Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti talk Michael Cohen's guilty plea

Daniels and Avenatti discuss the latest developments in Michael Cohen's case, Daniels' Ohio arrest and more on "The View."
8:24 | 09/12/18

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Transcript for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti talk Michael Cohen's guilty plea
like. Ch and applause ] A whole lot has happened have so much tcatch up on right now. Please daniand her lawyer, Michael ears and use ] So let's dive rightin. Stormy, Mel he president trump'someone that Yo know py well, recently pd guilty to 8 including charges col that H made wit Yo now, after months of denials, Cohen toldrtroom THA he S corrected by trump to pay you F the pnciple purpose of influeing the election. - What was you reacti when you D that? I was actually over in Europe ael Calle men going the oo we WER't reallyure what he was going to ple orhat thehings were but there was veryd chance that something would be inn to that he would call me back. Timing I everythi. And I fell asleep and when WP I woke T my phone expng a one of the fi pho Cal I got W from my bodygrd. Wited and I was likelm downdown,l me. And me ae hard. And I didn'teally Thi T it was going to. Like the things that people have said to me, all the things that have happened, that news is was a punch the gut. Didl I was so overwheed I just broke down no sobs. . Be Ed a Lia and not for months andmonths, it ha takents toll. It was so, yes, viated, jus S -- I felt like all Wei came off my shoulder howoes it feel to now know thathe knows ou've been tellinghe truth. Cohen says he's going T tell the trubout the wle thing. You just died what U were put through. Are you going T believe him? Do you believe anything he says now? Can bieve at. Consciously, I'm hopefuyou believe THA'll ll the tru? M, I havealth. What about you, do you think he'll tell the truth, chael? I thinkow he' going to tell truth. Truth-tellingetween himnd Donald tru I'm going to put ey O Michael he Wow, some co about truth-telling, tr told Fox News that the payments came from him,he campaign, and that he only knew about the pa after did it. Do youie that? No, I don't believe that a all. I do thathael Cohen undertook this O his own without the kno trump. I thinkhat both O tmnspired togr -- We heard the Ta TRE wastape. It's on tape. We heard the tape. There's the tap relatingo we don't know which payment many pments but I think there's no question they conspiredr and any CLA that Donald Trump didn't know hing abouthi I think I a buhf nonsense. How would he know who to pay? You K wt mean? They weren'tustan out 30,000 checks. Have cold one if it M justying. Michael Cohen made news th wee when he you-know-w in the wte house both offered to tear up your $130,000 nondisclos reement. They sai they weren't going to enforce it. So, does that mean you are free toalk now, or is there like secoary -- No mor Noorenda? Really been respecting that anyway? But I fid I'd ask. No but read that online the second ened. I jus happened to on my phone and my ial reaction was joy agai because it was just another step I prove th'v been honest and the WHE thing is cra D then, youknow I reazed that now you want to make this offer? Oh you want to make this of if everybody remembers, months ag were to rn money and sudden LE no one -- they wn't accept. Now it's gone and I thk there'sr picre here. Right. Why did he pul it, Michael? I think they pulled it because they'eroncerned that we're going to get chance to micel Cohen and Donald Trump they don't want me to have an otu to ask mp questionder oath and F him to have to answer thosestions and the for the world H tho answers because I think it's going tve very damaging to Michael and Donald trum they're doing everything they can to avoidhatsituation. This, as you know, D N impact the trump base, th "Access Hollywood" video came outefore the election even took E. Are you so keenn keeping this lawsuitlive to depose the president whnot just be done with it?eon't know what impacts the trump base until something Acly its the trump base. It's like, they used to call John gotti teflon don a ey used to claim that he was untouchable right uunl -- Is thatour goal to switch no. They teflon D right until he in a federalpenintiary. I thinkhe is T factsnd the enc laid bare for themerican publnd they'reoi to make a determine whether Ty' with him O against He pulled a pulling O ot nda. It's to bef do th. As you said, he doesn'teo go UND oath or anyplace but he's still guilty so goethim. Think ain we're going to waitndee as to whether toet cnce to depose Donald Trump and M Cohen but we' to continue marchforward. Ust a quick legal note, trump is senhe affair ever did happenith U, stormy. Still suing Y for defamation you a C job Twitter. W of the Rea I'm going to roll over on we'll tear up the Ou he pay you $130 if nothing ever That'shat's why I said I would have gone and collected some doughtoo? Who doesn't need ,0 Tas a big "Hot tocs" at this inyou were arrested T night inail forience members while you weerforming at aip CL in Ohio. Thatt. What E went down? Ok, a little background. I have dance all O the county and have more many ye yearsha like to I' inhio at least a dozen times. Familiar the lawhat I can and ca do at of thes vary slitly for a guest star which I knew. I got trouble be there were uner officer sitting the age. Th drs I their mouth andsked for a motor boat, and I did at. I now K what aor boat is. I didn I took the with breasts which Isom I've done in evclub, every performance unless expresslyold you have to stay six feet ay. Is that done in every ye I know several other girls THA haveotten in trouble for a miemeanor violation. The cops write you a ticket O thespot, done, no big . You d'tet arrested, hauled in and andip and all the things that happened to Didus S search? Eah. And second of all, I T is entrapment in mysonal opinion because theed me to do then T police officers ally did arrest me immediately.they stood in line, paid for autographs and photos with me -- What? Yes. And then came to my tour B arreed At? Is The upside I got a beauti mugshot outit. You hthe best mugshot I've ever seen. [ Applause And it's out -- so much come ot fact a nber ose officers were bigmp rs. This appears to haveee political motivaten investion ongoing and they werergxpayers foholic beverages while at the CL I thinkhey had a good time actually at the Wo ohmy. We'll beight back th danield Michael enatti.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"Daniels and Avenatti discuss the latest developments in Michael Cohen's case, Daniels' Ohio arrest and more on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57777059","title":"Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti talk Michael Cohen's guilty plea","url":"/theview/video/stormy-daniels-michael-avenatti-talk-michael-cohens-guilty-57777059"}