Van Jones on CNN reporter barred from White House event

Van Jones joins "The View" to discuss his colleague being barred from a White House event.
7:53 | 07/26/18

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Transcript for Van Jones on CNN reporter barred from White House event
CNN's van Jones and the networking works for bald have not complicated relationship when you know when the White House. And then is joining us right now on hot topics 'cause we just think he's all of that and. Okay. This. Jones talked about. Your colleague over at CNN who was barred from a white house press event. For asking them to be a dime. Inappropriate question and what what do you make a ball that well first laws it is disgusting and frankly she should have been barred if she didn't ask the questions back about Phil what about. It could have problems. The front page global news these tapes and you're sitting there in the White House you know disturbing scene in which he does beautifully and here threatening the entire press corps yeah. If she hadn't Astec what did you should have been Bart I'm proud of her. I'm proud of CNN are proud of Fox News there's an upper worth yeah. Just sit a hot topics are we talking about the blowback ours up. Somebody excellent Spicer and others. I want to bring this up we didn't have time is over the weekend vandals un tied a forty million dollar yacht. Owned by vaccines Abbas and sedated drifts. I. What's it 101000 dollars in damages. Now my question to you is is all of this blowback does that sit up front because I know that you're about the Clinton biopsy and let's get along with everybody. Well. Let's talk I was raised right bum a moment my daddy did it. People they get that back. So I'm not got a I'm not gonna become what I'm fighting. I think it's a big danger and as a character test for everybody in his country news the president mainstays of a lot of spiritual power. You when JFK was president by want to join the peace for a when Reagan was president you want to go to Wall Street -- bomb was president we got here to quality. Now it now wants to move out of the country well number. We leasing that definitely I think Donald from as. Putting out a negative vibration that a lot of us who started to a couple of and we start to become what we're fighting. He's a DD now we're dvd we can't keep regular we ought to look going to north going on this mean everybody was trying to get me. I don't think we should be door property they are to that we should be registering voters we can win. Okay we'll. I haven't. Feel against this administration that's wrong. Look there's not going to be a blue wave without blue work. You know good cookie. Yeah. What kids see Democrats doing an understandable. We see babies get ripped away from their moms we get upset anybody with a of functioning brain stem and a beating heart should be upset. Are we see these you know horrific attacks they're coming down on people. But we got to remember in 2008. We were outraged to. But we worked we went to swing states we raise money it wasn't just tweeting and wiping out FaceBook until I see some blue work is not on the you know blue way so let's get to work for it to work. Speaking truth to power you have people. Approaching politicians you have people. At restaurants saying you know. You're a liar you don't represented me appropriately. Do you think that's an appropriate way to do the work. I think that's of a part of it bit you know there is a standard. In doctor king's standard. Yes you have to have moral witness that you supposed to be calling people up not just calling them now. And there's a way this sometimes we get so frustrated that we just calling people out and forgetting to call them up. And so from my point of view I don't like the property damage at all and I do think if your public official people come up to me you and everybody else in public a say what they wanna say I don't think you should be in a bubble. But I do think for us now for them but for us. Let's be who are parents raised us to be strong Smart why is determined but also a lot's happened. It also comes back the other the other direction which I'd like I'm against that tell I don't like it when it comes at me I don't monies that go against that it. I'm more up Tug pragmatic and he why. Yeah. I think I don't adore the joy I think that I think about you I think that you are on a mission that you are likely to fail because some. You're not going to be able to out divide Donald Trump out ugly Donald WT beautifully too good I I just like the ugly out exactly technical. I don't do agree I think yeah. Well we'll cut. I felt. I believe that if we Q please stick up a what we believe them. I imminent red counties every month I'm talking to trump voters every month. A lot of them till the same way that you do in being disappointed I'm happy he's acting out guns but they don't know that you like them. They don't know that liberals love that they don't feel that they can come over here they feel like oak basically I think. You are an ignorant bigot and you suck now vote for me turned out to be not very persuasive going to added that it first. Yeah. Well yeah but keep in mind. That. If that's what you've gotten from people. It's kind of hard to you know it's hard always deter any other chicken periodically people wants Matt. I don't know why an article isn't RF yeah. Chris it really hard a vehicle presents front. All time high approval rating right now. And he thinks about that Ike as it now idled forty factors and general atrocity ideas but little bottle it's of the anti popular as a model is the same time you are in red states all the time. White you credit this tale. And a couple of things one is I think that people have unforced he lowered their standards to accept as behavior. But also and I hate to say this if Obama had three point 7% unemployment the stock market up 40%. North Korea no longer going missiles all around. Yeah Democrats would be proud of that. And so this is did is they place they can huddle when they do have some pride in the hole we can't say one positive thing they start thinking you know what. It's just a food fight it's just a tribal thing. I think Democrats got to listen we like the economy coming up but we don't want society coming apart. And keep a good good we want more jobs will be also want went into the if we if we can do a little bit better job of acknowledging a little bit I think we get a better hearing for those who could be swayed. What about an honorable but plan aren't people complicit. When they are looking the other way at the bigotry at the misogyny at the messages coming out of this why now he's helped me tell you about air syncing and Helsinki. Perhaps maybe you know they got a little tax refund. So that tells me. Because you got a little tax refund you don't care about what's happening to my community you don't care about what's happening to our children to the you don't care what's happening to the country that makes you complicit in my mind you you're correct I. I I agree plus. I confess my argument is hard to make in public is you can make it over a long dinner there's one thing. I want my conservative friends to be better conservatives if you're conservative you shouldn't be back and be happy to see farmers be taken from work and put on welfare what is what is presidents yes I'll Tuesday social here's I want everybody deserves but I also want happy apologists at Adobe appalled this industry in the country and don't let the president going doubt on our enemies they better conservative but I also want liberals to be better liberals. We used to be people who love everybody and do this it's about turned the other cheek. Asked all the Doctor King taught your heart yeah I don't think it should be expected. But I think they'll be among our you know we should try to raise you know it you'll still expected at the event they say they dailies and they didn't appreciate the fact we are going nuts but we also need to talk try to raise ever breaks. I'll win actually going nuts something Lopez and some people are like what's got what's going on everybody's interment I'll let you know was not banned Jones doesn't hanging around. Yeah.

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{"duration":"7:53","description":"Van Jones joins \"The View\" to discuss his colleague being barred from a White House event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56845721","title":"Van Jones on CNN reporter barred from White House event","url":"/theview/video/van-jones-cnn-reporter-barred-white-house-event-56845721"}