Terry Crews on his message against toxic masculinity

The "America's Got Talent: Champions" host discusses the revival of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and how toxic masculinity affects the Me Too movement.
11:47 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for Terry Crews on his message against toxic masculinity
he's a big, bad fabulous man from plerk "America's got talent: The champions"s, "Brooklyn nine-nine," at the golden globes stealing the show. I was trying to figure out what I was reading. Never mind. Come on out, Terry crews. Hey, everybody. You were ignoring all the pectorals. You know what, she's over it just like my wife. She's like, I'm done with it. . The name of the show is "America's got talent: The champions." That's what I was trying to read. I saw champions and I didn't know where it fit in. That's all right. We all love you on the show. We were watching the golden globes. You really stole the show. Where does your energy come from? We have shots, you just don't stop. First of all, all my energy comes from gratitude, 100%. You're talking to -- Yeah. A little kid from Flint, Michigan. I remember being at home in my room looking out the window saying, one day I got to make it. One day I got to do something. I want to make a difference. And then to be here in Hollywood doing the things that I'm doing, to have the career I've had that spanned over 20 years, you're talking tens of movies, 100 hours of television. It's like, to do what I'm doing is a blessing. It's one of those things where if you don't appreciate it, you don't deserve it. That's it. That's right. I hear that. Good for you. You know I'm a fool for "Brooklyn nine-nine." I love that show. Oh, my god. And they cancelled it last year but it got picked up immediately by a different network. And now, the new season premieres tomorrow. How happy are y'all? First of all, I call it the zombie show because we were dead. We were dead. It was gone. I was sitting back chilling like oh yeah, we doing good, we going to be back. All of a sudden it was cancelled. I was like, what y'all talking about? It was like we got this and it was gone. This is why you really have to appreciate everything. I'm on this big whatsapp link with all the cast and when it was over we were like, I'm so sorry if I never see you guys again, you know, I just want to say I love you. It was like, oh, my god, you know, it was like you're about to put fido down. Then all of a sudden fido comes back and he's happy and he's good. Who gets that? Who gets that in this town? You're lucky. We were cancelled and we're back and we're better than ever. I can't wait. I can't wait, you know. You're a busy man as whoopi mentioned. Also "America's got talent: The champions," you're the new host of that show. You're going to have finalists and winners from all over the world. What can we expect? Look at this. Oh, my god, look at that. I always wonder if that's real. That's real. All of it is real. This kid, stand-up. Absolutely amazing. That's a funny dude. What's so great about this stuff is that it doesn't just deal with singing or a comedian. It deals with everything, singing, comedians, performance artists, magicians. It's talent all over the place. It was a show I was already watching with my family. I have five kids, been married 30 years. That is a familiar show. My beautiful wife right there. We were fans. I turn around and I'm on this show, I'm hosting it. First of all, it's the world's biggest talent show. It needed the world's biggest host pound for pound straight up. That's right. Just to switch the tone for a second, you became a very powerful voice in the me too movement because you accused a Hollywood agent -- I won't mention the agency -- of sexually -- Thanks, joy. You're welcome. Sexually assaulting you, right? Yes. He of course denied it all, right? And then you filed a lawsuit and what has happened since then? First of all, you know, he was forced to resign. They came to me and basically said you were right because I knew I was. They found out I wasn't going to quit. You know what's so crazy. I told them -- they came to me like -- made it as if I was trying to benefit off the me too movement. Yes, yes. Again, that's as toxic as it comes. You know what I mean? It was like, blame the victim. It's you, you wanted it somehow. I'm like, your agent, the head of the motion picture department comes over to me, I'm with my wife. He molests me. You got to understand, people act like I just came out with this. I went to them, I went right to them the next day. You reported it. The next day. I was like, what are y'all going to do about this? They were like, what do you want us to do? I said, you telling me he's going back to work? They were like, yeah. I said you can't do that and go back to work. They were like, we're doing it, Terry. I said, do you understand you're treating me less than a human being? They were like, basically you are. What did they mean by that? First of all, when I met with the head of the agency I sat there and I said do you understand what you're doing? Do you understand? I am a client. I've given you millions of dollars and you are telling me that you want to slap this dude on the wrist and he gets to go free? He was like, Terry, do what you got to do. What does that mean? Go to the police? Listen, that's exactly what I did. That's exactly what I did. You know