Trump fires pollster after numbers leak

"The View" co-hosts discuss why the president would push back on leaked poll numbers from his own campaign research that showed 2020 hopeful Joe Biden ahead of him in some battleground states.
3:12 | 06/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump fires pollster after numbers leak
He also pushed back a prime. Some bleak poll numbers from his own campaign leased sites that found. Biden beating him in a couple of battleground states with a double digit lead in Pennsylvania Wisconsin and 7% lead in Florida some take a lot. Curtis is a Good Morning America today they had that phony polling information I explained you list it was phony but you didn't do anything about it you should have. But it was late in the evening and corruption to get your kids I've studied those polls I've heard the explanations. And ultimately doesn't go visit the homes. Be coups. It's untrue. I like troops in I'm actually very respect. How. Okay. And doesn't get up on the table. His campaign did buyer three in the pollsters all the bad continually. So I'm not X uneven no haven't. I'm. Would you do it tee it you know people look at its new. Nearly everything you say this kind of aren't dead kind of that track let me tell us. Eligible and I saw him before when he before he was wrecked that in the thing whatever you call it. The process of winning. I didn't and he was just thinking about leaving winning an abrupt and I'm yeah I can't have my words to that sorry had a long boring weekend. How coupled. I saw it at the Adele concert at radio city ranked and I know him from this shop so I somewhat open to have an incident does not lobby and I said to him Donald if you really want to run for president like. You know that we like I'm running for president are you kidding me and he sent did you see that was poll numbers. That's what he lives for our you know not. There's really politicians let purple numbers it's like Harry he wasn't even write a realist and he should be out of their idol that I used to call it that. I got staff would likely is it is like they're like oh my god rabbi when we're up whale attacked it is normal but for ending down so much it is that any Hillary going on in Virginia but why oh why would keep you know he's allergic to the truth of course why are either admire the polls. But Wylie fire out ulcers that's information that he needs he's down so much T thirty telling him the troops take that information and using information I don't get why they're now missing the point. Leaking is bull leaking and terrible but can also now he needs me and he does not believe it. So it is not sonnets he's allergic to the trivia while he debt he does not believe there are any one could have an ace. But didn't explain chapel what they heads when they told them the truth. Who basically whether they'll do I do want to know these. Pollsters in particular I assume after working for president Thompson and happy hours and that you you like Henry support the principals so why are you week gain so there is that but I do think if you if you're if you wanna be told the truth then. You've got bigger problem and one of them will ever we'll never know how anybody finds out anything because I you know he'd be talks about the Lisa Lisa Lee's. People are leading from inside job whole campaign to get people are talent PeopleSoft because they want you would know what's happening to you only one of them want to hear.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss why the president would push back on leaked poll numbers from his own campaign research that showed 2020 hopeful Joe Biden ahead of him in some battleground states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63765722","title":"Trump fires pollster after numbers leak","url":"/theview/video/trump-fires-pollster-numbers-leak-63765722"}