Trump tweet suggests delaying election

“The View” co-hosts react to President Trump’s suggestion to delay the presidential election amid his false attacks about mail-in voting, although it’s not within the power of the president to delay the election.
5:07 | 07/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump tweet suggests delaying election
We are a few months away from one of the most important elections in modern history. And yesterday you know who made a stunning suggested he'd been there for Hanna that. The election should possibly be delayed because of the threat of mail and voter fraud. There will make it quote the most. Inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. Com you know I guess he likes to think he still has absolute power like he's a king. But does he have played authorities. Sonny if act I have to ask you though I know the answer. Does he have the authority to do this. Now he doesn't have the authority luckily the constitution gives congress the power to set the date for for voting and we've. And it what's interesting to me is bad the date for voting has always been. New. Eight rather they admit that congress has required the appointment of presidential electors take place on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Which this year is November 3 since 1845. Since 1845. So I don't understand why this president who we know is not a student of constitutional law. Really just thinks that he can from Rhode this stuff out there not only challenging the constitution but also calling into question the very fabric of our democracy. Which is. Vote me you know and and I can't be the free democracy that we should all be enjoying and that's what's scary and I think he's doing it. As a distraction I think he wants to distract somebody from the disasters. Economy and I think he wants to distract some everyone from certainly that deep in the global pandemic which he's handled so terrible racked. I think that's what this is about a needle scare. He's scared about the election yeah. This is not only tweet of his that's disturbing. You right now enjoys that right. Yes well yet another tweak this week. Among them that shows his Fairmont grand. And his desperation. He's trying to scare suburban moms. Right now and that's right at a bus. His playbook from 1973. With his father when they said they would charge the discriminating against black. Tenant has treat was the suburbs will no longer be bothered a financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood. This is a blatant racist tweak his not eating using a dog whistle anymore. Big and you know housing discrimination is to my view a major part of systemic racism. It really to redlining is so destructive to the black community. And I've said this before on the show as a white person I'm allowed to live wherever I want I don't think that it even occurs to white people that they would be told no you can't buy that house you can't live in that neighborhood with the schools are better and the hospitals are better. So he is now trying to undo something that's been there and it of course Obama. Had in the fair housing act and he's rescinded it last week and now we scare in suburban moms I pray I pray I'm not a religious person I'm praying that suburban housewives and women out there and end their husbands will not. Full one not buying into this life this disgusting despicable and racist line. Could the economic report that just came out be a reason he wants to delay they and that delay the elections minor. It's he's not gonna delay the elections as Sonny said he doesn't have. Power to do it the judicial branch would never let it happen in the legislative branch should never let it happen it's just a way to troll the media which he's doing while. An earache said unemployment numbers that just came out the US economy contracted 33% since April 1 point four jobless claims. There's seventeen million Americans currently collecting unemployment benefits and I do think he doesn't want us talking about that. True that end and I just want to say you know when they say low income housing you know that a lot of people in our country. Work with low income housing is not just black people as white people as folksy as I can make a lot of money who want a better. Place to live for their kids so I'm hoping that people are Smart enough. To know that those 1965. To 74. Scare tactics should not be working on people who actually live. In real life. Now yesterday the great John Lewis. Was laid to rest but. Just like he did throughout his entire life he left him inspiring parting message that I am encouraging every American. To me it's in the knee up times but I'm pretty sure you can look it up and find it. Army into that beak has. If you are feeling like we don't have what we need to move forward read this because he's basically telling us it's inside us to do that we can make. The changes we need to make if were only willing to make them.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to President Trump’s suggestion to delay the presidential election amid his false attacks about mail-in voting, although it’s not within the power of the president to delay the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"72105842","title":"Trump tweet suggests delaying election","url":"/theview/video/trump-tweet-suggests-delaying-election-72105842"}