Trump names Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court pick

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's High Court nominee.
6:58 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Trump names Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court pick
celebrating you know who east pick for the sme C justicett Kavanaugh. Some say he's coming for roe V. Wa senatoehuck Schumer say they'roing to block him. At do you think of the pick? Go ead. He's youngnd from the D.C. Circuiur appeals. It has some oe finestges in our entry. A lot of supreme court juss elded from THA circuit. He worked forsident bush. He is well-qualifi he went to Yale law school, Yale ungrad.a lot ofple are saying he's so conservative. Ink he's a moderate conserva. He's more in vein ofl Gorsuch. Ieil Gorsuch a moderate conservative? I think H ifou look at some the decis judge kanaugh wrote on the D.C. Court of appear some of his brethren were more far right. Cautusly optimistic. Do you thin he'll overturn roe V. De? No. I think theics are interesting I'm fascinated H Cho the swampiest swamp creature from the bush administration. Ought herobably wouldn't have wanted anyone what wd for bush. Watch for the moderate Republicans and R state Democrats, these are the people both sides are G to try to itch. Heidi Heitkamp -- They'll want. Try to make them itch. When you have Heidi Heitkamp up fo re-election, it will be interesting to see if they'll vote for him. I would say for peo L you, Jo who are freaking out that roe V. Wade is going to be overturned, it is not judge Janine which I thought wast one point in time a possibility. It could be E. For you it could haven muchworse. He might be a version ofgejanine. He was very impressive. If you watched his speech everything with hisother's teacher, law school, his relationship with S. Thought this guys so amazing. He talked about the importance of diversity. How th cs he hired ha been women.I don't know if I was hearing what I wanted to hear. I wa impressed. My husband said who is a Wyer, the supreme court justices are some of the best peoplehe nominees even. In the supreme court you always what you want the way you wantit. I think if people are concerned about roe V. Wade, you need to start talking locally to the people I your state. Yoow if you're concerned T it because the bottom is we know that I wom wants anrtion she will find a way tet one. That's just the way it . 'S why -- R she do it to elf. That's why all this came abn the first place. Let's rememhat F of all. It's ustthat. It's also gayri. It's the ACA. Y'all were talking about abortion ri. That where I came from. Believe that, if he does what most supreme court jud shoulddo with the exception of Anton Scalia ande doe what's right for the country and not voting hi religion or his beliefs I'm willing to listen accept it. He said I will honor a precedent. He did tn he was a D.C. Circuitge being the supreme court is fferent. You are interpreting the law. That different. I tend to agree with you, whoopi hat in ter of what the states will do. I agree th jefftoobin, my nd. We'll see state right challenges and then we' see them go to th supreme court. The supreme court has swung to the right. It's more conservative I couldn' believe in the Judi system and the law as I do, I think you can yell fire at thispoint. We believe in checknd balances. We hav't got that in O the branches of government. Because of elections. Thismption- We're not G T win the te Peoon the left Shannon green, O X, wasn't comfore doing her news cast. There wereple with signs that say W hate blank. The left doesheves a disservice whehey don't even know it's going to be yet. The left is takinage from Mitch Mcconnell's Bo The idea -- this is like a stolen experience. Electionhave consequences. S Republicans have three branches of power and we're getting two moreeats on the urt. That's why voting is important. Idea THA this was appointed by a fascist, that's a lie. We'll have Alan dershowz on and we'll ask W would a president who is under investigation by the FBI allowed toick a supreme court justice there. I'll be dead. How dare he be allowed to do this when he's under investigation. I second what whoopi said abthe importance of voting. Right now you 80,000 votes in three led to a generation of this Stice. It'sortant P remember we have less than 50% of the American public turn out for Vo. Yes voting ier you don't likehat's happening stand out andcream all you want , it's not G to Shi anything until you your foot in the voting boo and take onsibility for what's ha this is on us.

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{"id":56488568,"title":"Trump names Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court pick","duration":"6:58","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's High Court nominee.","url":"/theview/video/trump-names-brett-kavanaugh-supreme-court-pick-56488568","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}