Trump signs executive order to end family separations at border

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's decision.
6:45 | 06/21/18

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Transcript for Trump signs executive order to end family separations at border
The current administration has been adamant about have any. And have been attacked when it comes to stopping kids being separated from the packed up and Wada take a look. Congress and the courts created this problem and congress alone can fix it can't do it's ironic yeah. Until yesterday. Watch. We're signing. An executive order. I consider to be a very important executive orders about keeping families together. While at the same time. Being sure that we have a very powerful very strong border and border security will me. Equal if not greater than previously. So do what legend each age. But also he's like be arson is to them becomes the firefighter. And yap so he creates the problem. And now he's taken credit for undoing the problem then they you know I'm always goes by this it was interesting I was looking something up. Seven it's odd percent of Americans think immigration is good for the nation. That's a lot we believe then that is good for us it may. You may feel as another of the nation because. A lot of us come from emigrants nearly everyone at. For me out I agree of course he created the crisis and now he eased any city that congress created in this. Democrats created it and now he has signed this executive order to solve the crisis that he created. I think he was using children as pawns because you 125 billion dollars for a while that he sent Mexico is gonna pay for so I think that's sort of the underlying record of this. But what happens to the kids. That he separated and tore from their families are talking about over 2000 children in our audience holds about a 180. So think about that ten times this studio audience their children that are missing and and they have no direct plans. For reuniting them if you look at the body of executive order it really almost does nothing to solve. That problem and you know and the problem still isn't solved because crowds gathered at LaGuardia Airport here in New York City yesterday. Check this video out there were kids as young as five years old still being torn from their parents they're holding little bags the state Department of Homeland Security. And they're being shuttered away to detention centers here in New York so what was the effect of the executive order keeping families together. If just last night. There were little kids when they fourteen everybody seemed confused on that messaging has originally they say this won't be something we grandfather in an inch. When they pushed the double downing continued gas they said what we don't we haven't quite iron that part out no prop illness but. The interesting thing I saw this morning was that he even need to make an executive order to undo this he needed to make one phone call from Jeff session yes they do Aso was even less than that's not stepping out of schematic of you know he should have done in the first place but it could have been on done immediately when his name not only me that was one phone call that was needed and that the song and dance of an executive order or at could've been fattened for. Welcome to that I was gonna say what happens when these did some among my little point what happens to these kids. When they start getting measles and hoping coffin viruses in the detentions and these detention centers what happens maybe they'll inject them with the anti psychotic drugs that allegedly they got to reject it again went bad about that. So well I think with the policy. It is a really interesting because we very rarely see trump a recent study saying I go back on that evening and especially something as. Red meat has -- like immigration is an even seeing him. Walk this back I think it is notable he brought up his wife and daughter yesterday when he was signing it I think it's also notable that apparently. They are more effective at influencing and then I navy had anticipated what the whenever they didn't Gator didn't say and public. I will say Bates. It's always important to me I was watching his rally last night I was watching his supporters being interviewed is that the footage this morning. It's important to me that we recognize that yes we are a nation of immigrants they think everyone at this table agrees that that. The president trump ran on one of his first statements Mexicans being criminals and rate best and I they set anchor up on a worst states. This is a red meat based issue and I think. The optics of the children being separated is one thing but going forth with sort of open borders hagee any way to the Democrats is going to be something that he won't I want still abstinent when something out which we know pointing out all week is an old. Mom up. Sent back so many people deport her and she to be awarded that's what they call them the deport her and cheat he did not separate families now and sell this. Has been in place this did not have to happen they didn't have to touch that's because. Bet in place they had away said you're here you're not supposed to be it was sending you back so it's not a I think it's not a dumber. It's not the Democrats this is this is a choice he made that back part and so I want his base can be of agitated. About the fact that we are being saddled. With this. Zillion dollar wall that he's there he was wanted because he's such a good wood pulp CA nine via said he was going to make. I met I don't I don't want to actually they would you may inundated get the actual. Immigration and I think many people can get on board with. You have to have resource is you can't have an open a place where everyone can come when we're complaining about everything I ever advocated for open borders wolf I don't act so woman on Fox News the other day that I was watching a Democrat I tell us how odd numbered absolutely annihilated didn't she help regulate your up. This could be kind of the similar split the slippery slope at it when we talk about guns and it must mean you're getting rid Second Amendment I think. A lot of people can understand and get on board of immigration change. I don't know if anyone has the right approach still I think the problem with this move was when that children policy was enforced the zero tolerance. It controlled other people that agree with the common sense approach and who did the opposite side to say this is right you're talking about I'm out I am I. I got a pretty angry I get to the political point did you just meant I don't think that he was listening tie vodka. On Milan idea because this is a quote hands that sent the crying babies doesn't look good politically. And that's a really what drove this because. The trump card even day note that this doesn't look good in November acting so people have to remember they manages. When they bulk for the trump party back in November the. Catastrophe ending Jeffrey Toobin is calling at times Katrina I'm not belittling how egregious this wipe them and how intense the photos coming out when we were all against it you're all emotional about it.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56061422","title":"Trump signs executive order to end family separations at border","url":"/theview/video/trump-signs-executive-order-end-family-separations-border-56061422"}