what, another thing -- First of all, when he said do what you got to do, this is the thing with me, all my life I had to deal with terrorists. I'm surprised this guy dared to come near you. You deal with drug dealers, gang members. In football I dealt with crazy coaches. I dealt with all kind of stuff, people trying to treat me less than human, okay? Then you come to Hollywood and you do this stuff and a lot of times you just want to keep working. I had someone call M Tyrone. I said my name is Terry. He said I like Tyrone so I said, I guess my name is Tyrone. When he told me, do what you got to do, Terry. I said today I die on this hill. I went right to my wife, went home, I told her Hollywood is over. Hollywood's over. And she was like, are you ready? Because she was there, she knew. She said, babe, are you ready to do this? I said we ready, let's do it. And we took on the biggest agency in the world and they knew I was going to be wiped out. They just knew I was going to be done but I told them I will spend $1 million to win one dollar. First of all, the women who came forward in the me too movement, we knew it was going to happen. I wrote a book about it in 2014. You testified in front of congress as a victim of sexual assault and you talk about this. Can you explain to us what you mean? I'm telling you, I'm guilty. I was a toxic man for most of my life. You got to understand something about masculinity. It's a cult. It's a cult. When you're talking about a cult, this is why women are like why don't you understand me? And the guy is like I don't understand you. I don't know what you are because you're like Jim Jones or David Koresh. You're totally sold in to the cult. The problem is that we battle people but you don't battle people. You battle mind-sets. Mind-sets are evil. People can change their mind and all of a sudden change and really do their thing. Men need to concede. Men need to admit we messed this whole thing up. One of the biggest problems in the country right now is the south has never conceded. You can't have healing until you have concession. The problem is if men decide we are sorry, we really messed this up, let's correct this, now healing can take place. As long as you're defensive and let me tell you, I was that guy. I said the day my wife walked out on me is the day I conceded. It was the day I was like, I got this wrong. I got this wrong. I thought just because I was a man that I was more valuable than my wife and the other women in my life. And I was taught that. It was one of those things that they were like, hey man, you the man. Most men are masters of Dell lugs. My wife kept coming in and turning the light off. I was like, it's my movie. You're messing up my movie. Let me ask you this and we've been talking about this for a couple of days. I don't know if you've seen the R. Kelly docu-series but what are your thoughts about what's going on with that? First of all, this is something that it's been going on in our community, the African-American community, for too long. Our churches, our entertainment, our culture has had a whole series of ignoring the molester. Chris rock used to make jokes about it, you don't want to go over your uncle's house. It's not just the black community. Look at the catholic church. First of all, I can only speak for my community. That's all I know. I'm just telling you what I know. I was like, all y'all. I would look at these cats like you know you're wrong. They're saying people were ignoring it because they were black girls involved. Definitely. The last needs to be first. You got to understand how society works and the whole thing is like no one, no one was going to listen to a black woman basically say that I've been raped, I've been molested. They're like, well, whatever, you know, and it's wild because it was our people that was ignoring that. Let me tell you, I had enough. I, I, when I say toxic, I, I remember looking the other way. You understand what I mean? You go, well, I can't do nothing about it, you know, that's just the way it is. And it's not! I decided there's no way by being silent it slowly means consent. Now we have to speak and I decided I'm going to talk, I don't care. What happened to that agent? He's out. He's gone. He's gone. For many reasons. Yep. One of the things that before we go I just also want to say is one of the things that you did was you took it out of being just a woman's issue into being a people's issue. That's right. Because no one wants to be touched if they have not invited it. No one wants to be manhandled or female handled or whatever those phrases are. Nobody wants that. And so by you saying, listen, it happened to me and I'm telling you and I have no fear to tell you this is what happened, it opened a whole world up. So thank you for that. Thank you. Our thanks to Terry crews. "America's got talent: The champions" airs Monday nights, and be sure to catch "Brooklyn nine-nine" on Thursday. Check your local listings for everything.

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{"duration":"11:47","description":"The \"America's Got Talent: Champions\" host discusses the revival of \"Brooklyn Nine-Nine\" and how toxic masculinity affects the Me Too movement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60267939","title":"Terry Crews on his message against toxic masculinity","url":"/theview/video/terry-crews-message-toxic-masculinity-60267939"}