Trump won’t commit to peaceful transition

“The View” co-hosts discuss the president's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if Joe Biden is elected.
5:41 | 09/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump won’t commit to peaceful transition
Nationwide protests continue over the grand jury decision to let cops off the hook for killing breonna Taylor. They would be calling for communitity right now, right? But trump is adding to the fuel saying he is protesting the use of mail-ballots and I may not leave if he is loses the I've been complaining about the ballots. The ballots are disaster. I understand that but people do you commit to make sure there is a peaceful transfer of power? If you get rid of the ballots there won't be a transfer. Are the election results only legitimate if you win? We have to be very careful with the ballots. The ballots, that's a whole big scam. We want to make sure the election is honest. I don't know that it can be with this whole situation unsolicited ballots. They are unsolicited. Millions being sent to everybody and we will see. So, you know, I think he is playing the order -- and wants to see which Republicans will line up behind him on every other heinous thing he has seen and done but what do I know? Ana, you're a Republican. Do you know? Do you think they will fall a lot behind him? I think a lot of them are distancing themselves on this, at least one thing. Joy, it's more of the same. Okay? The only thing trump has to offer the American people is fear. That is what his campaign is showing in the arts of fear. Fear of lawlessness, fear of socialism, fear of ballots, fear of election results, fear of the transition. So this is another attempt at voters suppression and another attempt of making Americans fearful of what will happen if he doesn't get elected. This is another attempt of driving people to -- some people to the votes out of fear and keeping some people from voting out of fear. And it just, you know, it's not going to work. If you see what we saw in Virginia where early voting started and people were lining up for blocks and blocks, if people have to walk over molten lava to get to the voting booth, I think many Americans will. The last thing I want to say is, I fled to in Nicaragua where I have seen this kind of talk and elected and unelected leaders try to perpetuate themselves in power like the Castros have been in media over 60 years in power and with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. The dictators that behave this way and dictators behave this way and this is what Donald Trump is trying to emulate. Yes. Isn't it ironic? A lot of people with worried are comumism but he is talking about communism in the countries you're talking about. I think we should take it seriously. This is the president who says the quiet part outloud. Nuance. I think we have to take it very seriously and he has been sort of, you know, poisoning the well by saying there is going to be this massive voter fraud. Well, I think people need to understand that this has been looked at. There is no such thing as massive mail-in voter fraud. In fact, the Brennan center for justice is a nonpartisan think tank calculated the rate of voter fraud in three elections between 0.00003% and 0.00025%, okay? Zero percent. There is no voter fraud. But he is putting it out there and he has been saying it for a long time. So I think these are the actions of a man who knows he is going to be out-voted. I think he expects to be out-voted but he wants to hobble that count. So we have to take him very seriously. We need to take him at his word. I think you're right. Sara, do you think he wants to do something like that? Because you see, he is acting like a loser is how he is what do you make of it, Sara? I absolutely think he will contest the results with lawsuits, et cetera. I do think there will be a peaceful transfer of power. The senate passed a resolution unanimously yesterday and people have come out since then, lead Republicans that normally fall in line as you've mentioned, joy, but Mitch Mcconnell and others are reassured everyone this will not happen. He can't just squat there. The thing that jumps at me about this conversation people aren't asking him about this and he doubles down, which I think he kind of enjoys trolling the media with this question. There are people waiting for more relief in a stimulus bill. We have affordable care possibly overturned in the supreme court. You have businesses shutting down. Economic fallout for years to come. And there are people that really need to talk about that and he doesn't have to answer those questions while he is being asked about this hypothetical situation. So I would hope that people could redirect that energy to making him accountable right now. Because right now he is the president and he should be acting like that.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"“The View” co-hosts discuss the president's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if Joe Biden is elected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73246216","title":"Trump won’t commit to peaceful transition","url":"/theview/video/trump-wont-commit-peaceful-transition-73246216"}