Is Trump prioritizing the economy over coronavirus?

Rahm Emanuel joins "The View" to discuss the president’s handling of the outbreak.
7:32 | 03/23/20

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Transcript for Is Trump prioritizing the economy over coronavirus?
Since then message out of the White House keeps changing. A lot of state and local officials have been stepping up to the plate. To leave and we're joined now by I'm man who served on both local and national levels. Former White House chief of staff and former Chicago mayor the amazing Rahm Emanuel ironic and well a how are yeah. Get now listen we're a week in its of the White House directive. A fifteen days of social distancing. And this morning you know who tweeted we cannot let the cure being worse than the problem it's out. At end to bid fifteen day period we will make a decision. Asked to who its way we want in doubt that experts say could take months to stop the spread. Is he jumping the gun is he once again Saddam Simon. Talk out of both sides went what do you think is happening. Well. Let me say this I'd I think that general rule. What we should be doing is a country you have cut it to different policies the public health is built around separation. The economy is built around integration. Inferred too long and we're playing in the president now's playing chase check be chasing up and try to catch up to the problem. Those two are in contradiction and we now Kate need to figure out a way to make more complimentary. And I do I think he's getting a big head we got to make sure that we have everything we need from icu units. All the equipment that our nurses and doctors need so they can do their job without themselves putting their lives at risk. Making sure that we target obviously the most vulnerable of our population meaning seniors people with immune deficiencies. And then also make sure that part of society the economy come back I think the president. Is actually not leading in this effort and you know he calls himself a wartime president. In my view he's been actually leading from behind. And that's not what the country needs now in need straight talk it needs to be dealt with forthrightly. And if it does that the American people respond accordingly. In this effort and so I think he's not only jumping the gun I think what he's got to do is have a comprehensive strategy they tells the American people like Roosevelt did. Like others have done in times of crises what exactly we're gonna do and how we do it together to make sure we solve this problem. Ron you know I'm Ron and re not Roosevelt's. And I was we and then during world where true. He instructed to try to stop making cars and start making war plan because that man who was a great president understood this and charities Jewish. What is holding trump up front isn't shooting as he actually forced companies to make respirators and master at center. You know this is exactly the right point at look at me I think let me step back and I also think one other thing you know us about the president is like in the worst moment. Roosevelt said. We have nothing to fear but fair itself. Evening date in the weaning gaze of the civil war were literally American vs American. Leakage touched a spirit with malice towards none and rather than attack people like my governor or ridicule. Senator Romney. I the president would serve him well and serve the country well if he thought thought about how to bring us together find our common reality I'm seeing it. All across the country and I seen it here in our state where people are helping each other. I'm willing to send you Joyce. You know chicken soup there's an expression of love and affection for you. A serious note I think that what we have to do is not just figure out how to put a floor under the economy is start now investing in the future this country. And deal with our public health that has been starved of resources started to invest in our infrastructure I don't think it's right that. Certain kids can go online and learn and other kids cannot connect make universal brought bad. A great investment for the country. And start to also deal with night what I think is some of the problems and our production were all a lot of our or equipment. What is stopping him from doing this one important stat. Unconscionable it is if you've heard about the economy. The stock market boom will reflect his great has risen what is stopping this man from 200. I think. I'm mr. I don't. Pay. It makes no sense I'm ever there is similar stories and I'm ready history. Literally at the moment when they looked it would Germany was producing the United States said look we have to get ourselves to a different place of organ it can out compete and win in this war. If this is a war you pull all of America's resources nothing's left on the sidelines and he cannot play. Leader from the sidelines and benching every up the big part of America. And he has the power he has that literally now say this is how much speculators who this is how much mass who want this how much protective gear we want. And direct American industry in America and the company's leadership will responded only the United States government can greet that kind of demand. And I don't understand why he is willing to say it I have this power this power tool. But I'm not gonna plug it in and use it it makes no sense to me and it makes us that's the American people. And business is back a response in less he directs it to do it and they're ready to do what. And this can't be done is philanthropy. Or charity it's gotta be led by the United States government. And he's the leader that's okay that's good that comes you know with the office comes a lot of responsibilities if he's not exercising. Mr. mayor you can't yeah I. Mr. mayor yeah. This despair I guess when it asking that a politician that he mentioned economy is important and public health right now a lot of politicians define their legacy based on the economy. Is it not most important right now the focus on public health to get after it first because the economy can afford time. And public health right now is immediate. He let me just let's take one step back. For a law about two months he was operating under a denial and delay. That this will take care the weather will take care and the public health officials appropriately. Were screaming at the top of their lawns we have got to get the systems in place to deal with what's coming. And in fact. There's a lot of articles that the CIA was warning him of how bad this was going to be accepted his own public health people and heat July delay that so now we're basically. On our own ten yard line starting to play catch up. You have to deal with the system and get its structure set up to deal with the public health risk. Now which is what you don't president getting used to say to govern. Is to choose between bad and worse than you not got a situation where the economy and society. Are on hold. And if we don't also get that moving we're gonna have a we every two front war Haney has to fight multiple. You've got to save lives you gotta be strategic about it that is exactly what Korea is done that isn't exactly what Hong Kong and some and Singapore done. And you also then have to deal with how to get society moving again. You know there is a public health risk that if people are isolated. Not working not doing anything. Personal emotional depression sets it. Other critics of self worth cited as a you have to balance that and you need a leader to be forthright with the American people and no decision you make. How to find a complementary approach no decision is this is actually right in this that's wrong hold or trade offs and he needs to tell people what the truth about the.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Rahm Emanuel joins \"The View\" to discuss the president’s handling of the outbreak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69752367","title":"Is Trump prioritizing the economy over coronavirus?","url":"/theview/video/trump-prioritizing-economy-coronavirus-69752367"}