Stormy Daniels announces new book 'Full Disclosure'

Daniels details her new book and explains why she decided to publish it now on "The View."
4:35 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Stormy Daniels announces new book 'Full Disclosure'
Tell everydyt it is. , You're going to let me do it? It's your book. Oh, you just did it. I knew Y wouldn't let mee th. Coming out oer 2nd. Cool. The book is "Full disclosu." The B called "Full disclosure." You WER only with Donald Trump for, what, two times? How much canlose? T's a lot in the book book isn'tust about that. Th D defe me, and a lot peoe areoingsay, oh, you didor whatever.evhat knows F aim knows I've working on a bk forbo years, so I of melded evything togr. I' kept notebooks of the ad I've had on the road S. Will ow. Re you goi to give details of that night with the Ye You are? that's why itthat. The psident jt ckered. I hav feeling that he are H throu T grapevine that was going to en. There are a lote that are hes a Thi feeds into what I about stordanielha was about making money a making ae F herself and now it's just a platf and she can write a boo and it will sell. W probabl sell B than it W fo aster of fact I actually test listening read of book,hr years ago at the otic convention. I helds where I tested chapters from the booo see how it WOU do. The book was a goi to en. Jnow has more infoion. Everybody writes a book. Everybody writes a bookbo Al kinds ofuff, and you kn you write a and it sells well and it dsl for you, what's the matter that?derstand weople such -- A of times you N form to sell it, youee name sellit. Let me say first ti that I reads had to put it down three times because I so D by this book. This is and I ink peo a going T veryoved byhi book,y its content, andheoing T Lear a lot about this incredible woman who I am proud to C men and my friend N amazing life. Is book I incredible insitful and I aery anxious for people to read it. Iave to agree with that. I read a couple excer from th book and I was struck the details that you put inhere AUT being a this that ievw hn and the women that are involved, it's arous profession and of rs I'm an animal lover. I was real suc by storyhorse, Jace? Jade. jade,nd how she was sort O untae but you tamed is that some S of metaphor? Maybe. Ok ok gotno Sak pee of it about your time cinnamon the strip club. Somef it is soaunchy that we can't even say it on their. Youidn't think ick. No. Is it book you would want your daughter T read? Not until she's of a C age. WHA D you want people to learn, to take away fromit? He book I actually dedicated daughter. It was written for felt. There was a period of timere like, great, now I can't write a book even though I've been W book for years because people are G use it againste say iid it for aeason S Ian't write th Bo. That has now Turne aga after erybody knows a lot of the "60 minutes" was cut down forime re are thingst said my interview th wanted people that were very important to me that I didn't get to sa so I wke, I'm going to include Ian think what T want aboutnd at least it's th truth. It's Notik haven't been thinkingthat about You also had a hell of a ildhood. It's going to be a longhree weeks before the book comes out forald trum Yeah you know, that's a piece of thebook. E book is really about you and that's the mostmportant thing here. And it's I Y you can tell you wroteit. A lotffour-letter words ini didn't rlize I washa bad heinal version Yea you're not alone, babe. We'll be bstormy niels and chl avenatti. Wa to lose sbborn bellfat.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Daniels details her new book and explains why she decided to publish it now on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57777242","title":"Stormy Daniels announces new book 'Full Disclosure'","url":"/theview/video/stormy-daniels-announces-book-full-disclosure-57777242"}