Will Trump’s Georgia visit help or hurt GOP?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's motive for visiting the state where two Senate seats are still up for grabs.
4:36 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Trump’s Georgia visit help or hurt GOP?
So just where Republicans thought they were safe and Georgia along comes. Trap he's heading down every senate election runoff that could shift the power of the senate. But there are pro truck rallies telling voters to boycott the runoff and truck is still insists he bought his excellency is that he won the presidential election. So out here's my question. Is he fit to campaign for Loeffler and Purdue. All our for our heads south what do you say he's not. I think there's no question that he is an assist and he's campaigning for himself. He wants to get those big crowds I think he wants to see that he still has that he so loved by his supporters. But I do think it's such a bad move because I really think a lot of the turnout especially in Georgia. Was because people wanted him out of office and so his allegiance with Loeffler. And at Purdue I think can only hurt them I mean you have the WNBA players now coming out hope against Loeffler who is one of the the WNBA team owners. And supporting Warren not so this and my opinion can only go bad fat for for those candidates but I guess they're gonna embrace it I guess they're gonna embrace it. What do you things area they can't thrilled to have uncle Donald down there I'm not like the crazy uncles coming and couldn't keep up. And minds thrilled about. This site think he's really excited for a rally we haven't seen him in front of his people in awhile and we don't know that feeds his soul in his ego so I don't. I don't think that's gonna gonna help anyone and the other thing is we see eye damage this is done. When it Ron unmake Daniel. That her name correctly was talking with the people you know earlier this week and they were saying why should he show up to vote it's a rigged election she's like. Like let's not go there. Very see that Donald Donald Trump cannot control his narrative we heard for years that act national security meetings he'd react about it. In your view we'd seen the night before we saw on most recently got FaceBook app 45 minute tirade on the rigged election. You come down girl rally and aid in rage your base with how this is our rigged election. Out really for anyone in the Republican of the GOP and I hate to go cynical on this but I can't help but think it's a bit of car not. Like when you endorse a mad men and eventually you're going to be. I don't I don't endorse any of the violence or any of the threats that are going on I think that's awful and it should be didn't denounced but right now is they're squirming in saying. Only got the Republicans are imploding in. You know it's a civil war down their well welcome to the party in early we've been here for a while you make your bag alliant. Allah I got its charm but do you still like my idol I am enjoying this. That it could you could I don't tell us yeah. I'm kind of like they did it Reggio. It now you know you know what he's anywhere near you know and he's shooting themselves don't get in the way. Look of Iowa are lawful are or Purdue. Frankly I drawback cartons bolt the doors shut off the lights and somebody don't wake me up when I'm gone. I can't be very nerve wracking because this is all about trump has is really you know less about. Going there to support attack either candidate and it's up to buckle you've got Republican. Self appointed surrogate took trump showing up in Georgia saying. Don't vote because look at what Republicans and George are doing you've got trump attacking the Republican governor Brian cant book of Georgia you've got trump. At tacking the election officials who are receding deaths threats who have bad. Where this to stop because people's lives are in danger because people could get hurt. And then and the Mets all this. You've got trump and the RNC announcing today. They have graced over 200 million dollars says the election was over this is a great. This is Donald Trump doing what Donald yet always does figuring out how to fleas gullible people. And behind his pockets he did it what the foundation he did it with trump university yet is one more trump. Fraud okay people are feeding his coffers that's what this is about his eagle and his pocket. That's follow the money didn't always by the bat. Right and as far as Purdue is concerned all I can say is the chickens have come home to roost.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's motive for visiting the state where two Senate seats are still up for grabs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74542268","title":"Will Trump’s Georgia visit help or hurt GOP?","url":"/theview/video/trumps-georgia-visit-hurt-gop-74542268"}