'The View' reacts to release of redacted Mueller report

The co-hosts discuss if the highly anticipated release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report defied expectations.
6:28 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for 'The View' reacts to release of redacted Mueller report
so on Thursday Robert Mueller finally released his 400-plus page report which is drawing widely different reactions from both sides of the aisle. Did this live up or down to your expectations? Were you surprised? Were you not surprised? Did you laugh? I don't think anyone at the table was laughing about it. There's a difference between a crime being committed and there being some ethical problems which was very clear in this report. There was nothing that I read in the parts that I did that was new. Part of it is the media. There's been such a drip, drip over two years we already read most of it. Some of it was new. We didn't know he told all these people to fire Mueller and sessions and all that. They stopped him from actually obstructing justice. It was very illuminating from me especially since the four-page memo from Barr which is drastically different from what he released and what he said right before the report was released. Luckily for us, or me, because I'm such a legal nerd that I had a lot of time to read it. I thought it was illuminating. I thought what was clear was that Mueller found that the trump campaign embraced Russia's determination to interfere with the election, that the campaign embraced any information coming from Russia that Mueller found. That Donald Trump Jr. Wasn't smart enough to conspire with Russia, but wanted all that information. He referred it to -- Did you ever see the movie "Notorious"? No. No. There's a line in the movie that describes Donald Jr. You're protected by the stupidity of your incompetence. That's what Mueller found. Furthermore to put a button on it whoopi, this whole report was a referral to congress. I think Mueller said do your you can start impeachment proceedings. Meghan? Me? Yeah. I mean shocker I have a totally different opinion. I think the Mueller report was anti-climatic. I was one of those people that was sort of convinced that there had been some ne far use action between our president and Russia. As an American I was happy no one colluded with Russia. We should be happy. What's interesting to me is the politics of this as a political nerd, the top three Amazon sales since this came out was the Mueller report. So there is an interest from the public. Is 2020 going to be an impeachment election? So far Elizabeth Warren and Julio Castro has said we should run on impeachment. If we look at history, running on impeachment is a perilous path at best, putting it nicely. I don't like president trump. There was nothing in the report I didn't know. What was surprising to me is Sarah Huckabee Sanders has admitted to lying. That was the nail in the coffin for hope hicks. Can I say I was disappointed in the fact that Mueller didn't actually interview trump? That could have been very dangerous for trump. That would have been the nail in the coffin. He would have committed perjury and been impeached automatically. I was disappointed in that. The answer he gave was it would take too much time and it would go into legal proceedings and be convo lawsuited. I said so what. They did it to Clinton. Why couldn't they do it to trump? His lawyers knew he would commit What I was trying to say is the big picture in all of this and the take away, regardless of your party, is Russia and what they have been capable of doing and what they've been doing since 2014. Both parties' hands are not clean. What was Obama doing to stop the Russians? He imposed sanctions. He said he would have more flexibility when he won the next election. Here's what pissed me off if anyone cares. We do. What pissed me off is that don't have anything in place that says clearly enough to people so they don't do it, if you try to get other people to break the law, that is a crime. That should be a crime. That's right. An attempt is a crime. Then he broke the law. Yeah. If you say to six different people who were smart enough to say, now, wait a minute, I know the last time somebody did what you asked them to do -- they said he asked me to do it and you said I don't know anything about it. Should I do this? If I ask someone to kill the person and they don't kill the person, doesn't mean that's not a crime. The problem is it was hyped so much by myself and -- Wait a minute. For me this is what's bothering me. The fact that we are now -- we have clear evidence of things we need to change in what a president can and cannot do and how, those are the things -- for me that's the what the Mueller report gave me. It gave me an understanding to say I never thought about if you do this, this will happen. These are the things that need to change. Did it blow anybody away? I don't think so. To answer your question, I don't know whether running on the -- I see it -- Impeachment. -- Impeachment thing is correct, but when we come back

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"The co-hosts discuss if the highly anticipated release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report defied expectations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62557778","title":"'The View' reacts to release of redacted Mueller report","url":"/theview/video/view-reacts-release-redacted-mueller-report-62557778"}