Trump and Biden trade barbs

"The View" co-hosts discuss if the hostile rhetoric between the president and former vice president will impact voters.
5:07 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Trump and Biden trade barbs
Gloves came wants an Iowa yesterday when Joseph Biden and you know who went after each took their campaigns are now it's in the battleground state. And they span analog and time to is a need to up that title. President is literally an existential threat. To America. Biden with a loser ever let Joseph never got more than 1% but this is a guy who does everything to separate. And trade Obama took above the trash shape he's genuinely a threat to our core values what a man has been mentioned my name 76 times in his face. That means he's in trouble I guess you're really fascinated me act different betting is they'll. He's even slower than they used to me. He's an amazing guy and. Joseph Biden is a dummy. Most news. His ex who could benefit from this that didn't work for you know last time as a goal want to start with the for I was hoping that Biden wouldn't sort of get into the mud and sort of elevate the conversation act I don't like the name calling equipment in but and that's the thing I was very different and you have Joseph Biden saying that the president is an exit at existential threat to our core values and then you have the president of the United States calling. Joseph Biden a loser and a dummy. And on the trash heap idea on the trash I mean there's no comparison in terms of the of the level of discourse and so I think it may be works in Biden's favor some some are the pundits who sang and I'll just call whoever it is that that the bank. Only does not appeal to the Democrats like it doesn't matter to me he's calling Joseph Biden names in appeals to the charm base now they they enjoy it. But the Democrats themselves do not care so he's just spitting in the wind at this point he wants to get any democratic votes. As lot of things are really I hate about. Primary politics but one of on the health conspiracies. Heyday it happens with my father apple with Michelle Bachmann did you crystal was by the way printing that's what but it happened obviously Hillary Clinton it's now happening with Joseph Biden I think is the lowest common denominator courteous to warm the politics. I think on both sides we should stop but I think it's disgusting it's actually very purple to be very harmful to families who have an app resisting Israel like. The help the Sally find my dad had to have like 800 pages of his medical records to remember lying but remember in the downhill he had like you know a mole on his back however at a time and I think they the implication that he's slower he's whenever. That's dot whistles about his health and I think here and now we have to you. Put an end to that because I am I really think it's really got the country and I think it's just below initially weren't he's marsh cheeseburger away from killing over himself yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay if you haven't picked up our feet remember is doctor it was like Jeff Bridges and emblematic yeah you know weird doctor at the time so we really want to make I don't think agent on it and then we study how but why. We saw that Sean Hannity on Fox News start effect talking again about this sort of conspiracy about I Joseph Biden's health and and I thought you know. That's coming also from the White House because we know Hannity has been the president's mouthpiece for so long. And to see that on the news network on an alleged news network is is this really terrible well to have shot handles the rules say warehouses. That's you know does is that this is going to be a lot. I have a feeling that people's help as the least of the staff worked out I know really nice telemarketing I'm out. Pray that Vice President Biden says he's going to promise to cure cancer if elected it's one of his big promises and he's that you're using it to the single most important thing that changes America we're gonna cure cancer Erie had a big initiative that he he helped the government fund for brain cancer and I think. They should be at the forefront of a platform. In every way I don't know why caring. And I would say that curing cancer it was going to be much more difficult when there's so much climate change and pollutants in the environment because a lot of cancer is. Environmentally clients and this president rolls back to anything that will clean the path I just so like a bit working against each other they don't also a clean up the admission. They don't know what causes yeah brain cancer for what Everett mountain but I will say that I do think it I can't you can't meet anyone who has been impacted by cancer and I actually think. Putting that out on the campaign cellist and the at least for me has been very resident didn't help elect and I think that's why. If you if you poll Americans health care is also one of the number one number yeah. I think there's any time you someone sans his my goal to make this happen. Sometimes we get very like oh yeah okay sure our. And it you know I think that makes people not want to do things not want to take this step. To try and see if things can be done and I think the man curious thing Woolen Harry was scientists. Who's did you know what I know this sounds crazy but I'm gonna go for it anyway so you know what Joseph in the UK and if you can get a supply will weaken eradicate cancer. Not that would be fantastic. I would love that.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss if the hostile rhetoric between the president and former vice president will impact voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63664867","title":"Trump and Biden trade barbs","url":"/theview/video/trump-biden-trade-barbs-63664867"}