Trump boasts 'NATO is much stronger now'

"The View" co-hosts discuss Trump's comment on the summit.
6:39 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Trump boasts 'NATO is much stronger now'
So the white houseesident kept up his criticism of nato by claims he M aal that's changing ts from now on. Take a The United States has bee Ying a tremendous amount. Probably90% of the costs nato. And now peoploing to start, and countries,re going to start upping th options. Will you tweeting differently O you board air force E, thank you. No. That's other pe I'm vy consistent. A very stable GE. Unbelievable. So -- Oh god. There's a couple of sort things should St of mention about this. He said that, nato member owe us a tremendousmount of money many years ba that's not true. The U.S. Hasot stiffed for unpaid by natoalli. He also said that the U.S. I- our actual ers, we' paying4.2%. The Pentagon says false, it's3.3%. Me he alsoaid that we're obably spending 90% of the cost of nato. That's also false.67% of nato defense spending. There's a bud thatnato ay into. We pay 22%. The question WHA I he up to? He's usix lies here. Yeah. But the se and house D --! Bell rings ] Thank you. What ie doing there? The senate and the hre not be him. He's making a fool of hlf an making the world laugh about howtle knows foreig affairs and international information. He knows nothing. Nato to me get T weeds. A lot of peopleupport what he's doing bse wee Pai more. It's the style of -- We haven't. We have paid -- yeah, they paid less than . And we pay over 3 kt. We pay 3.5%. Rmany, 2%. Spain, 0.9%. And not to interject. I dongree with the style. We should all be paying our fair sharto nato. Oh, thank you very much. Theblem isnato has a shared budget to whh member makes contributionsed on the size of their coy. Of the he United States has the biggest economy They shld be paying $2.5. Greece plays $5llion. I think everyoneuld be paying their fair share. To is one of the things age with. When you're tal abouthe E of this, I free. When H ran on this, why are we Ying more? Why are wefunding? Re I'm sorry, go D. If -- I get the percentages mean more money from. Because we're the biggest one. Thtas going to finish without getting inthe en the idea that this presentation ends up anng and pig -- can I say that? Yes. Pig off allies. The opt for going I another meeting with rsia when we're gettingnto -- Russia wato interfere. On the face, it looks like Putin succeeded ain. Why isn't he considered a rat to national security? Heis. He is. Both of them. I don't think we shouldet out over our skis. I dohink we come on the show every day. Nderstand there is a hys with a certain group of people in the cotry. I do say, when I tal about trump Ng syndrome, we should take eachue by issue on. I'm not sure what you're king ab I'm talkingbout the people that suffer on the far right. The nevertrumpers. There is nothing that he C do that's okay. And theple O the far left, thatreng thatrump can ever do that's okay. I think it Hur your argument goingnto -- No, it esn't. The M lies, let's say six times day. We can't even Kee up with M. But we are - I say that you shoake each issue by issue because everyone is just shooting them in the foot. T aren't enough years left in mye to take him issue by issue. I can't do it. That's tele please don't say that. Don't say that, joy. It's ib you're the most virile old person I know besides my father you're going be around until you're 1 anger is going you through election cycles. I'm not sure about all of that. Yknow, she's going anywhere. Th irrelevant to what point was. Okay. S not about me. It's about how much lying he E does and how manyhings he overturns. And any thing weave to catch up to. He EPA alone is -- just take that topic. That's ten years of my life Rationally, this argumt of what he's doing at nato can be defeed. There's not a lot of people that think what he'oposing is but you don't want to tick everyone else off. He'so not telling the truth. Exactly. [ Cheers and a Andhere's enough information out T for him as the I running everything. It'ske, you know, listen. We have had --people we agree with, peoplon't agree with. But one of things, know, you get a LE bit of B.S. From lks. Go, that's not true.thiss like, come on, man. This is not all right. Learned early that his stats are completely off.this is me trying to read I what was being presented B experts. The uniteates H been the biggest contributor tonato since westernnatis. Hold on, you want to K talking about that? Not really Joy says no. Okay. We'll be right back. Joy doesn't have enough years

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Trump's comment on the summit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56542705","title":"Trump boasts 'NATO is much stronger now'","url":"/theview/video/trump-boasts-nato-stronger-now-56542705"}