Trump says administration looking at libel laws

"The View" co-hosts discuss Trump's controversial comment that current laws are a "sham and a disgrace."
3:00 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Trump says administration looking at libel laws
So yesterday we had "Fire and fury" author Michael Wolff who is public enemy number one to you know who at the white house. It has the new guy so steamed up he is calling America's liable laws a sham and disgrace and wants to make it easy for people to sue media organizations and publishers for making Lieb house claims. My question is you sure you really want to do that? I think we have a magic list of people who may want to take you to court first. Meghan McCain? I'm on there. I'm on that list. Yes. Things that have been said that can be, you know, Lieb house if somebody decided they were going to change the law. Barack Obama number one could just -- dude, he showed you everything. I was reminded by my producer in my ear piece. Trump said I would never make it on TV. You were wrong. He's been wrong for a while. He said it when I was at fox. There's a difference between slander and libel. His criteria for doing this -- he would be the first person on the -- Absolutely. First person. People would be lining up to take you to court. You left off the list the entire country of Mexico. What about them? That's true. They could sue him for defamation. We didn't put the media organizati organizations. There's a lot of folks that could step up. We wanted to give you food for thought. Why does he go out there and say these things? He has no chance of changing the lie bell laws in the country. There's no federal defamation laws. It's shocking to me. I found out he has filed over 4,000 lawsuits in 30 years and he has never once won a defamation case. Here's the bottom line if you're in the public eye people say things about you. How many books came out about bush? How many came out about -- I mean, grow a pair. You say you're the guy leading the country. This is part of it. This is what happens. Just grow up. I think we need to be concerned about what he is trying to do. What he's trying to do is akin is censoring people. When you look to dictatorships those are the places you get in trouble for speaking out against the government and you get put in jail. When you hear our president saying things like I'm going to try to strengthen the defamation laws what he's really saying is I don't want people to criticize me. Fortunately we have a system of checks and balances and a constitution. You know I'm always curious about young millennial's take on president trump. We grow up during the Obama years and now we have a different president. He doesn't represent our generation well. He doesn't think the way we think. I'm definitely at the age where that's becoming paramount in my life where I have to take an active look at what's going on around me. When you see all this bafoonry going on it makes you think how realistic is it for me to make change. You can I do something when this is my president. My president is on the damn Twitter slamming folks and acting like a troll. How can I deal with that? The question I have for you is honestly where we get our news and consume our news has completely change. We had Michael Wolff on yesterday and there are a lot of things being debunked by people. What media outlets do you trust? I don't know if I trust that many. That's social media playing a big part in that. One thing you think is real the next minute completely fake. We say this is what I choose to decide to believe. I think it's a good thing. It makes people start thinking more independently. I don't agree with that. For me it discuss. I don't turn on CNN and say this is true because CNN said it. You question more. I think it's healthy. I think she's pretty representative of millennials. Facts are facts. There are outlets out there -- "The New York Times," the Washington post and other sources like that that have been around for almost 200 years. You listen to those rather than people who pop up. You make your choice to decide whether this is something I trust or not. I don't trust everything. Most liberals trust "The new York Times." One of the main journalists of the "New York Times" came out harshly against Michael Wolff. What did they say. Maggie is an amazing journalist. What did she take issue with? I can't triple quote her. She have said it on tell vacation. Okay. You're having journalists question things as well. You expect that. Yeah. Listen, you can question and say some of this I don't think is accurate. You take what is accurate and you weigh it. You go this is way too much stuff that is accurate for you to be doing this. This is ridiculous. The book rings true because we've seen him on television with our own eye. I think what's interesting keke is saying I don't really trust anyone I think it's indicative of a lot of millennials. I'm an old millennials. I'm 33. I grew up when there was more trust and faith in our journalists and media intuitions and what our. Said on television. It's an interesting idea -- This president has eroded -- I just journalism. He's chipping away at people's trust every minute. He's saying everything that Ta talks negative against him is fake news. I believe he's at his 2,000th lie this year. 2,000? Yes. How do you believe him? I'm very concerned about the war on journalism and journalists. We're hearing over and over I don't trust journalists. I don't trust the media. I caution people. There are wonderful journalists I work with every single day like Anderson cooper, like Walter kronkite. You have to filter through with your own self and your own ability to know that okay I'm collecting this information. You know what I'm saying? Let's not always attack journalists it's a very difficult job to do and they're on the frontlines making sure we know the truth and fact. If you watch the movie "The post" now you'll see what she's talking about. Without the press you have no democracy. This is the first time in my life where a president is actively trying to kill the pres off. Yes. Yeah. It's the first time that I -- Nixon used to make -- He manipulates. People understood where the press was and what they did in the country. I feel like once we started putting together a 24-hour news cycle that facts became more floaty. At 6:00 this was the fact. But the perp son is not watching the same news cast they watched at 6:00 at 3:00. Then we have a guy who says it's all a lie. He doesn't say listen I put a lot of this bs out there. I said stuff that just wasn't correct. We showed on the show dude you did say this. He's consistent that no this didn't happen. No matter who you read you have to check more than one source. It's too hard. It's too bloody hard no matter who you're watching. Check the other side and in the middle somewhere is the truth. It is in the middle. We will be right back with more

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{"id":52286812,"title":"Trump says administration looking at libel laws","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Trump's controversial comment that current laws are a \"sham and a disgrace.\"","url":"/theview/video/trump-administration-libel-laws-52286812","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}