anybody say this when the FBI first sort of when Comey was doing his back and forth with who he was, I mean, I appreciate all this transparency but you know what, it's a little bit late. Right. For all of the Democrats and Republicans. Because I just feel like listen, you know, if you're going to give me a piece of information, give me all the information. Don't cherrypick it. Give me everything. Paul Ryan wants to put the democratic memo to counter this. Do you agree with that? I'm fine with that. If you look at my position, I had the same position under president Obama that I had under president trump and that is the power to listen to people's conversation, your private conversations are private and nobody else's business and the government should not reveal that. Okay so when bush decided that they needed to make sure that they could find out where the terrorists were, so how does that work? Because you know, if we're concerned about terrorism and we're banning people from coming in, one would think you would want to know if somebody said on a phone call I'm coming and bringing everything. We have this program -- we have this program called fiza foreign intelligence surveillance act. We spy on foreigners and don't get warrants for that. You spy on every foreigner to prevent terrorism. I'm fine with that. But when the foreigners talk to Americans it's not always Americans have talked to terrorists. Could be journalists talk to people overseas. They could be trapped in that. Presidents, senators. You don't want someone who says I don't like the civil rights activists or the Vietnam war protesters or white people, plaq black people, brown people. You want to make sure bias and bigotry cannot happen. So you want to make sure that if you're going to do that, then it applies to everybody. You can't pick and choose who has got the good enemies and who has the bad enemies. Right. As this came out three weeks ago, our side, the privacy advocates that say governments should leave offalone, we advocated to fix FISA. It had nothing to do with trump. You know what it has to do with now and it looks a little shady. We got the shaft by nunes. After he authorized FISA for six years. We were asking for the -- anybody that searches this database that types in whoopi gold burg should go to a judge first and someone who doesn't like you shouldn't be allowed to type your name. Too late. Too late. They got me. We never have enough time. You're going to have to come back. Before we go, you feel like marijuana should be legalized in the United States? Yeah. I think it's a terrible crime to put people in jail for pot and I think if you look at who is in jail for pot, it's primarily black and brown people. It's poor people, people who don't have enough for an attorney. There's a great book called the new Jim crow. A great book. The number one impediment to voting rights is having a criminal record. If you look at people who smoke marijuana, white people, black people smoke it the same percentage and everybody in prison is black. Why is that? Why is that? It's because the institution likes racism. I know. Our thanks to senator Rand Paul.

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{"duration":"11:00","description":"Sen. Paul says he's \"absolutely\" in favor of releasing the controversial GOP memo: \"We need more sunshine and we need more oversight.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52799944","title":"Sen. Rand Paul on attack by neighbor, baseball field shooting, release of secret GOP memo","url":"/theview/video/sen-rand-paul-attack-neighbor-baseball-field-shooting-52799944"}