Thousands of government workers ordered back to work without pay

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on workers being asked to return to work without pay because of the risks posed to government agencies.
7:48 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for Thousands of government workers ordered back to work without pay
The White House is realizing just how much this that is devastating the national economy. So they're calling 50000. Government and why is back to work. Without pay a now a lot of these employees have taken on the work to pay the bills during the shutdown. So the question really is how O. Do you expect roster come back and not your pet it when they have to feed their families and again. Get medication for their kids and offer what I made its work you have to have lots can't write for transportation I have to get up. About what you get your rest take yeah so as possible I was just I was lesson I was. He about it is you have rent or mortgage. You have the day care you have to buy food alma you have to do is there haven't they do as a zip to TSA worry that had that average salary is 30000 dollars. And the average American doesn't have any savings if they have a thousand dollars that is very unusual. Not idle medications dozens that have yet to be able to live I've read he does and I when IB Everett horror stories about people just being able to pay for their insulin. To keep their body running so. There 400000 essential workers that were already working without pay but what he's done is at 50000. That will now be working without pay and they're saying is to soften the impact of the shut down to. I guess to reduce political pressure so it makes it less likely for them to want to come to an agreement. But has to do really is set is and the shut down and then talk to Democrats about what to do how he could do that. There's a margin that I don't think he invited rank and file members of congress of the Democratic Party to meet with him yesterday and not one house Democrat chose to show up to speak with him and I would have applauded. Any Democrats it would have chosen to come won't remember they want less time I know they're in a couple of times I think they'd I was saddened as such I'm I'm. Qatar from saarc. Now let. I just think they'd we should all are we expect our politicians. To have some Mota come up maturity because there is a bottom line here today people are feeling. The heard a best economically a lot of different ways and I really do fear a day there's going to be no budging on either side and it our government's going to be shut down for almost unfathomable amount of time. And this is accused of that happens and there will countries as isn't the type thing this was flatly that America to think that they Republican Party will put pressure on him event I hope so and he'll do that one of those emergency things he would say it had to I was actually studies say get because she's was on the show last week that I did you youths presented in front of us about. I'm Democrat its democratic. Changing docked up. Read more gray on reform of the royal unless money and you learn little money at all what I. President is set it on doctoral would never be considered until the Supreme Court dealt with it because the trump administration is still determining whether or not. They think that it will be com law. Well so they're they're hedging their bets are guys you know what we're not where an act and I negotiate on docket because we we still. And humidity and nice president says he doesn't 1008 hour and it's obvious as it did if you haven't already and they are though that we were in a place a year ago literally a year ago when Democrats were willing to agree. Did when he. What the twenty billion dollars now for the wall that. Right now so it but now they're not willing to budge on any money for the what they could tell that I had eagle from such an extreme than a year later. So quit my my issue is there's no strategy right now but my kids aren't. Alabama and take and why should Nancy a little wasn't given the polls are on her side. And and you think you're admitting that up political candidate you can't go it is shut down this time he'll shut it down the next time he doesn't have no idea what should let that a child. It it's a child who given the cookie this time his wants the cookie the next time that's only good. Read this this this wall on the Mexico border and he's saying you know Mexicans are bringing drugs and and and and crime and why not think about a wall on the Canadian border the Canadian border is extremely porous and they just had this huge drug bust. Over there there's a trafficking question with with congressional Democrats are now really that concerned. Isn't that I don't without a ring and you mural when the man said to. He said yeah. Many many times pay some maxim column will take part is trying to pay this fall. I'm. Read the American pilot and cotton. But when we become Mexico well yeah what we become the ones that have to take Karen is what you said. As the major deal male cop yeah plus he's the bay did might cut. That's what he's. That solve why act I want him to say I couldn't make it work with Macs I just want to miss any minute. He wants they're not now I also kind of resent out that I have to pay taxes for something. To Amanda doesn't pay taxes he does not pay taxes why they using my tax money for his wall when he does but again my despite the bigger point right because I had I had I agree with you opium I think he did make promised over 200 times and having people are not followed through but Mike might question now is we are here at this place where no has the strategy no one seems to be willing to compromise on anything to come to the middle they're not even meeting together the White House where we are right now. Why would Democrats willing even a year ago. To pay for that money knowing you know wild thing. As one while they didn't know the Mexicans want pamphlet but they want to pay what he billing they would trying to do when everybody always wants us to death which is trying to work out trying to be on the goods and that we don't want to know what. I know what Eli ten and questioned not the bottom financials and I think a lot of what they aren't a flowers on the table real people are in trouble. Yet many of the bottom line that is about the most concerned about and by the way thirty grand for a TSA worker. There at the front lines of protecting us from Kerry as they have stayed a lot mrs. Clinton I am why not for government agencies only but that as that wind is leading us and just wrote a letter to the diet. So the new black. And and do not know what it on why is still there may individual one. You probably the guy is that Cellini has always been about. It was said this was his sent them to it they asked that she was asking him. So worked with them to delay doing the day on the state of the union. Because there isn't. There isn't the security that there should be yes and he would never ERS and it could be very dangerous yeah and so I thought that was something bad I hadn't thought out I hadn't thought about that and this is there with her on not. I care Nancy Pelosi that had to have a skating union address we are supposed to talk about. The progress as we made as a nation and really to finally agreed to let us we're you know what it would be a would be president talking to the camera like he did a week ago we elf said that was just the disastrous witness anywhere. President and I actually I have a reminder that that bipartisanship that exist in this country was not that long ago. It really really hasn't been not that great amount of time and not to name dropping as well it was sentenced there was no do you really like I had Gailey started now I had dinner life banquet Joseph and Hadassah Lieberman who are Democrats who are oval are my family and keeping me sane right now and they are two people who fought on different sides and it is not that long ago the Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan prayed together Opteron ray was shot and I am just begging the American public our politicians to go back to that moment. And we should start here on the Johnson we get it when they said. Lands managed loans sometimes I just feel that it ended. When when everyone said you know Obama's going to be a one term I never said that feels like setting it I I let them know little about Hanna currently dirty Harry added in in DC that's when it and you know was sending right now. This segment.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on workers being asked to return to work without pay because of the risks posed to government agencies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60421895","title":"Thousands of government workers ordered back to work without pay","url":"/theview/video/thousands-government-workers-ordered-back-work-pay-60421895"}